Hotels and Accommodation Near Kollur Mookambika Temple

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Discover comfort and convenience near the holy Kollur Mookambika Temple at hotels and motels. These hotel and accommodation near Kollur Mookambika Temple in Karnataka’s quiet village of Kollur provide a seamless combination of contemporary facilities with a spiritual connection. 

Multiple rooms come with balconies that offer spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, including magnificent mountain vistas. 

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Kollur Mookambika Temple

Experience the beautiful ambience of Kollur, a pilgrimage destination that entices devotees from all over the world. 

The temple is just a brief distance away, so these spaces serve as an ideal base for an illuminating spiritual tour. This guide will help you find good hotels near Kollur Mookambika Temple

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Hotels Near Kollur Mookambika Temple

Discover economical comfort at Mookambika Temple’s low-budget hotels in Mookambika temple, where economy and convenience collide. 

Discover several hotel alternatives, including lodges near Kollur Mookambika Temple, giving budget-friendly choices without compromising proximity and essential facilities. 

Our collection of Mookambika Temple hotels and reasonable lodges guarantees a budget-friendly stay near this holy site.

1. Hotel Mookambika Palace: 

Discover a magnificent getaway at Hotel Mookambika Palace, where outstanding service and free internet access enhance your stay. 

This hotel is near Kollur Mookambika Temple. Pre-book airport shuttles to ensure a smooth arrival, or explore Kollur easily with on-site cab and vehicle rental choices. 

To create a warm and inviting atmosphere, our hotel rooms have air conditioning, fashionable drapes, and luxurious bedding for a comfortable stay. 

We provide daily housekeeping, 24-hour room service, and front desk help to guarantee a smooth and easy stay.

Price: Rs. 3000 Onwards

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/nKF34U3JHQQ2iJoF7

2. Paradise Wild Hills: 

Paradise Wild Hills offers a suitable travel experience with WiFi and parking. While staying smoke-free, the RV park provides a range of luxuries.  It is one of the best accommodations near Kollur Mookambika Temple

Balconies and in-room entertainment are two examples of thoughtful features in the bedrooms. The park offers toilet necessities with an emphasis on visitor enjoyment. 

On-site, enjoy freshly made coffee or browse the eating options. Massages, a spa, a library, and a gaming area are among the recreational amenities. 

Reasons to pick Paradise Wild Hills include superior eating, room comfort, and staff/service, all of which outperform 90% of rivals in Kollur.

Price: Rs. 4000 Onwards

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/vnXEJxF5ww1E6XMS7

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3. Jyothis Residency: 

Jyothis Residency Hotel is near Kollur Mookambika Temple. It offers hotel alternatives in Kolluru, about 25 metres from Mookambika Temple, with free wireless internet and an on-site eating facility. 

Visitors can use the hotel’s free private parking, 24-hour front desk, salon and more. We also provide car rental services. We are also famous for our delicious dinner at the restaurant with a sun patio with magnificent lake views.

Price: Rs. 2500 Onwards

Location: VR77+WQX, Karnataka 576220

4. Bhagirathi Tourist Home: 

Bhagirathi Tourist Home is situated in the serene surroundings of Kollru. It offers a blend of comfort and gourmet treats. This hotel is near Kollur Mookambika Temple. It has well-appointed rooms, there is a restaurant and rapid room service. 

An amiable crew is available to serve consumers 24/7. The closest airport, Mangalore International Airport, is approximately 127 kilometres away, obscuring its proper location. 

Bhagirathi Tourist Home provides a smooth experience by blending hospitality and secrecy for an enjoyable stay. It is one of the best accommodations near Kollur Mookambika Temple.

Price: Rs. 1000 Onwards

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/ppNF9NGzygaP715s8

5. Amruthavana Nature Resort: 

Amruthavana Nature Resort delivers a range of luxuries, including free Wi-Fi and parking. Explore resort facilities directly from your room; some rooms even have refrigerators. 

Discover food and activities at Amruthavana Nature Resort, where you may spend your days relaxing poolside and partaking in games like darts and ping-pong with other guests. Enjoy the ideal balance of comfort and pleasure.

Price: Rs. 5000 Onwards

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/iyUU1UFnY5tF3cFg9

6. Abimon Residency: 

Abimon Residency, located in the dynamic centre of Kollru, provides an exquisite stay with a wealth of amenities. 

Visitors are invited to relish the tranquillity of the sun terrace, while the convenience of complimentary WiFi and private parking enriches their stay. This hotel is near Kollur Mookambika Temple. 

Access is simple since the hotel is only 127 kilometres from Mangalore International Airport. Using anti-viral cleaning solutions, contactless check-in/out, and temperature checks, all of which emphasise cleanliness and safety, creates a secure atmosphere. 

Exciting activities like fishing and guided excursions complement the visitor experience. Abimon Residency delivers a comfortable and safe shelter, family-friendly places, smoke-free zones, attentive services, and parking. It is one of the best accommodations near Kollur Mookambika Temple.

Price: Rs. 1456 Onwards

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/GsrdLDTJqQKg1uFf9

7. Jaganmatha Kollur: 

The Jaganmatha Kollur is a 3-star hotel in the heart of Kollur. It offers top-notch services to visitors, including specialised room service. Furthermore, Jaganmatha Kollur ensures a pleasant stay by providing each room with air conditioning and a private bathroom. 

For those coming by aeroplane, the nearest airport is Mangalore International Airport, conveniently positioned 126 kilometres away from this property, ensuring simple accessibility for discriminating travellers.

Price: Rs. 3000

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/iR3HoDP8ApAv3r2i9

8. Staymaker Chinmayi Tourist Home: 

The Staymaker Chinmayi Tourist Home in Kollru provides a 3-star refuge just 50 metres from the temple. This hotel is near Kollur Mookambika Temple. 

This hotel offers flawless service because of its 24-hour front desk. For extra convenience, each room at the institution has a private bathroom. 

Mangalore International Airport is roughly 127 km distant and easily accessible. STAYMAKER Chinmayi Tourist Home offers a tranquil stay close to the temple and various conveniences.

Price: Rs. 1105

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/oE1gCyq1max8uPSm9

9. Aanejari Butterfly Camp-jungle lodges: 

Enjoy a hassle-free stay in Mangalore at Aanejari Butterfly Camp-jungle lodges strategically located for maximum exploration. This hotel is near Kollur Mookambika Temple. 

The resort presents free parking and a smoke-free environment. Guests can enjoy elegant suites with balconies. Select rooms provide amenities and towels to improve visitor enjoyment. 

Aanejari Butterfly Camp-jungle lodges deliver a beautiful experience with attentive facilities, allowing you to make the most of your vacation to Mangalore.

Price: Rs. 1829

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/B95NQHFAtrDjA5uz7

10. Yamuna Vihar Tourist Home: 

Yamuna Vihar Tourist Home in Kollru is a small two-star hotel that provides various services to its customers. 

To meet the needs of its guests, our hotel offers a wide range of conveniences. Additionally, the hotel has a 24-hour front desk service, guaranteeing that guests have access to help at any hour. 

Room service is also an opportunity for individuals who would rather eat in the comfort of their rooms. 

Furthermore, the hotel has rooms specially made to accommodate families, making it family-friendly. This makes it an excellent option for families wishing to travel with their children or those travelling together. 

The standard of the hotel’s accommodations demonstrates its dedication to giving every visitor a relaxing and pleasurable stay. The nearest airport, Mangalore International Airport, is around 127 miles distant.

Price: Rs. 1390

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/oMQ1kEjPHq3YkRXr9

11. Adiga Heritage Boarding and Lodging: 

The hotel’s room service is available around the clock to cater to your demands, and a backup power system guarantees that you’ll always be comfortable and undisturbed. 

The hotel’s handy elevator/lift makes getting about the grounds simple, and the meticulous maintenance staff keeps the surrounding area immaculate. It is one of the best accommodations near Kollur Mookambika Temple

The handy elevator/lift makes it easy to navigate the grounds, and the meticulous maintenance maintains your surroundings immaculate. Basic amenities such as public bathrooms contribute to the convenience. 

With a lockable safe on-site, security is a key focus. Embracing modernity, the supply of electrical chargers meets our technological requirements. The standard rooms, such as the friendly welcome and comfy seating areas, add to a pleasant and accommodating environment.

Price: Rs. 3000

Location: https://maps.app.goo.gl/EZdSz9ERWbDzaezQ8

12. Nandanam Residency: 

Guests at Nandanam Residency in Kollur can take advantage of private balconies in some apartments, which provide spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and round-the-clock front desk service. 

The hotel is perfect for people seeking a relaxing and reflective holiday because of its proximity to the renowned Kollur Mookambika Temple. 

This hotel is near Kollur Mookambika Temple. Nandanam Residency is located in the calm village of Kollur, home to the famed Mookambika Temple, a significant Shakti worship center. According to legend, the Goddess Parvati vanquished the demon Mookasura here. 

The temple contains a Jyotirlinga, divided into symbolic parts signifying the trinity and creative feminine forces. The temple is conveniently located approximately 200 meters from Nandanam Residency.

Price: Rs. 1153

Location: https://www.google.com/travel/hotels/s/MeFr9Hci7gaycrgq9

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