Travel Insurance on Bus Tickets

travel insurance

zingbus offers the service of Free Travel Insurance for everyone who is booking through their Web and Mobile applications

The Process & How To Claim! 

On direct booking with zingbus, customers can avail the free travel insurance pre opted-in on the checkout page. You can check out the terms and conditions details available in the check-out page for more detailed information. 

After completing the checkout process, the travellers  will receive  an email as well as a WhatsApp notification, confirming the booking. This message will also hold an additional link/attachment mentioning all the details of the insurance cover. 

What does zingbus travel insurance plan covers?

zingbus free travel insurance cover plan includes:

  1. Personal accident coverage up to INR 7,50,000
  2. Emergency medical cover up to INR 3,00,000
  3. Baggage loss claim up to INR 5,000
  4. Out-patient expense coverage up to INR 25,000
  5. Medical evacuation up to INR 10,000

To know more about the T&Cs please click on the following link or check our faq page here.

bus travel insurance