How to travel on a budget : Top 10 tips

Do you wish to take a faraway, life-changing trip, but your current financial situation prevents you from doing so?

Not to worry! With the rapid development of internet technology and the emergence of moderate carriers, vacation planning has become much easier and less expensive than it was previously.

This article will discuss 10 Pro tips for how to travel on a budget, which will assist you in planning your budget trip and saving money while travelling. 

1. Be open to alternative budget-friendly destinations.

Budget travelling

Being flexible involves keeping an open mind because there are a  pool of places to select from and one can’t visit all in a go. The world is full of incredible places that aren’t yet on your radar but are well worth the trip.

India is consistently ranked as one of the best countries for budget travel, there are even several Indian cities that can make your trip cheaper and more efficient. So, if you have the enticing urge to constantly travel and appreciate the beauty of this planet on a budget, here are some offbeat places in India to visit: McLeod Ganj, Amritsar, Solan, Rishikesh, and other locations.

A variety of options are available for a low-cost getaway.

2. Determine the most cost-effective medium of travel

cheapest travel

Railways are the cheapest mode of transportation in India. The Indian Railways offer the most affordable transportation options, as you can book Garib Raths, which are full AC trains, at a lower cost than regular AC tickets.

Buses are also the cheapest mode of public transportation in India when travelling within cities.

Low-cost airlines are ideal for short flights and frequently offer low-cost deals.

Also, flying on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday is never good, and travelling on Tuesday or Wednesday saves you a lot of money.

PS: If last-minute flights aren’t in your budget, book a tatkal Railway ticket. Getting a tatkal ticket for a popular destination is difficult. Read Tip 1 to solve this problem! 🙂

You can also choose the vacant commercial cabs of Ola, Meru, Quickcabs, and TaxiForSure. They take more minor routes without tracking the fare, which saves money.

Tip: Use additional coupons from sites like CouponAsia, and GrabOn for discounts on your trip! Follow and subscribe to their pages for more such deals.

3. Plan ahead of time and be flexible with your schedule

how to travel on a budget

Being flexible with your timing is just as important as being flexible with your destination. Seasonality usually has an impact on travel destinations. When selecting a place, it is critical to research the tourist seasons. The “off-season” may exist in one city and may not in another. 

For example: When purchasing a flight ticket, airlines ‘release’ their flight seats up to a few months in advance, and the closer you get to your departure date, the higher the prices, especially in the last month. If you want to visit a destination during peak tourist season, make reservations (at least 5-7 months) to take advantage of early-bird discounts.

4. Travel to a familiar location

Everything has a price. Time and effort are the costs of a well-planned budget trip.

Spend time researching the destination you want to visit and making efforts to connect with the right people if you want to save money. The best is to travel to a city you know well because spending on activities and things will be much more manageable than a place you don’t know anything about. Research well if you decide to go to an entirely new Indian state or city.  

5. Browse reasonable accommodation alternatives

Camping is exceptionally inexpensive, especially if you have the proper gear and equipment. It allows you to connect with nature and experience the true wilderness of our country. 

-Instead of staying in a hotel, why not consider staying in a hostel? Hostels are significantly less expensive than hotels and resorts, especially if you stay in dorms.

-Another low-cost hotel alternative is accommodation powered by the sharing economy, such as Airbnb. It is more private, ideal for couples, larger groups of friends, or families who do not want to socialize. Airbnb options are too many, and prices range widely.

6. Try street food over eating in restaurants.

Our top recommendation is to look into local cuisine or small eateries. These are the most affordable ways to serve yourself on a budget while also experiencing local culture. Many travellers are hesitant to eat street food for fear of becoming ill. However, street food is often the safer option because you can see the food being ready and cooked rather than concealed in the kitchen.

Homestays are significantly less expensive than modern hotels in outlying areas. Staying with locals and eating and exploring with them on a budget outlines a significant concern of young travellers worldwide.

7. Make use of money-saving apps.

Fortunately, digital innovations in the travel industry have resulted in thousands of travel apps that relieve your stress while planning your trip and assist you in saving money.

Here are a few of the best travel apps to think about for your next trip:

  1. TravelSpend is a travel expense tracking application. It can work miracles for budget-conscious travellers. The app will assist you in staying within your budget. TravelSpend can also be used to split bills and convert currencies.

Available on: Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store

  1. TripIt is a lifesaver for any traveller who is unable to plan ahead of time. Don’t worry if you’re one of them! You only need to download TripIt. As soon as you log in, the app will ask you about your trip (such as the duration, budget, and time of visit) and will plan and create an itinerary for you. It can also sync the details of your flight, hotel, car, and other reservations with your phone’s calendar and add them to your master itinerary.

Available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

8. Consider going local

Go local

Along with connecting with locals, you should try to ‘act’ like a local.

If possible, prefer public transportation to taxis when travelling. The local metro or bus will be much less expensive and serve as an excellent introduction to a new city or destination. If you’re sick of the bus, try local scooters, rickshaws, etc.

Millennials are a curious generation that enjoys learning about various aspects of a city. Getting a taste and feel for the local dishes of an unfamiliar area is both a life lesson and a potential escape when the budget is tight.

9. The more, the merrier; Travel in groups.

a photo of a group travel

There are several reasons why travelling in a group is less expensive than travelling alone. A group vacation may be more challenging to organise, but it can help you significantly reduce standard travel expenses if done correctly.

-Of course, inexpensive accommodations!

-Getting around is also significantly less expensive.

-Excursions, food, day trips, sightseeing – Save on everything.

10. Spend less time shopping and more time making memories.

Street shopping

“In general, I try not to buy many things because I’d rather have the time and money to travel than work like crazy just to buy things. Even when I see something I think I’d like to own, I try to remember where I’ve been and the memories I have, which helps me put ‘value’ into perspective.” – Erin Spens, Boat Magazine’s editor and co-founder.

Money is the most precious thing, honey! So make the most of it by travelling smartly and visiting the best tourist destinations without spending a lot of money, because, in your life, it’s all about your friends and the fun you have.

Have you tried any of these ideas? Do you have any other recommendations for low-cost travel? Please leave a comment!

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