Road Trip from Delhi to Manali: Pit Stops and Sightseeing Along the Way

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Explore North India’s beautiful panorama as you travel from Delhi to Manali. On the way from Delhi to Manali, you can explore numerous pit stops, and sightseeing opportunities are available along the road, each with its unique magnetism and standout. 

The journey offers a fantastic experience, with stops at Chandigarh’s ancient sites, Mandi’s tranquil lakes, the spectacular Rohtang Pass, and Kullu’s bustling streets. These are the best pit stops on the way from Delhi to Manali. 

So are you interested in exploring Himachal Pradesh’s charms? So, pack your bags then, but before you step out, read the article to learn about pit stops, sightseeing along the way, and the best online bus ticket booking sites.

Delhi to Manali

The best time to visit

Winter is the best time to go to Manali via sleeping bus. You can visit Manali between October and March; if you want to see snowfall, it is the best time because the temperature decreases below 0°, especially from December to January. It will be a terrific experience for those who have never seen snowfall.

You can also visit Manali to escape the scorching summer weather, where temperatures are between 10° and 25°. 

Monsoon lovers enjoy travelling to Manali during the rainy season because the area appears mystical and dreamy when it rains. 

However, I don’t recommend going to Manali in the monsoon season because of the mountain slide risk. 

Delhi to Manali

What are the attractions along the route from Delhi to Manali by bus?

You can quickly get bus service, either private or government. Via bus, you may seek adventure and beauty on your India travels more than those from Delhi to Manali. Here are some of the attractions awaiting you.

  • Kullu Valley, famed for its verdant greenery covering apple orchards amidst stunning vistas, is a favourite spot for thrill seekers engaged in river rafting or paragliding activities.
Delhi to Manali
  • Hadimba Devi Temple: A prized relic found within Manali, this temple dedicated to the goddess Hadimba is renowned for its unmatched architectural beauty and intricate wood carvings. 
Delhi to Manali trip
  • Timber Trail: The cable car trip known as Timber Trail, situated near Parwanoo, provides beautiful views of the surrounding hills.
Delhi to Manali
  • Pinjore Gardens: The Yadavindra grounds are beautiful and include beautiful Mughal-style architecture. They are close to Pinjore.
Delhi to Manali
  • Bhakra Dam: Located on the Sutlej River, Bhakra Dam is one of the world’s highest gravity dams and a prevalent sightseer spot.
Road Trip
  • Rohtang Pass:  The Rohtang Pass is a high mountain pass that links Manali and Leh. It provides breathtaking views of the Himalayas and is a favourite destination for fable seekers.
Delhi to Manali
  • Solang Valley: Located near Manali, Solang Valley is a picturesque valley that offers various adventure activities like skiing, paragliding, and zorbing.
Road trip to Delhi to Manali
  • Manu Temple: The Manu shrine in Manali is another well-known shrine that honors the philosopher Manu, who gave rise to the human race.
Delhi to Manali

Delhi-Manali Bus

You must consider taking the bus to travel alone or in a group, as it is cost-effective. On that route bus services cover the route daily. Compared to flying, taking the bus is often less expensive and faster. Additionally, it allows you to explore the surrounding area and stop at notable locations.

Distance between Delhi to Manali 

Taking a sleeping bus from Delhi to Manali will take 14 hours to cover the entire journey; with that, you can enjoy sightseeing and the beauty of the mountains. 

Via bus, seeing the vicinity and getting a feel for the local way of life will be convenient.

Which are the best bus services? 

Kashmere Gate and Majnu ka Tila are for government buses operated by Himachal Roadways. Majnu ka tile is used for private buses. HRTC buses are reliable and smooth. They charge lower prices than private buses. The ticket counters are where you can purchase tickets. You can easily find a bus near me to book tickets at your convenience. 

Where will the bus drop me off? 

The bus drops you at Mall Road in Manali; it is off if you ride a government bus. Taking a private sleeper bus drops you off 2 kilometres away from the city at a remote bus station. Through our website, you can book a bus on the Himachal Roadway. Himachal Roadways buses are split into primary, semi-luxury, and Volvo models. Find the latest prices on the website.


What is the price difference between a private and government bus?

Regular passengers are dissatisfied with the HRTC bus service between Delhi and Manali due to the high cost of their Volvo buses, which can go up to 1600 rupees. As a result, private buses have become a popular choice due to their lower price, typically costing around 800 or 900 rupees. 

However, passengers who prioritize comfort and dependability may be willing to pay more for the HRTC service. To ensure you get the best deal, comparing prices on reliable websites such as Google Pay or the PayTM bus booking service is recommended before deciding. This way, you can make an informed choice that meets your budget and travel needs.

The HRTC bus between Delhi and Manali is occasionally skipped for a private one since it is cheaper. I advise comparing prices on the PayTm bus booking website before taking a private Volvo sleeper bus.

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