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If you’re a traveller passionate about writing and have experienced unique journeys, we want to hear from you. Our platform celebrates authentic, original travel guides that blend a child-like wonder with journalistic integrity and factual accuracy.

We’re seeking stories that transport readers to the places you’ve explored, whether a quaint cobblestone alley, a bustling market, or a unique culinary experience. Your narrative should inspire the same discovery and adventure that motivated your travels.

Before submitting, please review our Featured Guides and Articles to understand our style. Our content highlights destinations and provides comprehensive information on activities, dining, nightlife, and accommodation options, ranging from luxury to budget-friendly.

Our Writing Guidelines

  • Articles: 1000-1200 words on various travel topics like ‘Tips for first-time visitors to Manali’ or ‘Trekking tips for beginners’.
  • Featured Guides: These should include 10-15 Points of Interest (POIs) with detailed descriptions, like ‘Top 10 places to visit in Kerala with family’. Each guide should be around 2500 words, with 175-200 words for the introduction and 225-250 for each POI.
  • High-resolution, landscape-oriented photos for each POI are required. You retain the rights to your pictures and can share them elsewhere.
  • Our editor will review All submissions for quality and factual accuracy, and they may be edited before publication.

We encourage you to include links to your blog or other writings with your byline.

While we welcome submissions from amateur writers, those with a travel writing portfolio and a strong social media presence are especially encouraged to apply.

Submit your stories or inquiries to Seo@zingbus.com.