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Tucked beautifully into the Western Ghats of India it lies in the Northern part of Karnataka. To be precise it’s in Sagar Tulka of Shimoga district. The falls are formed out of the Sharavathi River and originate at Ambuthirtha. It has an elevation of 464 meters. It is also called by many local names like Gerusoppe Falls, Jogada Gundi and Gersoppa Falls. The water in the Jog Falls doesn’t stream down softly but rushes down with a peal of thunder. Here in this article, we are suggesting the travel guide to jog falls.

There’s no better place to find yourself than sitting by a waterfall and listening to its music”

― Roland R Kemler

These waterfalls are bounded by evergreen forests. It’s a beautiful place to be if you are looking to sit down and relax in nature.

#Popular Opinion: It’s the most popular destination in Karnataka around the monsoon seasons.

Reasons to visit Jog Falls

Scenic beauty: It’s a popular spot amongst the locals and tourists as everyone is looking for instant relief from the city hustle. This spot is nature’s gift and there are not enough words to describe its beauty of the same. Jog Falls is a rain-fed waterfall hence it looks best during monsoons. Water falling from 800 feet is music to ears and the Western Ghats are the perfect harbour for this natural luxury.

Historic Significance: As we read Jog Falls formed out of the Sharavathi river we must also know the historical significance of the same. Sharavanti is formed out of two words Shar and Avanti. Shar means arrow. According to the Purana, during exile, Ram and Sita visited this place. During the visit Sita Mata was thirsty so Lord Ram shot an arrow into the ground and drew water. As a result, the water didn’t stop flowing and formed a river. Later this river was named Sharavathi and Jog Falls is a part of this river. This is the biggest waterfall in Karnataka.

Activities: Tourists are allowed to hike down up to 1400 steps and reach the base of the waterfall to experience the best of the waterfall and the sounds of nature. Some other activities can be walking around in nature, and watching the birds and flora around the waterfall. There is also a facility to experience kayaking, coracle etc There are also Sharavathi Adventure camps operated by the Resorts near the waterfall. One can choose the packages available including the meals and activities.

Nearby Attraction around Jog Falls

  • Tyavarekoppa Lion and Tiger Reserve

A popular tiger reserve is located within 15 kilometres from Shimoga on the way to Jog waterfalls. There is also a safari ride available in the tiger reserve. It’s a safe ride so one can plan it with kids too. 

  • Tunga Anicut Dam

This dam is located within 15 kilometres of Shimoga. This dam offers a mesmerizing view as it’s built over the river Tungabhadra. Some activities that one can take up here are boat rides and fishing. If you are headed out with family and friends then it’s a must-visit picnic spot. 

  • Honnemaradu

River Sharavati’s backwaters have a majestic viewpoint to offer. Honnemaradu is the backwaters of the Sharavati River. It’s a less populated island that offers water sports and beautiful sunsets. 

  • Gokarna

If you love visiting oceans then Gokarna is a must-visit place at night. This is close to Jog Falls and it can allow you to take a pause and see the serene dance of the waves with the music of ocean water.

  • Murudeshwara

This is another area of the beach where you can book a stay and get a room facing the beach. The nights are magical here and it’s a must-visit location.

Jog Falls from Bangalore

If you are staying in Bangalore then there is a distance of 400 km that you need to travel to visit this enchanting plunge fall. The journey from Bangalore crosses Tumkur, Chitradurga and Shivamogga. 

On the way to Jog Falls from Bangalore, you can stop at some tourist spots like Chitradurga Fort. You can spend around 2-3 hours exploring the historic place. One can also take a stop at Shivamogga where you can eat great food as well as taste the authentic cuisine of the South. Some popular food items are Menasinakai bonda and Khara Mandakki.

Interesting facts about Jog Falls 

  • Second highest plunge fall

It is the second-highest plunge waterfall in India. Now before you say “wow” you should know what a plunge waterfall is. Plunge falls are vertical falls that drop down directly without any support from a cliff. The first highest plunge waterfall in India is the Nohkalikai waterfall of Meghalaya. 

  • About the name Jog Fall

Let’s know a little about the name of this waterfall. Jog Falls is inspired by the word Joga Gundi. The word Jog means to fall in Kannad. It is also said that it’s derived from the Kannada word “Javagu” which means marsh. 

  • It’s a collaboration

Jog falls is not individual fall but it’s made of four different falls. These four falls are Raja, Rani, Rocket and Roarer. These four falls drop-down at full speed and their collaboration is called “The Jog Falls”. Out of these four falls, Raja is the highest waterfall at around 830 ft and it joins the roar at the centre point. Rani is yet another waterfall that is named so due to its smooth and graceful drop. 

  • Bollywood Misty vibes

The environment around is misty which makes it even more beautiful. This misty environment is formed as the waterfall is vertical and drops in speed. 

  • Hydro-power project

This is another important fact that Jog falls into a source of electricity. There is a power station named after Krishna Rajendra, a king of Mysore. It was built in 1948 and offers a capacity of 120 MW. The name of the power station was later changed after the name of the Mahatma Gandhi hydroelectric project. Earlier the source of this hydro project was the Hirebhaskara dam but later in 1960, the source of the dam changed to the Linganamakki Dam.

  • A part of the Arabian Sea

Jog Falls has a link to the Arabian Sea too. So, after the water falls from a height of 829 feet it flows into the Arabian Sea.  The trail of this waterfall flows through the town of Gerusoppa and then passes through Idagunji to Join the Arabian Sea at Honnavar.

  • World ranking

Jog Falls is ranked 13th in the world ranking as per the waterfall database. 

Places to Stay near the Jog Falls

If you want to make your stay near the Jog Falls then there are many options you can choose from but the nearest is the Mayura Hotel. It is located very close to the viewpoint. The hotel is reasonably priced with good amenities. There are also various home stays available which can make you experience the real-time Malenadu stay. 

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When is it safe to travel to Jog Falls?

Yes, it is safe to visit Jog Falls but do remember it’s much known for getting wild in Monsoon hence don’t let kids go into a waterfall. Be careful if you step into it.

How to plan a trip to Jog Falls?

One can visit Jog Falls in all three ways i.e. via air, rail and road. 
Travel via air: Bangalore airport is the closest domestic airport and from here a cab can be taken to Jog Falls.

Travel via rail: Sagara railway station is the closest. It is almost 30 kilometres away from the Jog Falls. A cab can be taken from here till the Jog falls.
Travel via road: It completely depends on where you are headed. Hence if you are in Bangalore then it will take 10 hours to reach Jog Falls. A nearby city that is about 2 hours away – Shimoga city.

Are jog falls open on the weekends?

Yes, Jog Falls is open on all 7 days. The visiting hours for the tourists are 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Which month is best for Jog Falls?

 The month of June to September is the best time to visit Jog Falls. Monsoon seasons offer a mesmerizing view of waterfalls.

How much time does one need to experience Jog falls?

One can complete the tour of Jog Falls for 2-3 hours. You can organize a small family picnic or just sit beside to enjoy the scenic beauty. 

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