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Last Updated on November 7, 2022

Hidden in the arms of nature, Imphal is a place that is not too popular amongst tourists. A serene place to visit in Manipur, the capital city is a small, quaint and ancient part of India. This has a history of our Independence too as Japan invaded India via Manipur during the Second World War. There are various local tribes here and the population has a huge devotee of Lord Krishna as it’s largely populated by Hindu Manipuri. The best time to explore Manipur is from August to May. The temperature here is pleasant during summer but it does get really cold during the winters but no snowfall can be seen in this state. 

Imphal, Manipur is bounded by immense greenery and it makes an amazing tourist destination as there are lots of locations that you can spot. 

Air route: Imphal has an airport. If anyone is looking for an international airport then the nearest will be Guwahati airport which lies in Assam. 

Rail route: There is no rail route in Manipur till now. The nearest railway station to Imphal is in Dimapur, Nagaland. So, one can travel by train to Dimapur. Road route: Taxi and private cab services can be arranged here. You can take a cab to any location and roam around freely.

Here is a brief list of top places to visit in Imphal:

Loktak Lake

Loktak lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in India. This is the highlight of Imphal hence, if you are visiting Imphal then this place is a must experience. It’s popular as this is the only place in Asia where you can see islands floating in the lake. These islands are made of organic waste and the islands have houses built over them. The fishermen and other villagers live in these houses. There are boat routes that can be experienced by the tourists too. One can witness the epic sunset and sunrise here. 

Reasons to visit: Witness a refreshing view of the lake on a boat and give a treat to the eyes by seeing the floating islands. 

Commute: Tourists can visit Loktak lake by hiring a cab.

Extra Information: One can visit them any time of the year including monsoons. 

Entry Fee: N/A

Ima Keithel 

Ima Keithel is also known as the mother’s market. It is an amazing and unique market in Imphal where you will witness only women running the shops. Yes, all the shops are being run by women here. This one-of-a-kind market is a must-visit in Imphal where you can shop for some great souvenirs for your loved ones. 

The market has been part of Manipur since the 16th century. It’s largely believed that it was during the war when all the men were fighting in the war women had to step out and take control of the financial conditions. Since then, the market has been run by women only.

Reasons to visit: Shop the handicrafts, spices and local food in this market. 

Commute: Tourists can easily hire a cab to this location. It’s located in the centre of Imphal. 

Extra Information: One of its kind markets deserves a visit. There is no such market in entire Asia. 

Entry Fee: N/A

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Keibul Lamjao National Park

Here is another centre of attraction that one must witness. The world’s only floating national park can be seen in Imphal. This national park is located in the district of Bishnupur, Manipur. The fact that it’s a naturally made floating national park makes the tourists all excited about the concept and surprises of nature. 

Various species can be seen here like the endangered species of deer which is popularly known as Brow Antlered Deer. These deer are also known as Sangai. Many migratory birds can also be seen here like the East Himalayan Pied kingfisher, Black kite and various species of ducks. The best time to visit the Keibul Lamjao National Park is from October to March.

Reasons to visit: Get into the deep jungles to listen to the calm and experience the life that breathes in here.

Commute: A private cab can be easily hired for this location.

Extra Information: The times of the national park are 6 Am to 10 Am. And 3:30 PM to 6 PM. 

Entry Fee: INR 30 for adults and INR 200 for foreigners

Kangla Fort

Kangal fort was the seat of the ruler of Manipur till 1891. This fort holds political significance if we trace its history of this fort. The meaning of Kangal means Dry land and the word Kangal is derived from the Meitei language. The fort also shelters an artificial river that can be seen as you visit the fort. 

It’s a place where you can walk about, the ruins of the historical palace and get in touch with the past of Manipur.

Reasons to visit: If you are someone who admires the leftovers of history and would love to get in touch with the remains of the royal palace then do come here. 

Commute: It’s best to take a cab or bus as it’s just in the centre of the capital city.

Extra Information: It is open from 10 Am to 4:30 PM

Entry Fee: N/A

Tharon Cave

Tharon caves of Imphal are Thyulu caves which are fun to travel with their five-exit point. These ancient caves reflect Hobonian culture which can be seen in North Vietnam. These caves are 655 meters long. It is known that these caves were used by people in ancient times for shelter.

Reasons to visit: Adventure admirers are welcome to this spot of Imphal where you can touch the footprints of the ancient human houses. 

Commute: One can take a cab or bus to reach the caves. The timings are not as prescribed but the sun sets early in the Northeastern part of India hence it’s recommended to visit early as being out in the dark can be dangerous. 

Extra Information: There is a road map of the cave that helps travellers to explore the interiors of the caves. 

Entry Fee: N/A

Know More About Imphal

Now that we have seen a few places in Imphal it’s time we dive a little deep and explore more beautiful locations. Here are a few more spots you must check out while chilling in Imphal:

Manipur state museum: Another must-visit place in Manipur where you can go and check out the parts of history preserved in this museum. It highlights artefacts, paintings from the past, sculptures etc.

Three Mothers art gallery: This art gallery is best known to preserve the art of the past. It displays to the visitor dragon figures made in the ancient ages. There are also various idols of God and Goddesses preserved safely. 

Moirang Village: A beautiful village situated a few kilometres away from Imphal. It’s a small village that is dedicated to “Lord Thangjing”. If you are visiting Manipur then do make time for this village, especially during the month of May. In May a famous festival is being celebrated that you can join too if visit in a timely. The festival is called the “Moirang Haraoba festival”. At this festival, various local dance performances are made, and there is ethnic culture and cuisine all around that can be witnessed.

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