Best places to visit in November

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With monsoons discarding clearer skies and calm winds and snow nonetheless to seek out its thanks to roads and tracks, November is a month to travel, with birds flying down from everywhere for the winters and fairs and festivals obtaining marks on its calendars.

Here square measures the most effective Places to go to in November. In the Republic of India, a month is understood for its ideal family vacations, journey, and life, a lot of welcome sun, an ideal tan, more great sands, snow at its tips, and a few grandest festivals and celebrations of the country around the corner. Here are some of the Best Places to visit in November.

Places to visit in November;

Hampi, Karnataka:

Best places to visit in November

Located amidst the ruins of the traditional Vijaynagar empire, Hampi is one of the top traditionally essential places in India. It was accustomed to being the capital of the prosperous Vijaynagar empire. Hampi could be a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage website in India, home to many temples, royal pavilions and platforms, and monuments. The Virupaksha temple is an essential non-secular and pilgrim website for Hindus. The rocky and rugged surroundings of Hampi make it a backpacker’s delight. The weather in November is cool and pleasant, making it an ideal getaway in November.

Best Time to visit: October to March

Coorg, Karnataka:

workcation destination

Popularly called the Scotland of the Republic of India and, therefore, the geographical region of the South, Coorg could be a tiny hill station situated within the South Indian State of state. The foliage and, therefore, the fantastic natural thing about the place, in addition to the proper cool and pleasant climate, has created it a success among vacation-goers, particularly the journey and trekking buffs. Many native tribes and communities settled here, which makes it a diverse place in terms of culture and society.

Best Time to visit: October to March

Goa – Beaches, Sunsets, and DJ Night:

a photo of goa

Lying on the West Coast, the province is one of the littlest states in Asian nations acknowledged for its sensible beaches, yummy food, and Portuguese heritage. Panjim, the capital town in the center, is socially connected with a global field, and roads and trains run from North to South, a part of the province.

Best Time to visit: October to March

Varkala, Kerala:

Varkala may be a coastal city within the southern part of Kerala, illustrious for the distinctive 15m high ‘Northern Cliff’ adjacent to the Arabian Sea. It’s widespread for its crusader culture, shacks on the formation serving excellent food, and participating in international music and the samadhi of Kerala’s saint Sree Narayana Guru. Varkala is additionally illustrious for Jardana Hindoo Temple, additionally called Dakshin Kashi.

Best Time to visit: Throughout the year

Jaisalmer, Rajasthan:

With its sands a touch cooler, Nov in Jaisalmer appeared forward to its desert campaign, walking through its forts, palaces, and Havelis and enjoying evenings by its lakes. It simply makes it to the simplest places to go to in Nov in the Asian nation. Placed on the brink of the Pakistan border, Jaisalmer’s measuring system Quilla could be a living fort replete with hotels, outlets, and previous and majestic Havelis.

Best Time to visit: October to March.

Pushkar, Rajasthan:

Pushkar is one of the most famous cities in Rajasthan. It’s thought to be of excellent non-secular and cultural importance and comes alive in November. It’s loads of temples, with a rare one dedicated to Lord Brahma and a holy lake. However, this place is most illustrious for November’s Annual Pushkar event-toed ungulate truth. One will soak up the colorful atmosphere of the lake or have a relaxed evening on the banks of the Pushkar Lake, encircled by many temples.

Best Time to visit: October to March.

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu:


Located within the state of the province, Kodaikanal is one of the foremost famed honeymoon destinations in Bharat. Once you think about Kodaikanal, you think of an exquisite climate, cliffs lined in mist, cloud-capped mountains, and beautiful lakes and valleys, and once you visit this hill station, you’ll notice each little bit of what you’ve got notional it to be is proper. Snuggled amidst the rolling slopes of the Palani Hills in the province, Kodaikanal stands at an associate degree altitude of 7200 feet on top of the water level and incorporates a mild, pleasant climate all year spherical. Kodaikanal suggests the gift of the forests.

Best Time to visit: September to May

Bodh Gaya, Bihar:

Bodhgaya- Bihar

Believed to be the foremost sacred of Buddhist journeying centers everywhere around the globe, the city is landmarked by descendants of the Mahabodhi Tree below the Lord Buddha achieved enlightenment and, therefore, the neighboring Mahabodhi temple. Visit Bodhgaya throughout Gregorian calendar month for the pleasant weather and celebrate the hustle and bustle because the city hosts some monks from Dharamshala.

Best Time to visit: October to March

Sanasar, Jammu & Kashmir:

One of the lesser famed hill stations in the Jammu-Kashmir region, Sanasar is an associate degree journey enthusiast’s haven giving numerous activities like paragliding, mountain climbing, abseiling, and trekking. If this Nov, you wish to stretch your arms, paraglide over Kashmir’s valleys, trek, rock climb, and play golf, mark Sanasar on your maps already. Head over to the current little-known city throughout Nov to own simply the correct mixture of a peaceful and peaceful vacation with a splash of the journey.

Best Time to visit: April to June. 


November is grasped to be the most spartan season to travel. Don’t let this best season go to waste. Visit these fantastic places together with your favorite ones and explore the maximum amount as you’ll be able to.

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