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909 km By Road

Looking to travel from Chotila to Kotputli? It will take you 15h 45m hrs journey to reach Kotputli. The distance to Kotputli from Chotila is 909 km via road transport.

Distance Between Chotila to Kotputli
From City
To City
Distance between Chotila to Kotputli by Road
909 km
Travel Time from Chotila to Kotputli by Road
15h 45m

Best way to reach Kotputli from Chotila

As you're looking for the best way to travel to Kotputli, buses may be the answer. Not only are they a cost-effective transportation option, but they also offer a comfortable and convenient way to get from Chotila to Kotputli.

The distance between Chotila to Kotputli is 909 km which makes it perfect to travel via Bus transportation. Although you may also look for other available options depending on your requirements such as trains and flights if available.

We recommend you to travel by Bus as it's a comfortable and economical way to reach Chotila. It takes 15h 45m to reach Kotputli via Bus.

zingbus offer amenities such as outlets for charging devices, waiting lounges and reclining seats, making the journey more comfortable.

Chotila to Kotputli distance - FAQ's

How far is Kotputli from Chotila?
Chotila to Kotputli distance is 909 km via road travel. It will take you 15h 45m to reach Kotputli on a road trip.
Is it safe to travel Kotputli via Bus or Car?
Yes, road conditions are pretty decent to travel Kotputli from Chotila. One should also drive carefully and follow traffic rules.
What is the cheapest way to reach Kotputli?
Although Indian railways comes first when it comes to cheap travel as it has different classes, booking a train might be a pain due to unavailability of seats many times. We recommend you bus travel to Kotputli as it's convenient, flexible and affordable all at the same time.