Delhi to Manali – Budget Tips to Save Money on Traveling

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Manali and its old-town charm attract ten thousand visitors from around the globe. The breathtaking landscapes, picturesque homestays and quintessential cafes are a vibe unmatched. This place definitely tops the list of once-in-a-lifetime must-visit destinations

I recently travelled from Delhi to Manali and realised there are numerous ways to save money on transportation, which is usually the most significant expense on trips. So if you are also planning on visiting this paradise on earth but the only thing stopping you are the expenses and travel costs in this ever-inflating economy, then I have put forward a list of tips you can follow and have a budget-friendly trip from Delhi to Manali. 

Delhi to Manali – Budget Tips

  1. Say no to flight: The first obvious thing not to do in case you’re on a budget trip is to book a flight. A one-way trip from Delhi to Manali costs around 3.5k-4k INR by plane, whereas the distance is just 500kms which one can comfortably cover by road in a day. 
  1. Travel on weekdays: Be it any mode of transportation, prices on weekends usually see a hike due to the massive amount of crowd. This doesn’t happen with flights, but buses or even private taxis charge higher on weekends. So picking a weekday can be a good decision to lower your transportation cost on a budget trip. 
  1. Use Bus Services: There are numerous bus services available from Delhi to Manali at very affordable prices. It takes around 12 hours to reach Manali by bus from Delhi, and the scenic journey will not just add beauty to the trip but also be easy on your pocket. So one can conveniently choose out of the many cheap bus tickets available for a pleasant Manali road trip. 
  1. Compare different Online Bus Services: Before booking a ticket out of the numerous bus services between Delhi and Manali, the smart thing to do is compare the prices across different websites online. Sometimes, the same ticket could be available at a lower price on another website, so make sure to check across different sites to bag the best deal offer. 

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  1. Travel during the day: Bus booking puts forth two options, mainly daytime buses and overnight buses. Most people generally prefer travelling overnight, which is why the daytime buses come at a cheaper rate than the overnight ones. The price difference is usually never that huge, but you’re still saving a marginal amount. Plus, it offers the chance to experience the alluring scenery while travelling in the daytime. 
  1. Use zingbus: Among a great deal of bus service providers, zingbus has excellent quality transport at a very cheap fare. Opt for their Volvo sleeper bus, which has ac and semi-sleeper seats and comes around the cost of just 695-805 INR. Volvo bus booking is simple and easy through their website and is the most popular choice among travellers. 
  1. Pack your own food: Delhi to Manali is a trip spread across 518 kilometres on average, which takes around 12-13 hours to complete. So the buses stop at different locations for meals during the day. So instead of spending on eating outside, pack food from home, like dry items, which can last longer and will also keep you full during the trip.
  1. Use local transport rather than cabs: Another added expense is reaching the specified drop and pick-up point while travelling by bus. So use local transport as much as possible and have a budget-friendly trip everywhere you go. 
  1.  Use offers on cards: Many banks provide certain offers and discounts when we use their cards for bus ticket booking online. Some websites also give special offers for logging in to their website. So use such strategies to reduce bus booking costs because every penny saved is a penny earned. 

There are many places to visit in Manali which are absolutely free and come at no cost. Plan your entire itinerary and book your place of stay in advance so you are aware of the whole expense of the trip. So go ahead and follow my tips as mentioned above to have the best time of your life in Manali. 

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