Things to do in Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh

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Last Updated on May 3, 2022

Have you ever wondered why Chitkul is known as the land of wanderlust? Chitkul is a small hamlet in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh with a peaceful and serene environment. This place is a collection of roughly 50 residences and a few hotels with no marketplaces or fancy restaurants, but it is Chitkul’s breathtaking natural beauty, which is among the best in all of Himachal Pradesh, that truly sets it apart.

The area is usually covered with snow during the winter, and the residents relocate to Himachal’s lower districts. Chitkul is a paradise for those who love to have adventure activities with enchantingly peculiar scenery! Chitkul is located at an altitude of approximately 11,319 feet and is the bass if you like to travel to unusual and offbeat places to get your groove on. The lack of a mobile signal in this hamlet isolates you from the rest of the world and helps you have your connection to the surroundings.

To help you on your visit, we have enlisted the 5 best things to do in Chitkul to help you have some unique experiences.

Best things to do in Chitkul

Trekking the Lamkhaga Pass

Trekking the Lamkhaga Pass

Lamkhaga Pass trekking is a remote trip that is frequently recognized as one of the most difficult in the Indian Himalayan region. Marco Pallis was the first to travel this route in 1933. It is now recognized as the traditional path from Kinnaur to Gangotri. The scenic road remains the same till Ranikanda, taking you through some of Himachal Pradesh’s and Uttrakhand’s most remote places.

The Jalandhari Valley is lovely, especially after the monsoon when it is completely covered in flowering flowers. The hike will take you all the way to Harsil, where you can visit the famous Wilson’s cottage, which was built in 1864. From there, it’s a short drive to Gangotri – Gaumukh.

Adore the beauty of Baspa River 

a photo of baspa river

Chitkul (and the entire Sangla Valley) is located on the banks of the Baspa River, hence the name Baspa Valley. The river continues for roughly 40 kilometers before connecting with the Sutlej River near Karchham, after flowing down the hills towards the settlement of Chitkul. The upper slopes of the valley along the river are covered with dense pine and oak forests, while the people use the lower slopes as farming fields.

Mathi Devi temple

Mathi Devi temple

Mathi Devi Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to the goddess Mathi. This temple is dedicated to Mathi Devi and is thought to be around 500 years old. According to mythology, the goddess traveled a great distance before settling in Chitkul. The hamlet prospered after she arrived, and she is still revered today. The temple complex contains three shrines, each of which is exquisitely constructed.

Visit Chitkul fort

Chitkul Fort is a must-visit on your tour to Chitkul. It looks more like a watchtower than a fort, located just ahead of the Mathi Devi temple. Apart from the newly constructed hotels, it is also the village’s highest structure. It’s a three-story edifice that looms over the settlement and is known locally as the ‘Quila.’ It is also a shrine, but its tower-like structure is referred to as a fort.

Explore Sarahan

Sarahan is a small town around 100 kilometers north of Chitkul. On the way to Narkanda and Shimla, it is famed for its bird sanctuary and the Bhimakali Temple and is one of Himachal’s most popular tourist sites. If you’re driving towards Chitkul, you should take a break and drive to Sarahan. If feasible, spend the night here; if not, drive a short distance. Visiting Sarahan and returning takes roughly 3 hours from the major highway.

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