Waterfalls Near Hyderabad You Must Visit

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Hyderabad surprises many with its hidden jewels of natural beauty while being more well-known for its ancient sites and busy urban life. If you’re looking for a revitalizing getaway into nature, Hyderabad is close to some stunning waterfalls that are beyond the cityscape.

Updated List of Waterfalls Near Hyderabad

Waterfalls Near HyderabadDistance from HyderabadBest Time To Visit
Bhongir Fall Waterfall50 kmJuly to September
Rajendra Nagar Waterfalls13.9 kmApril to September
Kadam Dam Waterfall107.8 kmJuly to January
Kuntala Waterfalls564.9 kmSeptember to October
Ethipothala Waterfalls163.4 kmOctober to March
Mallela Theertham185 kmOctober to February 
List of Waterfalls near Hyderabad

There are waterfalls near Hyderabad within the range of 14 to 200 kilometers that provide the ideal combination of adventure and peace, whether you’re a nature lover or just searching for an incredible weekend escape. They will open you to nature and the beauty of water with the best waterfalls near Hyderabad.

Waterfall near Hyderabad
Waterfall in Hyderabad

If you are looking to escape the intense heat of the summer season, the ideal time to visit waterfalls near Hyderabad is monsoons and summers to get in the beauties of the waterfalls. Book your bus tickets online today and exciting offers.

Hyderabad is an IT hub, but the natural beauty of Hyderabad is eye-catching and waterfalls near Hyderabad is one amongst the top five travel destinations in India.

Waterfalls Near Hyderabad

●      Bhongir Fort Waterfall:

The Bhongir Fort is amongst the Waterfalls near Hyderabad within 50 kms is a hidden jewel that is just waiting to be discovered across. It is tucked away among the historic Bhongir Fort.

The experience gains an element of adventure from the short hike to the falls. It’s the perfect place for a picnic or a calm day out because the cascade is surrounded by thick flora and has a pleasant environment.

●      Rajendra Nagar Waterfalls:

Source: Rajendra Nagar Waterfall in Hyderabad

Tucked in Telangana city, this is a water reservoir the beauty of which is stunned when the water from the dam goes down the stairs that will delve in the scenic beauty of nature and which is located at Waterfalls near Hyderabad within 50 kms and closest one to get an awesome time.

●      Kadam Dam Waterfall:

Amongst the best Waterfalls near Hyderabad within 100 km, Kadam Dam Waterfall provides a tranquil haven from the bustle of the city. It is tucked away next to the Kadam Dam.

It’s a beautiful trip that ends in a peaceful setting. An idyllic setting for a day of leisure is created by the waterfall’s soft cascades making it the best Waterfalls near Hyderabad within 100 kms.

●      Kuntala Waterfall:

Kuntala Waterfall Near Hyderabad
Kuntala Waterfall Near Hyderabad

Kuntala waterfall is a beauty with a height of 150 feet, tucked in the lush greenery and is the best to visit in the monsoon season. The beauty of waterfalls will take you in the mesmerising beauty of waterfalls taking you in the awe moment.

Kuntala Falls, a waterfall near Hyderabad at 200 feet, located in the Sahyadri mountain range. The origin of these Falls is the Kadam River, a well-liked Telangana tourist attraction.

When Kuntala Falls has its best water flow, which occurs during the monsoon season, is the best time to visit, making it the best waterfall near Hyderabad.

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●      Ethipothala Waterfalls:

The scenic beauty of the Ethipothala Waterfalls, is at the heights to get with 70 feet and located in the Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, a three stream waterfall making it one of the stunning waterfall near to Hyderabad.

Ethipothala Waterfalls Near Hyderabad
Ethipothala Waterfalls Near Hyderabad

Nakka Vagu, Tummala Vagu, and Chandravanka Vagu are the names of these streams.

The fascinating beauty of this waterfall near the Hyderabadis its location and crocodile breeding centre. Ethipothala Waterfalls is for sure a not to miss place as it is one of the best waterfalls near Hyderabad.

●      Mallela Theertham:

Mallela Theertham is worth travelling to a waterfall in Hyderabad. At a height of almost 150 feet, best waterfalls near Hyderabad with a beautiful captivating sight to sit and chill at.

Mallela Theertham Waterfall Near Hyderabad
Mallela Theertham Waterfall Near Hyderabad

The thick woodlands across the area are complementing the photographers and birdwatchers to seek and delve in the beauty of the place.

Nallamala Forest in Nagarkurnool, Telangana, India is the place from which this waterfall originates from Krishna river. To get the perfect location to see the water cascading like a gorgeous stream, one must descend 380 steps.

Claimed to be a holy area where many priests have meditated as a dedication of prayers to Lord Shiva, this waterfall near to Hyderabad now is a favorite hangout for students and Hyderabadians.

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Residents and travellers to Hyderabad may escape into the lap of nature because of the waterfalls’ eye-catching location at waterfalls near Hyderabad.

From the rugged trails that lead to Bhongir Fort Waterfall to the incredible grandeur of Kuntala Waterfall, each spot promises a unique experience.

With the best waterfalls nearby, pack your luggage, take a quick drive from Hyderabad, and let the peaceful sounds of falling water transport you to a world of astounding natural beauty.

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