Top 6 Places to Visit & Best Things to Do in Manali

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Manali is a paradise for tourists seeking an escape from city life’s hustle and bustle. It has
incredible mountains and valleys that you can look at. You can go there for a peaceful trip or an
exciting adventure with many activities.

Here are the top 6 places to visit and things to do to enjoy when visiting – take advantage of these incredible experiences!

Manali is an ideal destination for all types of travellers. This place is great for everyone! People who
want to relax and people who like adventure will both find something they like.

Top 6 Places to Visit and Things to Do

Experience the Thrill of Rafting Along the Beas River

Places to visit in manali

Embrace the adventure of Manali by gliding through its alluring Beas River on a raft! This thrilling
experience is one-of-a-kind and among the favourites for tourists seeking excitement. Gear up for an
unforgettable journey full of danger, speed and adrenaline as you navigate yourself out of swift
waters in river rafting.

Take lots of beautiful pictures when you are doing river rafting in Manali. You
will remember the trip forever when you look back at them.
Rafting on the River Beas in India is an exciting experience. If you are starting, the river has short
parts to raft. For people who have done it before, there are long parts. Pirdi has a special place for
water sports that offers lots of fun activities!

Explore Solang Valley and Experience the Snow!

Activities in manali

Next up on the list is Solang Valley, a place of natural charm and beauty. Take a cable car ride up to a
high altitude of 14,000 feet. You can see the beautiful valleys and mountains in Manali covered with
snow. It is a fantastic view! The valley also offers various activities to explore the area, such as
paragliding, skiing, and horse riding. You can also try your hand at snow biking or zip-lining with the
help of certified professionals.

Unleash the Manali Gompa and Immerse Yourself in Buddhist Culture

Tourists from the four corners of the globe flock to Himachal Pradesh for a glimpse of its majestic
Manali Gompa. It is usually called the Gadhan Thekchhokling Gompa. It was built in 1960 for
Tibetans forced to leave their homes. The building is very beautiful and built in a pagoda style. In
In India, many Buddhists go to a special place to get spiritual help and direction. For them, this is an
important place.
The monastery is surrounded by beautiful nature. It has remarkable wall paintings and Chortens,
which are Tibetan monuments. There is a huge statue of Lord Buddha too. Inside the complex, you
can buy special carpets and crafts from vendors as souvenirs to take home.

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Discover Serenity at the Vashisht Temple

The famous Rishi Vashist Temple is in the quiet town of Vashisht, only 3 km from Manali‘s beach.
People think this important building was made to honour one of the seven rishis in Hindu stories.
The temple of Vashisht is very old. It has existed for more than 4000 years. It looks like a traditional
temple with paintings that tell stories about the past. People also think the hot springs near the
temple can help heal skin problems and diseases.

Old Manali: Old is gold in this Himalayan Hippie Village

At Rohtang Pass, you can go for a bike ride.

A bike ride through Rohtang Pass‘s rough terrain is the best way to have an exciting experience.
Driving along the high point, you can see beautiful green slopes and snow-covered mountains. You
can also visit some of Manali’s most beautiful spots.
Looking at the Pir Panjal mountain range, you’ll feel like you’re on a trip with your best friend. Biking
or ATVing in the snow should be on your list of things to do when you visit Manali. Make the most of
this once-in-a-lifetime chance.


Manali is a beautiful place with many things to do and places to see. Manali is a great place to go on
holiday because you can do everything from river rafting and snow sports to learn about Buddhist
culture. Manali has something for everyone, whether they want to try something new or relax. So,
why don’t you start your bus ticket booking? Gather your belongings and embark on an
unforgettable journey to Manali.

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