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Volvo Sleeper Bus Ticket Booking Online

Welcome to Zingbus - your getaway to seamless travel experiences. Discover the effortless way to book Volvo bus tickets right here. Dive into the convenience of one-click booking. Explore the world of Volvo buses, including Volvo sleeper buses, Volvo luxury buses and Volvo AC buses. 

Get ready for an exciting journey with Zingbus, where you travel to your dream places within a few clicks. 

Volvo bus ticket booking seems a lot of work but Zingbus has made it super easy. Volvo Bus ticket booking at Zingbus is a piece of cake that even our grandparents can do. Booking your Volvo bus tickets online is an easy and quick process created to make your journey planning more accessible. 

Why to choose Zingbus for Booking Volvo Bus Tickets Online?

  1. 100% assured trip: 

Experience the peace of mind as Zingbus guarantees you a 100% assured trip. In any case, if the bus gets cancelled, Zingbus offers an alternative for you within 2 hours. If it's not possible, you'll get a refund. 

  1. On-time Guarantee: 

For pickup and drop services, Zingbus covers the delay within 45 minutes. If you need to claim, you can visit the "My booking" page and go to "trip detail", within 6 hours after your trip. Zingbus will contact you soon. 

  1. Last Minute free Cancellation: 

You can cancel your bus tickets at the last minute and still get a refund. Zingbus provides a free cancellation policy, only for prime customers. The policy allows you to modify your seat booking as well. 

  1. Cheapest Bus Tickets: 

Pay less, get more! Zingbus provides great services and that too at cheaper prices. Your trip is going to be comfortable at the most inexpensive price. 

  1. Exclusive Lounges: 

Think about standing in line at bus stations and waiting to get your ticket. Enjoy the comfort of  Zingbus premium lounges, where you can unwind with a snack or hot drink while you wait for your trip.

  1. Female-Friendly: 

Are you concerned about travelling alone? Relax! Zingbus offers a female-friendly travel alternative with female-specific seats, which you may arrange with another female co-passenger.

  1.  Insured Trip: 

Travellers who book directly with Zingbus can select travel insurance advantages of up to 7.5 lakhs on each journey.

  1. User-Friendly Booking: 

Zingbus has an easy-to-use interface that lets you quickly compare and buy Volvo bus tickets based on your tastes and travel needs.

  1. Diverse Bus Option: 

Choose from various Volvo buses, including deluxe rides for lavish travel, cosy Volvo sleeper bus booking for a peaceful journey, and efficient AC buses for enjoyable trips in any climate.

Exclusive Traveller Benefits From Zingbus:

24/7 Customer care: 

Enjoy the peace with the dedication of Zingbus's 24/7 customer care. You can get their assistance and help at any time of day or night.

Efficient Navigation: 

With effective navigation capabilities, Zingbus streamlines your boarding experience. They allow you to identify your boarding location without any issues.

Real-time Bus Tracking: 

Now with Zingbus live tracking feature, you can stay updated. Arrange your time thoughtfully with Zingbus's feature, it keeps you informed of your bus's location at all times.

Destination wake-up Alarm: 

If you are a deep sleeper, don’t worry. Zingbus gets a wake-up alarm as your destination gets closer, removing the risk of missing your stop.

Exciting Offer: 

Zingbus continually satisfies its customers with enticing cashback offers, discounts, and promotions, ensuring a simple and cost-effective ride.

Select Zingbus for your Volvo bus tickets and travel with ease, simplicity, and tremendous savings. Book sabse saste bus tickets today and enjoy easy and joyful travel!

Begin your trip into the world of bus ticket buying with Zingbus, India's premier online travel partner. Zingbus simplifies the process by allowing you to compare and Volvo bus booking online from numerous operators online. 

Say goodbye to office trips and long lines at bus stations; Zingbus streamlines the booking process, boosting your travel experience.

Experience the comfortable and safe bus travel journey with Zingbus. Zingbus offers premium facilities for your travel needs.

How To Book A Volvo Bus Ticket Online On Zingbus

Zingbus is happily dedicated to offer the fastest, safest and quicker way to book a bus ticket online. Zingbus have made it more effortless to find Premium AC buses for long intercity travel. 

Our services prioritise the comfort and safety of their passengers, addressing a need that was previously challenging to fulfil. 

Step-by-step process to quickly book a Volvo bus ticket online with Zingbus:

  1. Fill in the information of "From" and "To" with your source and destination respectively.

  1. Choose your preferred travel dates and tap on "Search". 

  1. Browse the list of available buses, considering the factors like bus timing, type, route and travel time.

  1. Select seats of your choice, boarding and drop-off points and then click on "Book Now".

  1. Provide passenger and contact information as prompted. 

  1. Opt for travel insurance for added protection and click on "Proceed to Pay". 

  1. If you have any discount or offer code, put that information there, then complete the transaction. 

After the online booking, you will receive an m-ticket on your phone or whatsapp and e-ticket in e-mail ID. 

Buying your Volvo bus ticket online saves energy and time, assuring a smooth and stress-free travel from reservation to departure.

Popular Routes Offering the Volvo AC Bus Tickets:

Volvo AC buses are available on several routes across India. Some of the most popular routes are:

Delhi to Manali bus

Delhi to Rishikesh bus

Delhi to Haridwar bus

Delhi to Dehradun bus

Delhi to Kasol bus

Delhi to Jaipur bus

Delhi to Katra bus

Gurgaon to Agra bus

Jaipur to Delhi bus

Delhi to Shimla bus

Chandigarh to Delhi bus

Delhi to Mussoorie bus

Delhi to Bir bus

Delhi to Khatushyamji bus

Agra to Gurgaon bus

Delhi to Amritsar bus

Delhi to Dharamshala  bus

Lucknow to Delhi bus

Delhi to Lucknow bus

Delhi to Chandigarh bus

Delhi to Udaipur bus

Manali to Delhi bus

Jamnagar to Ahmedabad bus

Gorakhpur To Delhi bus

Delhi to Nainital bus

Gurgaon to Chandigarh bus

Delhi To Gorakhpur bus

Jammu to Katra Bus

Chandigarh To Manali bus

Pune to Goa Bus

Rishikesh to Delhi bus

Gurgaon to Vrindavan bus

Dehradun to Delhi bus

Delhi to Agra bus

Gurgaon to Mathura bus

Pune to Nagpur

Delhi to Jammu bus

Delhi to Mcleod ganj bus

Rajkot to Jamnagar bus

Delhi to Dalhousie bus

Ahmedabad to Rajkot bus

Haridwar to Delhi bus

Mumbai to Goa bus

Chandigarh to Gurgaon

Gurgaon to Jaipur Bus

Minimum Price for Booking Volvo AC, Luxury, & Sleeper Bus

The fare of Volvo Bus tickets in India varies based on distinct factors, like the kind of bus, travelling time, distance travelled, and also on bus operators. 

Tickets typically start from INR 200 to INR 1000. If you're taking long trips, the price of the chosen Volvo bus can go over INR 4000. 

What is a Volvo Bus? 

Volvo Bus is not only a mode of transportation but also a testament to safety, innovation, and comfort. It's a vehicle made for people travelling across cities with the promise of a smooth and secure journey. Volvo Bus embodies modern engineering, designed with advanced technology for the safety of passengers.

Volvo Bus stands out because of its commitment to sustainability. These buses are crafted with eco-friendly technology. 

Volvo Bus is a symbol of luxury on the wheels. The seats are elegant and comfortable, there is ample legroom, and the windows are expansive, creating a panoramic view. It creates an environment that turns your mere travel into a delightful experience. 

Zingbus provides a variety of Volvo buses; each outfitted with luxurious amenities to ensure travellers enjoy quiet sleep even on rocky roads. Volvo bus multi-axle semi-sleeper, Volvo bus multi-axle sleeper, and Volvo bus multi-axle AC seater buses are part of their fleet. 

Seating configurations and amenities such as wet towels, blankets, beverages, and screens vary amongst buses, responding to a wide range of passenger tastes.


Essentially, Volvo buses are a mixture of safety, elegance, and sustainability. Passengers are secure, relaxed, and comfortable in their bus journey after Volvo booking. 

Discover the Ultimate Comfort with Volvo Bus by Zingbus:

For experiencing the superior and comfy journeys, Volvo Buses are the best option. Our Volvo buses are Known for their good hygiene, stability, comfort, safety and security. Volvo Buses ensure a smooth travel experience for people.

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There are variety of Volvo buses from which you can choose accordingly:

Volvo Multi-Axle AC Bus: 

These Volvo buses are built with several axles to provide excellent road stability. The improved suspension system offers a more comfortable ride, making them ideal for long-distance riding. 

Because of the improved stability of these luxury Volvo buses, passengers may have comfortable travel even on rugged terrain.

Volvo Sleeper Bus: 

These Volvo sleeper buses are outfitted with comfortable sleeping berths, letting travellers sleep peacefully on overnight and far-reaching journeys. The sleeping beds in Volvo sleeper buses offer passengers a private room to relax and sleep, offering a peaceful journey experience. 

Volvo Sleeper bus booking can be done in a minute, no matter how many tickets you need. 

Volvo Semi-Sleeper AC Buses: 

These Volvo sleeper buses provide customers with flexibility by combining sitting and sleeping configurations. These Volvo sleeper buses' seats can be transformed into beds, allowing travellers to sit or lie down, depending on their preferences. Volvo sleeper buses design offers a flexible and at-ease travel experience.

Volvo AC Deluxe Buses: 

Like luxury Volvo buses, these buses go further by having onboard toilets. Passengers can use the onboard restrooms and amenities like big couches and televisions for entertainment. This function improves overall ease and relaxation, especially on extended travels where lavatory access is critical.

Luxury Volvo Buses: 

These Volvo buses redefine travel luxury with their vast seating layouts, luxurious chairs, and entertainment systems. Passengers will have plenty of legroom, luxurious seats, and choices for entertainment, including TVs and music systems. 

The opulent atmosphere delivers an exceptional travel experience, making the route as pleasurable as the destination.

These Volvo buses have been manufactured to meet important travel needs. Our Volvo buses make your journey comfortable, relaxing, smooth, and enjoyable, no matter what the distance is.

Advantages of choosing Volvo buses for travelling:

Travellers enjoy a plethora of benefits when opting for Volvo and AC buses, enhancing their journey's comfort and convenience. Let's read about the advantages you'll get after Volvo bus booking: 

Comfortable Seating: 

The interiors of Volvo and AC buses are meticulously designed, providing passengers with more than simply seats but also havens of relaxation. 

Plush, ergonomic chairs and innovative suspension systems transform travel tiredness into peace. The smooth ride provided by these carefully designed luxury Volvo buses makes every trip more comfortable.


Volvo bus booking will make you experience  their unrivalled dependability, ensuring a smooth travel experience. Passengers can confidently travel, knowing these buses are carefully maintained and run on schedule. Volvo Sleeper bus provides safe and timely arrivals at their final stops.

Onboard Restroom: 

AC Deluxe Volvo Bus booking goes beyond the ordinary by including restrooms onboard. This simplicity guarantees that people have easy accessibility to services during the trip, reducing the need for frequent breaks and improving the whole travel experience.


Recognising the wide range of passenger choices, these buses are available in various configurations adapted to specific requirements. Multi-Axle AC Volvo Bus booking provides a stable foundation for people who value stability. 

In the meantime, Volvo Sleeper Buses have comfortable sleeping beds, making them suitable for individuals travelling overnight.

Luxurious Experience: 

Luxury Volvo Buses provide an elegant touch for travelling. People are immersed in a world of luxury, accompanied by vast seating arrangements with plenty of legroom. 

In Volvo sleeper bus booking, to make your journey better, you'll have entertainment systems that offer a variety of alternatives, ranging from films to music. The luxurious facilities in Volvo sleeper bus booking boost the trip experience, transforming it into a five-star vacation on wheels.


AC buses and Volvo Sleeper buses focus on comfort for passengers over transportation. These luxury  Volvo buses are prepared to meet the demands of passengers who want a nice nap, entertainment to kill time, or convenient access to essential services. 

Adaptability of these Volvo Buses allows them to be used for short, relaxing outings and long, inquisitive journeys, offering an enjoyable experience no matter the distance travelled.

Volvo booking can make you stress free with its features and facilities. For overnight travelling you can easily get Volvo sleeper bus booking and travel at your comfort. Volvo bus booking is uncomplicated and accessible. 

Install zingbus App to Book Delhi to Manali Bus Tickets Online

zingbus prides itself on providing the highest quality bus service that is simple, fast, convenient and affordable. All buses are sanitised before every trip for safe, hygienic and covid free travel. All buses that ply from Delhi to Manali ensure the punctuality and safety of their passengers. For more information on Delhi to Manali Bus Timings, Route, Fare, Ticket Prices, Bus Types, etc - passengers can download the zingbus App.

FAQs For Volvo Bus Booking Online:

1. What are the advantages of travelling with Volvo buses? 

Volvo buses provide safety, comfort, and environmentally responsible travel. Passengers enjoy smooth, comfortable travel thanks to roomy interiors, ergonomic seats, innovative electronics, and outstanding suspension systems. Volvo's dedication to safety and elegance makes it a popular option among travellers.

2.  How does ZingBus ensure people experience ultimate comfort?

Zingbus elevates travel to a premium level. Our Volvo buses have comfortable seats, temperature control, entertainment systems, and clean restrooms. Zingbus assures customers to relax elegantly, making every ride unique and pleasurable, whether short or extensive distances.

3. What is the process for online booking of Volvo sleeper bus tickets?

ZingBus makes it simple to book a Volvo sleeper bus ticket online. Passengers may pick sleeping accommodations, browse bus amenities, and monitor real-time seat availability. Our secure payment methods ensure a seamless transaction, allowing travellers to quickly and securely reserve their sleeper bus tickets for a peaceful and delightful ride.