Fall in Love with the 5 Monsoon Charms of Enchanting Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

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The wettest place on Earth and the “rainfall capital of the world” are used to describe Cherrapunji, located in the northeastern Indian state of Meghalaya. This magnificent location provides a unique and captivating experience, particularly during the monsoon season. 

These 5 monsoon attractions in Cherrapunji will mesmerise you and make you love this magical location. Even though Cherrapunji is renowned for its torrential rains, the monsoon season brings a certain refreshing calm. During the monsoons, It offers the perfect setting to relax with a good book, enjoy a hot cup of tea, and immerse oneself in nature.

Explore the Rainfall Capital of the World and the Wettest Place on Earth

The fact that there are many places to visit in Cherrapunji and it is famous for being the world’s rain capital enhances its mysterious allure. 

The monsoon season brings an average of 11,000 millimetres of rainfall every year, which turns the surroundings into a lush, verdant paradise. The landscape is alive with gushing water bodies because of the region’s numerous little streams from nonstop rain. One experience that will indelibly change your heart is exploring Cherrapunji’s captivating scenery as raindrops softly fall around you.

Enjoy Misty Mornings and Serene Trails When you go Trekking Adventures

Cherrapunji is best for trekking anytime of the year

During the monsoons, a dense layer of mist surrounds Cherrapunji, giving the area a surreal effect. Seeing the clouds gently moving over the hills in the morning mist is incredible. Several hiking paths can be found in the area, which passes through meandering rivers, tumbling waterfalls, and lush green forests. Nature lovers will treasure the pleasure of exploring these tranquil routes while immersed in the foggy environment. The hills and valleys covered in varied green tones create a magnificent scene that is a pleasure for the eyes. 

The allure of Cherrapunji’s lush greenery amidst the monsoon showers is absolutely enchanting, whether you’re strolling alongside your beloved or gazing in awe at the breathtaking vistas from a picturesque spot.

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Chase Cherrapunji’s Cascading Waterfalls as they Unleash the Power of Water

Cherrapunji’s waterfalls are brought to life by the sheer force of water as it rains almost nonstop. The Nohkalikai Falls, India’s tallest plunge waterfall, rushes down from about 1,100 feet, creating a stunning spectacle. Two other magnificent waterfalls decorate the area, Dain-Thlen Falls and Seven Sisters Falls. You will be spellbound as you experience these beautiful waterfalls in all their glory.

Beyond its waterfalls and mist, Cherrapunji is a monsoon paradise. Participating in rain-soaked activities will make adventurers feel like they are in heaven. With the paths getting increasingly tricky and adventurous, trekking in Cherrapunji during the monsoons is an exhilarating experience. At many tourist places in Cherrapunji, the rain-washed rocks and slick terrain make your hiking activities even more exciting. You can also go ziplining beneath rain-washed canopies or river rafting in the roaring rivers. You will have lifelong memories of participating in these heart-pounding activities while being engulfed in the monsoon.

Walk Under the Living Bridges: The Unique Root Structure of Cherrapunji

Living root bridges are a unique beauty of Cherrapunji, renowned for demonstrating how man and nature can live in harmony. The native tribes have trained Indian rubber tree roots in Meghalaya to grow and develop into free-standing bridges spanning rivers and streams.

These functional and engineering marvels known as living bridges, some of which date back centuries, are also teeming with life. Strolling beneath these live bridges while listening to showers clattering against their greenery is lovely.

Immerse in Cherrapnji’s Cultural Tapestry of Folk Music, Dance and Cuisine 

Beyond being a natural wonderland, Cherrapunji also has a vibrant cultural heritage. Several indigenous tribes live in the area, each with a unique song, dance, and cuisine. During the monsoon celebrations, the tribes of the Khasi, Garo, and Jaintia display their festive, traditional music and dance styles. 

Take in the enchanting sounds of the bamboo flutes, the pulsating rhythms of the drums, and the elegant dancers’ delicate moves. Enjoy the delicious native cuisine as well, which features meals prepared with rice, pork, and other ingredients like bamboo shoots.


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You will be mesmerised by the abundance of monsoon charms available at Cherrapunji, the world’s rain capital. The rainy season in Cherrapunji is a feast for the senses, with opportunities to hike along foggy trails, chase flowing waterfalls, walk across living root bridges and get to know the locals.

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