Packing Essentials for a Perfect Campervan Trip: Find Out What You Need to Carry!

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Perfect Campervan Trip

Are you planning to start your great adventure in a campervan? Are you wondering how to pack your belongings to make this trip memorable and exciting? We are here to help you with listing the campervan’s essential packing items!

Let’s assume you are going on a trip as a family of four, including two kids and two adults. The list will be created based on these criteria. If you have a larger group or are just planning a couple-campervan trip, you need to pack your essentials accordingly.

  • Sleeping

Let’s start with sleeping because a miserable night can make your entire day go to waste. Decent rest timing is crucial to make your day exciting and fun-filled.

  • Bedding and mattress

Carry extra sleeping bags for flexibility of sleep, along with comfy pillows. Sleeping bags consist of duets and other sleeping essentials so that you can sleep comfortably. 

  • Cleaning 

Always keep a collapsible bucket and washing up bowl for cleaning purposes. Keep a brush and dustpan to sweep off the dirt from the van. Also, add the washing-up gloves, sponge cloth, liquid soap, and washing liquid. 

  • Eating and cooking

You can plan your meals for your kids in advance. Accordingly, you can pick up edibles that last longer. You can include dry ingredients in your bag, like sugar, pasta, flour, dry noodles, soup tins, stock cubes, beans, etc.

  • Campervan bowls and plates

You can add melamine plastic wear for comfortable camping without having to worry. The minimum requirements include four bowls, four side plates, and four dinner plates. Also, add four glasses and mugs. 

  • Portable campervan kitchen and stands

When you’re planning night outs, you can take extra kitchen equipment, such as a foldable kitchen stand and a two-ring burner, along with you.

Why carry the extra kitchen stand and a two-ring burner when cooking facilities are already available in a campervan?

When planning to travel with your kids, cooking yourself rather than depending on the outside foods is always safe. In addition, you can make a cup of coffee for yourself anytime you want, along with preferable meals. When cooking on the extra kitchen equipment, you can ensure that your clothes and bedding will not smell of cooking.

  • Extra shares and tables

You can carry extra foldable chairs and tables to set up for a beer party or tea party near the shore. 

  • Entertainment

You can pack sports equipment, ball games, and wetsuits. For music lovers, a portable speaker is a must-have. A laptop and tablet mean you can enjoy a film together. Remember the chargers!

  • Documents

Finally, you must ensure you have all the documents in your bag.

  1. Vehicle registration documents
  2. Insurance proof
  3. Passports
  4. Train and ferry tickets
  5. Printouts of campsite booking
  6. Membership cards, if any

Summing it up:

Now that you know what you need to pack, what is stopping you from planning your campervan trip right away? Visit to learn more about campervan rentals. Look out for exciting discounts and offers. 

Happy Travelling!

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