Top 10 Treks in India

Best treks in India
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Last Updated on June 6, 2022

India has been blessed with varied topography that offers tons of adventures for
travellers of all kinds. The hilly areas with their difficult terrains, offer many fun
and thrilling activities such as trekking, paragliding, rafting, etc. Amongst all
these kinds of exciting and challenging opportunities, trekking remains one of
the most preferred and fun-driven choice for tourists. Here you can check Top 10 best treks in India.

What makes trekking fun?

  • It is challenging, yet thrilling due to its unknown terrain.
  • It takes our minds off the daily monotonous routine.
  • Trekking reduces stress and other tensions as we forget everything and
  • concentrate in the moment.
  • It also improves the overall fitness including the cardiovascular
  • strength.
  • It is a great way to meet new people and create bonds with them. This
  • further builds memories and great experiences together.
  • Trekking helps you breathe clean, drink clean and eat clean while you
  • are in the lap of nature.

Treks in India

Hamta Pass, Himachal Pradesh

A photo of hamta pass

Difficulty– Moderate
Exact location– Kullu
Best season– June to early September
Best way to reach– Bus
Elevation– 4270m
This trek lies between the Chandra Valley in Lahaul and the Kullu valley of
Himachal Pradesh, India. The pass has vertical rock walls, waterfalls, hanging
glaciers, small lakes, etc.
Trekkers take through Hampta Pass and go into Lahaul region. The route has
fast moving rivers and challenging glaciers and hence making this trek thrilling
and memorable.

Beas kund trek, Himachal pradesh

treks in india

Difficulty- Moderate
Exact location-Manali
Best season- May to October
Best way to reach- Bus
Beas Kund offers lush green grasslands in which a lake is hidden. This lake is
also the source for Beas river and it is believed that Sage Vyas, who wrote
Mahabharata used to take bath in this lake.

Chadar trek, Ladakh

a photo of chadar trek

Difficulty- Moderate to difficult
Exact location- Leh
Best season- January to February
Best way to reach- Flight to Leh airport or bus via Manali
Chadar trek is also known as Zanskar Gorge trek. Its oneway trek is almost
105km. Zanskar river is frozen at the best time of trekking. The winds are quite
chilling and it almost takes 7-9 days to complete the trek. The trekking is done
in groups and not alone. Total distance of the trek is 62kms and everyday 5-6
hours of trekking is suitable.

Nanda Devi trek, Uttarakhand

Nanda devi trek

Difficulty- Moderate to difficult
Exact location- Garhwal
Best season- May to June and September to October
Best way to reach- Bus
Along the route lies the famous Nanda Devi National Park, small streams,
glaciers, etc. Nanda Devi is one of the highest mountains in India. The total
trekking distance is almost 55km and it takes almost 8-9 days to complete the
trekking. Wild flora and fauna is also visible along the way. Rare species such as
musk deer, Himalayan black bear, Thar and snow leopard can be seen.

Goecha La trek, Sikkim

Goecha trek in sikkim

Difficulty- Difficult
Exact location- Sikkim
Best season- March-June and September-November
Best way to reach- Train, Flight
The southeast face of Kanchenjunga can be seen from this pass. The trek is
famous for the views of the mountains and the beautiful rhododendron forests.
One shall also witness the clear blue sky and lakes. The trek is challenging but
definitely worth it, once you reach at the top.
This trek can take upto 11 days to complete. New Jalpai Guri is the nearest
railway station and Bagdogra is the nearest airport. The total trekking distance is
approximately 90kms.

Valley of flowers, Uttarakhand

the valley of flowers

Difficulty- Easy to moderate
Exact location- Garhwal region
Best season- July to September
Best way to reach- Bus
As the name suggests, Valley of Flowers boasts innumerable types of flowers
that are treat for the eyes. The Valley is surrounded by mountains on all sides.
The trekkers also witness the Valley of Flowers National Park that is famous for
its endemic alpine flowers.
This trek is best enjoyed in monsoon season. This place is also believed to the
place from where Lord Hanuman brought the life saving herb to save Lakshman.

Roopkund trek, Uttarakhand


Difficulty- Moderate
Exact location- Chamoli
Best season- May to June and September to October
Best way to reach- Bus
There is also a lake situated at the height of 5029m where human skeletons are
found at the bottom of the lake. The route delivers lush green forests, numerous
birds, temples, etc. It takes almost 8 days to complete the trek.

Great Lakes trek Jammu & Kashmir

Great lakes trek kashmir

Difficulty- Moderate to difficult
Exact location- Sonmarg
Best season- June, September to October
Best way to reach- Flight
Elevation- 4200m
The trek is famous for its seven glacial lakes that are visible one after another as
we move along. Many streams, brooks, forests add to the beauty of this trek.
The trek is approximately 72kms and it can take almost 7 days to complete it.
The expedition begins from Sonmarg and finishes at Narang.
Jammu is the nearest railway station and Srinagar, nearest Airport.

Rajmachi trek, Maharashtra

Rajmachi trek

Difficulty- Easy
Exact location- Lonavala
Best season- June to Mid-November
Best way to reach- train, flight, bus
Elevation- 838m

This trek is best suitable for beginners. This is located 15kms from Lonavala and
this can be completed in a day. The best site here is the Rajmachi Fort, a
structure built by Shivaji. There is a dense forest on both sides of the trek. One
also comes across waterfalls, temples and Buddhist caves.
This trek can be reached either from Lonavala side or the Karjat side. The
trekking from the Lonavala side is little longer but easier.

Stok Kangri trek, Ladakh

Difficulty- Difficult
Exact location- Kangri
Best season- July to September
Best way to reach- Bus, Flight
Elevation- 5260m
It is the highest climbable summit in India. It can take upto 9 days to complete
the trek. The last days can be quite challenging where one has to face the sub-
zero temperatures. However, the trek doesn’t require any kind of trekking
The shortest route is from the village Stok. The route offers the view of Zanskar
ranges in south and Karakoram to the right.

How to prepare for trekking?

Trekking is fun and exciting but also challenging and therefore, one should
prepare beforehand so that the experience is not spoiled. Following are some of
the ways in which one can prepare-

  • Take a trekking training- Just few days of training can help a lot. Here one can test their fitness level and do the needful.
  • Choose the correct footwear for the trekking. A great footwear is one that is a
    hiking shoe with ankle protection.
  • One can build leg strength by going to the gym and working on their legs.
  • Prepare the backpack properly with all the essentials such as water,
    something to eat like snacks, protein bars, etc.
  • Charge your phone and keep a power-bank.
  • Carry a proper identity card, rain-cover, etc.


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