Why Overnight Sleeper Buses are a Great Way to Travel in India?

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Travelling makes for a great experience and gives you an escape from the monotonous life. But we would all love to travel such that we reach our destination completely stress-free.  

Aeroplanes are too costly, and trains seem only suitable for short distances because of the high costs and the stress of going through the airport’s protocol. 

So, what to do if you want to cover long distances in a budget-friendly way? 

A sleeper bus is one of the most convenient travel choices in India. It offers comfortable travel, several amenities, and a luxurious experience. 

This blog will explore an overnight sleeper, how to book bus tickets, and its pros and cons.

All You Need to Know About Sleeper Buses in India

Sleeper bus in India comprises two or three-level beds or bunks so that the travellers can stretch their legs and doze off comfortably till they reach their destination. This is especially advantageous when covering long distances, usually taking 12 hours or more. 

Both AC and non-AC options are available to suit everyone’s convenience.

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Why are Sleeper Buses Best for Overnight Travel?

Sleeper bus of zingbus

An overnight bus in India is generally a night-time journey, and you have to be well-prepared before hopping on that ride. There are many reasons why it is the best conveyance option in India –

  • Budget-friendly: When you compare the many options, you would feel that an overnight bus is much cheaper than taking a train, booking a flight, or driving yourself. If you travel by road, you have to stop at a hotel to relax before you start driving again. But a sleeper bus cuts the hard work and lets you relax.
  • Time-saving: If you have a tight schedule, a night bus service will help you save time and enjoy your travel to the fullest. You wouldn’t need to rest the next day as you will not feel the tiredness usually experienced during a long journey.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Travelling on a Sleeper Bus?

Sleeper bus in India gives a wholesome experience altogether. Here are the benefits of booking it –

  1. Bunk beds are more comfortable than you’d think. You can sleep until the distance is covered and relax without burning the midnight oil by driving.
  2. Book a bus ticket online, and you will see that it is cheaper than other options. This is especially great for those who are planning a budget trip.
  3. If you cover the distance at night, you can easily enjoy the travel experience during the day. There wouldn’t be lethargy or laziness.
  4. Since buses do not stop at multiple drop locations, they reach their destination faster than trains. They are also easy to book and have several departure time options.
  5. Compared to trains, bus tickets can be booked spontaneously. Trains get booked in advance, and it is difficult to get seats, especially when there is an impromptu plan.

Every coin has two sides. Similarly, there are cons to every situation. Here are the drawbacks that you must be aware of so you can have a good travel experience –

  1. Booking can be confusing sometimes. There are multiple options to select from. If you are a first-timer, seek help to make your online bus booking experience easy. 
  2. If the sleeper bus is overbooked, people must sleep on the floor. This can be inconvenient for everyone, including those who got good seats.
  3. Bus terminals may not pick up or drop you at the most convenient location. Sometimes you have to book a cab or hail a local train to reach your destination.

How to Book the Best Buses for Long-Distance Travel in India?

Trying to book bus tickets for a sleeper? It is not as difficult as you may think. Several bus travel companies, such as Zingbus, provide various options to fulfil your requirements. Visit the website and book a Volvo sleeper bus, depending on your desired amenities and features.


Sleeper bus travel in India has never been easier! If you plan to cover long distances in India, this would be the most comfortable option you would find, and that too at a pocket-friendly cost. There are several options when booking your bus ticket online, like the timing and location for departure and arrival, amenities, and much more. Choose your conveyance wisely and experience overnight sleeper buses, a great way to travel.

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