Five Best Places to Celebrate International Chocolate Day in India

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On July 7th, chocolate people celebrate International Chocolate Day, which honours humanity’s most delectable and tempting invention – chocolate. Even though we don’t need a special day to enjoy our favourite dessert, this event gives us another reason to celebrate happily.

Most people are unaware that Cocoa is grown in several Indian states, despite India’s first chocolate introduction in the 19th century. From low prices of Rs. 10 to rich Indian chocolates costing lakhs, India provides various chocolates to suit everyone’s palate. You can choose from multiple types of chocolate in India. For that, book your Volvo bus ticket to enjoy the below-mentioned five best places in India to celebrate International Chocolate Day. 

Best Places to Celebrate International Chocolate Day 

Pondicherry: Explore the French Influence and Sweet Chocolate Delights

With a strong French past, Pondicherry is a spectacular city in India. The French impact is noticeable in the culture, foods, and architecture. Through the city’s decadent chocolate treats, one of the remarkable ways to appreciate French influence is easily noticed there. 

In Pondicherry, several chocolatiers produce delectable confections employing age-old French techniques. You may try a range of chocolates, including milk, dark, and white chocolate. 

You can also explore chocolates with ganache, praline, and other delectable fillings. So visit Pondicherry and indulge in the chocolate treats the city offers if you’re searching for a sweet treat with a French touch.

If you want a sweet treat with a French twist, take a Volvo bus to Pondicherry and indulge in the city’s chocolate treats.

Here are a few pieces of information about French chocolates in Pondicherry

  • Pondicherry’s architecture, cuisine, and culture still bear the marks of 200 years of French rule.
  • French cuisines, such as Croissants, Baguettes, Crepes, Macaroons, and other items, from France, influenced food in Pondicherry.
  • In addition, Pondicherry is home to chocolatiers who produce mouthwatering confections using traditional French methods.
  • Pondicherry offers a wonderful chocolate experience if you want something unique and delicious.

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Bangalore, Karnataka: Experience a Chocolate Extravaganza in the Garden City

You must experience the Chocolate Day 2023 explosions in Bangalore, Karnataka, and the charming Garden City. Take yourself on a sensory adventure loaded with delectable chocolate treats. 

Discover masterfully created artisanal chocolate delicacies from local chocolatiers, including decadent truffles and silky ganaches. Taste the wonderful tastes, ranging from traditional dark to unusual fruits. 

Reach out to Bangalore and explore the city’s thriving chocolate culture as you indulge your inner chocoholic in its quaint cafés, boutique stores, and tempting dessert choices. Bangalore has various delectable chocolate options that satisfy your sweet craving while enchanting you.

Coorg, Karnataka: A Scenic Retreat with a Hint of Chocolate Delight

Coorg, Karnataka, is a tranquil oasis of unspoiled nature, offering breathtaking scenery and great chocolate. During this festival, you must reach here via sleeper bus to glimpse the lush vegetation, gushing waterfalls, and fragrant coffee plantations; it is a picturesque sanctuary in the Western Ghats’ enchantment. 

But it doesn’t end there; delight in the mouthwatering handcrafted chocolates of the area, a tasty treat for all ages.

Coorg delivers a memorable vacation for nature enthusiasts and chocolate lovers, whether hiking through the foggy hills or relishing the rich cocoa tastes.

Agra, Uttar Pradesh: Combine Love for Chocolates with the Majesty of the Taj Mahal

One of its most famous monuments is the Taj Mahal in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. You might not know that Agra is a fantastic destination to satisfy your chocolate cravings. 

In Agra, you can find a wide selection of chocolate stores and cafés where you can try anything from traditional Indian sweets to chocolate made with intranational recipes. You may also stroll to the Taj Mahal to revel in its grandeur once you’ve filled it with chocolate.

Here are some ways to combine your love of chocolate with the Taj Mahal:

  • Among the chocolate-themed treats at the Taj Mahal Chocolate Room are chocolate mousse, chocolate cake, and chocolate ice cream.
  • Please tour Agra’s top chocolate shops and discover the beverage’s origins while learning about its history.
  • As the sun sets over the Taj Mahal’s mausoleum made of white marble, you can indulge in a box of chocolates.

Regardless of how you mix your love of chocolate with the Taj Mahal’s grandeur, you’re guaranteed a delicious and unforgettable experience.

Planning your Chocolate Adventure: Tips and Essentials for a Memorable Trip

India has a rich chocolate history, culture and many ways to enjoy its passion.

Here are some pointers and must-haves for your chocolate adventure on Chocolate Day 2023:

  • Visit a chocolate factory: Chocolate manufacturers provide tours and tastings in India. It is the best way to learn about the history of chocolate in India and how to make it. 
  • Shop at a local market: Explore local markets are the definitive source of unique and delectable chocolate joys. Make sure to bargain for the most affordable deal!
  • Attend a chocolate festival: India organises chocolate festivals throughout the year. Grab the opportunity to sample chocolate from nationwide and meet other chocolate enthusiasts.
  • Learn to prepare chocolate: India offers several chocolate-making classes. You’ll learn how to make chocolate and tasty desserts.

You’ll have an unforgettable time regardless of how you experience India’s chocolate trip.

Here are some more things to bring with you on your chocolate adventure:

  1. Take a Camera: You’ll need a nice camera to capture chocolatey fun on vacation!
  2. Comfortable shoes: Bring comfortable shoes because you’ll be walking a lot.
  3. Sunscreen: The sun may be harsh in India, so bring sunscreen.
  4. Mosquito repellent: Mosquitoes can be a nuisance in some parts of India, so bring insect repellent.

Following these tips and guidelines, you’ll have a delightful and unforgettable chocolate journey in India!


Book bus tickets online to visit Pondicherry, Delhi, Ooty, Coorg, and Agra to try delectable chocolates, celebrate International Chocolate Day, and wish your loved one a happy chocolate day. 

In addition to providing delicious chocolates, these places offer a calm atmosphere for some much-needed relaxation and recreation. P.S. On this day, begin with a delicious cup of freshly brewed hot chocolate while you’re here.

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