Explore the Best Cultural Heritage and Modern Charm of Rajkot

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The fourth largest city in the vibrant state of Gujarat and the centre for traditional handicrafts and Indian sweets, Rajkot boasts various historically significant places making it popular among tourists. The city has a good balance of the old and the new.

The handicraft markets, museums, and ashrams contribute to its old charm, whereas the new advanced architecture in the city makes it one of the largest metropolis in India. The widely spoken languages among the locals here are Gujarati, Hindi, Sindhi and Urdu. The people are pleasantly welcoming and will ensure you have one of your best times exploring the beauty of Rajkot. 

Why do people call Rajkot Chota Mumbai?

During my stay in Rajkot, I discovered that it was referred to as Chota Mumbai by many people there. There is no one particular reason why it’s called that way. But I figured that Rajkot has a well-balanced environment, that is, along with the city being home to old historical monuments, there is a fast-moving city life side to it too, just like Mumbai. Rajkot is also known for its nightlife and the way people celebrate the many important festivals of India together. 

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Rajkot’s Colourful Bazaars are Shopper’s Paradise

The local markets in Rajkot are genuinely a paradise for shopaholics. Several markets are spread across the city adorned with colourful garments, handicrafts, traditional footwear, decorative items and whatnot. Gujari Bazar is a famous place in Rajkot to buy authentic Bandhani sarees.

Another essential stop on your list if you’re looking to buy traditional Indian garments, should be the Gundawadi Bazar. This is one of the best places to buy the famous Dandiya night costume – the Chaniya Choli. Also, here is a tip from my personal experience; if you don’t feel like purchasing these traditional attires, get the dress materials sold at these places. The fabric quality is top-class and unadulterated and can later be used to stitch anything of your liking.  

Admire the Treasures and Handicrafts of Rajkot

I wasn’t planning on visiting the traditional handicraft markets while in Rajkot, but later, I happened to stop by accidentally, which was the highlight of my trip. The beautifully sculpted gold and silver-coated ornaments, the hand-decorated homemade items, and the traditional accessories are worth exploring and are significant tourist places in Rajkot.

Strolling through the antique shops selling statues and paintings is a unique experience only found in Rajkot. Gujarat’s rightly said to be a land of vibrant colours and handlooms. So even if you plan on not buying anything, visit these markets to admire and explore the real treasure of the Gujarat state.  

Delve into the Wonderful Stories and Legends of Rajkot’s Heritage Sites

Three must-visit tourist attractions places to visit in Rajkot:

Kaba Gandhi

No Delo translates to ‘Gandhi’s Residence’ near the famous Mahatma Gandhi Museum. This place transports you back to the early formative years of Mahatma Gandhi. This place also houses many original artefacts, books and photographs of Gandhi. 

Watson Museum

This is one of Saurashtra’s oldest museums and the second most important after the Baroda Museum.  

Rotary Doll Museum

The museum showcases various ethnicities across the globe from over 120+ countries in the form of dolls. Other Rotary clubs across the world have generously donated these dolls. 

Explore the Yummy Food Scene of Rajkot

Gujarat is famous for its various snacks like Dhoklas, Khandavi, Mathri, Namkeen etc. All these are authentic Gujarati munchies you should definitely be trying out in case you are here. Apart from this, The Grand Thakar provides amazing Gujarati thali, which will satisfy your soul.

If you’re staying in Gujarat for quite a few days and want to eat something other than Gujarati, a few multi-cuisine restaurants in Rajkot, like Flavours and Temptations, will definitely cleanse your palate. 

Find Peace Amidst the Urban Charm in Rajkot’s Nature Escapes

Jubilee Garden

This garden is in the city’s heart and houses Watson Museum and Lang Library. Watson Museum is a beautiful landmark museum with collections from the princely state of Rajkot. And Lang Library is an old library with ancient priceless literature. The locals visit This garden in the morning and evening for pleasant and peaceful walks.

Lal Pari Lake

This is a beautiful calm lake with lush greenery and the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset in Rajkot. You can also hire a boat ride during the sunset hours and have a relaxing getaway from city life.

Ramakrishna Ashram

If you are looking for something away from the hassles of the city and searching for peace that can soothe your soul, head to the Ramakrishna ashram, built with beautifully planned architecture and green gardens, to experience a divine spiritual time. 

Festive Fervour: Celebrate Rajkot’s Vibrant Festivals and Events

The locals living in Rajkot are known to celebrate the many festivals of India with great enthusiasm. The Gujarati has a flair with dandiya and cherishes the nine days of Navratri dancing and immersing themselves in devotion.

Another important festival celebrated across Gujarat with great zeal is the Kite festival. This is called the festival of Uttarayan and attracts tourists from across the globe. Holi, Diwali and Janmashtami are other famously celebrated festivals. Many locally held fairs, also called the melas, in many different parts of Gujarat, are popular among the natives. Similarly, the Rajkot Lok Mela is conducted during Janmashtami with great enthusiasm and has been held for over 50 years annually till date.

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