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Planning to go on a peaceful trip? Don’t worry we have got your back. This season’s Khandala should be the location you must aim for. A beautiful hill station bounded by the Sahyadri. Gift yourself a trip to the Western Ghats that turns out to be a perfect weekend getaway for you. Capture the scenic beauty and the footprints of the past by exploring this amazing location you won’t regret visiting. Here in this article we are presenting you the list of the best places to visit in Khandala.

If you are planning to visit this place in the monsoon or the winters then it gets even better. Seize the moment and head out for this location. Here we have compiled a brief itinerary for you so that you don’t have to worry about a thing. You can visit Khandala from all over India, know-how:

Air route: Khandala doesn’t have an airport hence one can get down at the Mumbai international airport later you can hire a cab to Khandala. Pune airport is another good stoppage and further you can take a taxi from here. 

Rail route: The nearest railway station for Khandala is Lonavala. Once you reach the Lonavala railways station then a cab can be hired from here.

Road route: The Mumbai-Pune expressway as well as the NH4 connects to Khandala. Hence people who love road trips can choose this smooth road and travel carefreely.

Here is a brief list of top places to visit in Khandala:

Kune Waterfalls 

Best Places to visit in Khandala

Who doesn’t like to visit a waterfall and listen to nature’s music? It is one of the largest waterfalls in India. This waterfall is three-tiered and it’s surrounded by lush green Western Ghats all around it. This is a popular picnic spot amongst families and friends. Tourists were earlier allowed to bathe in the waterfall but later it got restricted. 

Reasons to visit: Witness refreshing waterfalls and lush green valleys for a breathtaking experience.   

Commute: Tourists can visit the Kune Waterfall via road. It’s just 4 km from Lonavala.

Extra Information: One can visit them any time of the year including monsoons. 

Entry Fee: N/A

Duke’s Nose

A tourist’s favourite viewpoint in Khandala is the Duke’s nose. This place is located in Lonavala and it’s very popular amongst the tourists for the beauty that it offers. This is a landmark location that lies in the Sahyadri ranges and one can be here to just relax. The unique name that this place has got is inspired by the Duke of Wellington. It’s said that the shape of the nose of the Duke of Wellington looks like this valley. The other name Naagphani as well as the cobra’s hood is also popular. 

Reasons to visit: Other than the serene view that you get to see camping, rappelling, zip lining are some adventurous activities you can visit here for. The activities will cost you around 1500-3500 per person.

Commute: Tourists can easily hire a cab to this location. One can reach here from Lonavala through the main Bazar road.

Extra Information: Tourists are allowed to visit Duke’s nose from 7 am to 6 pm.

Entry Fee: N/A

Bedsa Caves

These caves can take you back to the 60 BCE. These Buddhist caves are rock-cut monuments located away from Kamshet. These are one of the oldest caves in Maharashtra from the Satavahana period. Take a tour of these ancient caves and witness the ages-old carvings, pillars and resting places of monks called Chaityas. As these caves are Buddhist monuments you can also see a stupa over here. 

Reasons to visit: If you are an admirer of history then this is a must-visit location on your list. Check out the ages-old carvings yourself. 

Commute: These caves are on the Mumbai-Pune highway and lie close to Kamshet.

Extra Information: You can witness an amazing sunrise here as these caves are facing the east direction. 

Entry Fee: N/A

Celebrity Wax Museum 

Ever heard of Madame Tussaud’s museum? No matter how amazing this museum of celebrity wax statues is, no one is going to London for this. However, if you just travel a few kilometres in Khandala you can visit a similar celebrity wax museum and see the people you have always admired. Here you get to see the wax statues of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Pandit Nehru, Bruce Lee, Mahatma Gandhi, Hitler, Michael Jackson etc. You get to see over 100 wax statues which also have Sai Baba, A R Rehman,   

Reasons to visit: Get close to the leaders, celebrities and spiritual gurus you have always admired through books, TV and historical texts.

Commute: It’s best to take a cab or bus from Lonavala as it’s just a few minutes away from Lonavala. 

Extra Information: The times to visit the wax museum are 9:30 Am to 9: 40 Pm.

Entry Fee: INR 200 per person



As you visit the beautiful Sahyadri ranges don’t miss out on this amazing village to give you hints about the locals. It’s a tiny village that is popular for being settled in nature’s lap as well as for the historic fort that is sheltered here in Khandala. Rajmachi fort is the place where various rulers ruled like Shivaji Maharaj, Shahu Maharaj, Aurangzeb and later the colonial reign. If you are a trekking enthusiast then you can climb to the fort within 3-4 hours.

Reasons to visit: Be a part of nature as you visit Rajmachi fort. T also offers an opportunity to follow the footprints of history.

Commute: One can take a cab or bus as it’s just 9 km away from Khandala.

Extra Information: Take a trek for 3-4 hours or hire a cab and reach the fort in 20 minutes only.

Entry Fee: N/A

Know More About Khandala

After you have explored some of the best places, Khandala doesn’t be disheartened because the list is still going on. Here are a few more spots you must check out while chilling in Khandala:

Tiger’s Leap: This is a mesmerising hilltop that offers a view of western ghats you can’t forget. If there is one thing you shouldn’t miss out then it is either the sunrise or the sunset. This place is called Tiger’s leap as it looks like a tiger is leaping into the valley.

Shrivardhan Fort: The Rajmachi fort is made of two forts and this is one of those forts. A fort located in the Sahyadri mountain ranges lies at an elevation of 900 meters. It’s a built-in Maratha style and belongs to the Buddhist period.

Lohagad Fort: A historic 18th-century infrastructure that can be visited from morning till sunset. This is a UNESCO heritage site. It is just 52 kilometres away from Pune. This is also a great place for tourists to hike on the hilltop.

GoNeeDa Wadi camping: This is an amazing camping site at the Rajmachi. It is also popular amongst tourists. This is a place where you can peacefully camp and lie on the grass gazing at the stars at night.

Bhushi Lake: Exploring this lake can be peaceful for your soul. Come here with your family and relax by the river with no worries in the world.

Tikona Fort: This is an underrated fort that you must go and explore as the hints of history reside here. This fort was once the ruling throne of the Maratha clan. 

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Why is Khandala famous?

Kandla is famous for its weather, nature as well as historical locations that one can visit with family, friends or solo.

 What is the best time to visit Khandala?

The best time to visit Khandala is from June to September. One can explore the entire place without worrying about the summer heat as the weather here is quite pleasant.

  How many days are enough to explore Khandala?

If you have time then come to relax for as many days as you can. However, 2 days are enough to explore the entire place.

 How far is Khandala from Mumbai?

Khandala is 79.2 km away from Mumbai. Hence, if you choose to travel via road then you will take around 1:26 hrs.

 Which is the coldest month in Khandala?

The coldest month in Khandala is January. The average temperature of Khandala is 16.7-degree Celsius.

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