Things to do in Pushkar, Rajasthan

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Last Updated on June 19, 2022

Pushkar is a city located in the Ajmer district of Rajasthan and is a true epitome of spiritual beauty. This picturesque tiny hamlet has many things to offer you. In case you want to have some unique experiences, the beautiful sight of sand dunes, camels, hills, lakes, and forests all in one is a perfect destination for you to visit! 

Pushkar has become a popular tourist destination with tourists worldwide visiting because of several offbeat locations and various unusual things to do. If you are considering a vacation to Pushkar in the near future, there are a few things you should not miss. While Pushkar is one of those destinations you may visit at any time of year, it is best to visit in the latter half of the year. This article has enlisted the 5 best things to do in Puskar. So let’s begin…

Best things to do experience in Pushkar

Evening Aarti at Varah Ghat

Varah Ghat is located on the banks of Pushkar Lake. The evening aarti in Pushkar is an incredible sight to witness. It is a traditional Hindu worship practice, and such similar rites can be seen every night in Varanasi.

It is one of the most amazing experiences in Pushkar during your visit. You should not miss it at any cost. As the bells begin to ring, chants of evening prayers begin in the temples near the ghat, blending with the chant to create an otherworldly atmosphere. As the sky turns golden, you can see the gorgeous scenery in front of you.

The lake begins to shimmer with floating lamps, and the combined scent of incense transforms the entire ambiance into something really appealing. While there are several ghats, the Varah Ghat is the best in terms of scenery and prayers in the evening.

Camel Safari

things to do in pushkar

Have you ever been on a camel safari? If not, this is a chance. The camel safari in Pushkar is the ideal way to embrace the serene beauty of the desert. Although a camel ride isn’t exactly smooth, the bumpy ride will quickly sway you in its rhythm as you listen to the swooshing sound of the wind flowing through the desert.

Pushkar also hosts a camel fair every year, and it is one of the greatest times to visit the city. The fair begins around the beginning of the Hindu calendar month of Kartik on the 23rd of October, and it is also the best time to go on a camel safari. This is one of the best things to do in pushkar.

Ratnagiri hills hike

Ratnagiri Hill is a well-known spot to visit in Pushkar. To go to the summit of the hill, where the temple of Savitri Devi is located, start hiking from the southwest side of Pushkar Lake. It’s a 1.5-kilometer hike that’s both adventurous and rewarding. 

The view from the summit is absolutely breathtaking, with a panoramic vista of the entire Pushkar Town spread out in front of you. The best time to begin the trek is around sundown, so you can when you can witness the adorable view of the sunset from the top of the hill.

Visit Pushkar lake

Pushkar Lake, also known as Pushkar Sarovar, is regarded as a Hindu sacred location. It is the town’s main point, with ceremonies and offerings taking place throughout day and night and major aarti festivities.

Thousands of believers go to the lake’s shores every year to gain peace and salvation by bathing in its sacred waters. The place becomes the focus of heartfelt devotion and pilgrimage as the Kartik (October-November) month approaches, as the auspiciousness of this season is greatly stressed in Hindu sacred writings. On the other hand, Pushkar Fair brilliantly demonstrates the vitality of Rajasthan with exotic colors, food, dance, a cattle fair, and a variety of interesting contests and competitions. 

Jeep Safari

The Pushkar jeep safari is one of the things you should not miss if you enjoy the adventure. One of the greatest ways to experience the sites in this part of Rajasthan is on a jeep safari across Pushkar’s rocky terrain.

You may see some of the area’s hidden gems on the safari, such as local waterfalls and vistas of beautiful and unusual creatures.

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