Rajasthan International Folk Festival

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Last Updated on September 25, 2022

Are you amongst those who plan to be a part of the Rajasthan International Folk Festival (RIFF) every year but always end up missing it? Don’t worry this time we have got your back so pack your bags as we will take you on a musical journey with a touch of royalty. The grand event takes place in Jodhpur. It is organized in and around the Mehrangarh fort.

The Jodhpur RIFF is a non-profit musical festival that is sponsored by UNESCO to strengthen the cultural roots of the region. It serves the people’s platform with the aim to promote creativity and sustainable development. 

The grand event of the Rajasthan International Folk Festival coincides with “Sharad Purnima”. It is the time when the moon is in its brightest full moon phase in north India. This event brings together a huge group of artists together to perform a series of amazing concerts. This event is based in and around the Mehrangarh fort which is also voted as Asia’s best fort by Times magazine. 

This city in the Thar Desert is all you need to visit to be a part of RIFF. It reflects a blend of modern yet traditional touch. 

Did you know?

Jodhpur is known as the blue city of India. If anyone takes a bird’s eye view of Jodhpur then the city will look blue. It is largely believed that copper sulfate under certain conditions gives a blue colour to the houses.

Timeline OF RIFF Jodhpur 2022

The grand festival is planned by keeping in mind the auspicious dates as per the Hindu Vikram Samvat calendar. It will be held in Sharad Purnima. It is the time when the moon is in its brightest full moon phase in north India.

Day 1 inauguration program will be held on 6th October 2022.

Day 5 closing ceremony will take place on 10th October 2022.

Rajasthan International Folk Festival Events

Day 1: 6th October 2022

Rajasthan International Folk Festival Events
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The royal festival that connects us to our roots begins with a traditional morning. One can witness entertaining folk dance like Ghoomar and storytelling forms like Kathutli. Later Rajasthani circus and mesmerizing performance by the Young Langa musicians. Teera Taali is another form of dance that will make you move to the beats. The first day ends with a mesmerizing night, a mesmerizing night concert. As the day comes to an end one can also witness the fusion of the Arifa band in fusion with the masters from the Langa and Manganiyar communities. The last few events are the Dhol Drummers performance and an ancient fire-eating dance performance. 

Day 2: 7th October 2022

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The next day one can experience the artistically divine presence of Meghwals of Marwar. The mornings are full of art and music. The mesmerizing rhythms of Bhallu Ram, Teja Ram and Mahesh Ram Chattagarh from the Meghwal community present their divine rhythms with traditional instruments like dholak, manjira and tandura. It is an amazing spot to be a part of your own rich culture that is recognized and admired globally.

Later the great music scholars from Meghalaya are welcomed to showcase their love for music. Dr Mebanlamphang Lyngdon and Amabel Susngi present Khasi music traditions.

Later a series of living legends is organized where Padma Shri musicians present their knowledge of music like Pempa Khan Manganiyar and Anwar Khand Baiya. 

Later a rare blend of Gareth Bonello and other artists like Asin Langa presents a surreal blend of Welsh, Khasi and Rajasthani music.

Day 3: 8th October 2022

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This is the day where you can participate too. The day begins again with Khasi music and then a boot camp is held where you can dance to the beat of the music. A choreographer all the way from Mexico is invited to groove with all, Jaciel Neri. 

Later a movie was screened called “Heading West” by Dan Coutts. As the screening comes to an end a gathering called Indie Afternoon is brought together where songwriters and singers get the chance to mix up and socialize in the venue with the local artists. 

On the evening of the third day there, North African folk musicians are invited to perform. Riff Cohen blends her art with the Lanhga Community. Later the sounds full of energy can be experienced by a homegrown band called Bombay Brass. It’s led by Rhys Sebastian. The day comes to the perfect rest by an exquisite performance from the roots of Afro-Brazilian culture by Maga Bo.

Day 4: 9th October 2022

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Another divine morning begins on the fourth day of the festival. Raag-based Shabads are sung by the famous Jasleen Kaur Monga. This is also the second day of dance boot camp where you can show your moves. This boot camp is by Asha Sapera who is skilled at Ghoomar dance. 

Later you can soothe your soul with Sufi songs of the Langa and Manganiyar communities. Various reputed artists take part in this like Saawan Ji, Muse Ji and Rashi Ji and offer their knowledge of music to all. 

In addition to this, you can also witness a rare blend of Citadels of the Sun. It’s a fusion of Indian as well as Irish music of Ireland. It’s presented by Sarah E Cullen, Martin Coyle, and Paul Cutliffe along with Sawai Khan Manganiyar and Asin Khan Langa. 

In the end performance by Warsi, brothers are organized to make your evening epic. They showcase an art carried from their ancestors. 

Day 5: 10th October 2022

This is the last day of the Rajasthani International Folk Festival. A closing concert is organized here where Prahlad Tipaniya from Malwa entertains the audience with folk music. He narrates beautiful poems and dohas by Sant Kabir Das. 

As the event closes it’s sad to go back from this musical heaven. But it’s a magical experience to be a part of this globally grand event organized in Jodhpur. The auspicious dates of Sharad Purnima make the event more meaningful. 

Milestones of Rajasthan International Folk Festival

  • It’s included in the world’s music calendar. Tourists and artists from all over the globe come to visit this grand and royal event. 
  • UNESCO endorses its aim to promote creativity and sustainable development.  
  • It is a part of the top 25 festivals in the world as featured by the British Songlines magazine. 
  • The Royal venue of the festival i.e Mehrangarh Fort of Jodhpur is ranked as Asia’s number 1 fort according to the Times Magazine.

If this is not a calling then we don’t know what it is. The best is to pack your bags without any second thought and hop onto the next flight or train you to get to Jodhpur. A festival of fun, socializing meaningfully and artistically is definitely a dream come true. This beautiful blend of modern and traditional tunes deserves a place on your bucket list. 

You can reach Jodhpur via flight, by train and even by road. Private buses can also be boarded safely from many locations like Jaisalmer, Bilara, Siwana, Udaipur, Barmer, and Balotra. It’s time you make a plan and soothe your soul with these musical days and nights that happen annually only in Jodhpur. Be a part of this globally acclaimed event and unlock an achievement.

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What is the Rajasthan International Folk Festival?

It’s an annual music event that takes place in Jodhpur to promote music. UNESCO also endorses its aim to promote creativity and sustainable development.  

Why is Rajasthan International Folk Festival Celebrated?

The Rajasthan International Folk Festival is celebrated to promote art, folk dance, music and the people of Jodhpur.

How many days does the festival last?

The Rajasthan International Folk Festival is a 5 days long event. Everyday programs are pre-planned like Fusion concerts, dance boot camp, Sufi night and performances of Padma Shri artists showcasing their knowledge and art. You can also listen to Khasi and African beats here. 

What are the highlights of the Rajasthan International Folk Festival? 

The main attraction of the event is the musical concert and performances of the traditional artists.

When does the Rajasthan International Folk Festival take place?

The dates of the festival are October 6 to October 10. The grand event of the Rajasthan International Folk Festival coincides with “Sharad Purnima”. It is the time when the moon is in its brightest full moon phase in north India.

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