Unveiling the Top 5 Things to Do in Manikaran

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Manikaran is a place where one can be at peace with nature and offer his heart out to the almighty! If you are looking for a place to soothe your mind and soul, look no further. Manikaran is where you need to be! This small town near Kasol in Himachal Pradesh is famous for its temples and hot springs.

It serves as a pilgrimage centre for both Hindus and Sikhs who come here to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature, connect with their spirituality, and bask in the opulence of this quaint town. 

Things to do in Manikaran

List of Best Things to do in Manikaran.

Here we have enlisted a few of the offbeat locations to visit and the best things to do in Manikaran to have unique experiences that you will remember and cherish for a lifetime. Check it out!

  • Experience the Beauty of Parvati Valley

Kasol Parvati Valley is a place you must visit if you love travelling. It has the best scenic beauty and a blissful atmosphere. The Parvati valley is located on the banks of river Parvati, a tributary of river Beas. The side valley of the main part of the valley is known as Malana Nala, which is separated by a mountain ridge from the main valley. The villages that lie on the river banks are Kasol, Rasol, Chalal, Barsheni, and Pulga.

  • Trek route through Tosh Village 

Tosh is a small village in Himachal Pradesh, India. Located at an altitude of 2,407 meters (7,874 ft), it is a trekking destination with some Buddhist temples and guesthouses for tourists and pilgrims who visit the area. It is situated along with the River Parvati and is only about 9 kilometers from Kasol. Visitors can also walk to Tosh from Manikaran.

The most popular trekking route is between Barshaini and Tosh. The easiest way to get to Tosh village is by starting at Barshaini village near Kasol. You can reach Barshaini via local buses that stop there on their way to Manikaran, or you can take a private taxi that takes about 30 minutes to reach the village from Kasol town center.

  • Beas Kund Trek
Beas Kund

This trek can be done in one day and is quite easy to complete. It begins from Solang valley, and the trekking path continues through dense forests of oak, walnut, and evergreen cedar trees. After passing through the forest area, you will reach an open meadow from where you can see stunning views of Indrasan Peak and Beas Kund Lake. Beas kund is one of the best things to do in Manikaran.

Beas Kund originates from the melting glacier of Beas Kund, which feeds the Beas River that flows through Himachal Pradesh. The lake is believed to have been blessed by sage Vyasa, who meditated here for years, seeking answers about the meaning of life.

  • The beauty of Solang Valley

If you’re looking for a gorgeous place to spend some time exploring nature, look no further than Solang Valley. About 15 km from Manali, the valley is a popular attraction for Indians and foreigners alike because of its stunning views and great adventure sports. If you’re into paragliding, this is the perfect place to do it! Just be sure to do your research before participating in any sporting activities here to get proper training and rental equipment.

  • Witness the views at Kasol village
Kasol village

Kasol is a small town in the Parvati Valley, between Bhuntar and Manikaran, on the banks of the Parvati River. Largely considered a backpacker’s paradise, it has some really beautiful views. Numerous trekking and hiking trails can be found in Kasol and its neighboring villages, including Kheerganga and Yanker Pass.

  • Kheerganga trek and hot springs
Kheerganga trek

The Kheerganga trek is one of the easiest treks in Parvati Valley and is perfect for beginners. Nestled high up in a remote corner of the Kullu district, the trek to Kheerganga starts from Barshaini—a small village on the banks of the Parvati River. The trail goes through the dense deodar forests, past waterfalls, and hot springs before finally reaching Kheerganga at an elevation of 2960m.

At the top, you can dip in hot springs and wash away all your worries while enjoying breathtaking views of snow-capped mountains all around you. Once you get to the top, you can also make short day hikes to explore two other nearby meadows – Rudranag and Kalga Village.

How to reach Manikaran

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