5 of the Best Places to Visit in Shimla: A Hill Station Like No Other

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Shimla is a calm, hilly city in the North Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is one of the most popular travel destinations, offering nothing but serendipity and an escape from regular life. It is a place that can be explored with friends, family, or your partner. 

With so many interesting places to visit and cafes to explore, Shimla sightseeing would be a beautiful experience for you. Whether it is your first time visiting this hilly area or you are a known visitor, some impressive places to visit in Shimla should be on your bucket list.

Best Places to Visit in Shimla

Read this blog and find out which tourist places in Shimla are the best and when to visit.

Stroll Through the Bustling Market and Enjoy Local Delicacies at Mall Road

Mall Road is the most famous hangout point and is always counted as one of the must-visit tourist places in Shimla. It is the central part of the city and is covered with quaint cafés, souvenir shops, hotels, and gaming zones. There is always a tourist rush, and you can stroll through the market to explore Shimla’s mini-world. 

Small shops sell clothes, footwear, accessories, toys, and more. Whether looking for a place to stay or dine after a long bus journey, you will get everything here. 

The Ridge: Admire the Breathtaking Panoramic Views of the Snow-Covered Peaks

Shimla – the queen of hills calls to you, especially when it snows. Among the top places to visit in Shimla, you should explore The Ridge with your travel buddies. It is situated right on top of Mall Road, and people often take long walks here to admire and bask in the panoramic views of snowy mountain peaks. 

If you visit during the winter, you will surely be left spellbound. The Ridge is an open place with the famous Christ Church with stained glass windows. There is also a historical clock right outside the church. On the other side of Ridge is the famous Lakkar Bazaar selling all kinds of wooden art and craft.

Indulge in Adventure Sports at Kufri

snow capped roads - and this beautifull view from kufri - One of the best Places to visit in Shimla

Shimla and Kufri are inter-connected, and you will easily find a cab to reach there. It is a secluded place but attracts plenty of crowds owing to the adventure activities it promises. If you are a sports lover and want to make the most of your town during the holidays, we recommend you try these activities –

  • Paragliding: This is a well-known sport and quite famous in Kufri. The flying and freefall from the sky will make you feel like a bird; nothing is better than this feeling. Make sure you visit between October and November for the best experience.
  • Heli-Skiing: In Heli-Skiing, the adventurer is dropped from a helicopter to the skiing slope, and it is truly a breathtaking experience. The best time to enjoy this sport is from December to January, and the cost begins at Rs. 300.
  • Horse Riding: This is a fun and enthralling adventure sport for you. The steep mountain ranges are what make it fun. One of the most popular rides in Kufri is the yak ride. It is open from October to January and starts from Rs. 500.
  • Ziplining: If you are not afraid of heights, then try ziplining. This adventure-filled activity will leave your adrenaline rushing. It is open between November and February and costs approximately Rs. 500 to Rs. 3,500 (depending on the kind of activity you select).

You can also enjoy trekking, camping, ice skating, river rafting, and tobogganing in Kufri. Make sure you go in the winter to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Explore the Historic Building of Viceregal Lodge

Viceregal Lodge is the right place for history buffs and is an architectural marvel. Formally known as the President’s Residence, this lodge is a must-visit. Rose plants and pine trees surround it, with lawns and gardens to explore. This is where Lord Dufferin stayed from 1884 to 1888.

Engage in Outdoor Activities and Picnic on the Scenic Grounds of Annandale

Relax, unwind, and take your sweet time exploring the scenic grounds of Annandale. It was originally called the Company ka Baag, where Britishers enjoyed themselves and were immersed in celebrations, shows, and picnics. 

Today it has become a captivating spot for tourists to hang out. There are several outdoor activities to enjoy, like walking trails, cycling, bird watching, and hiking. The clean space gives you the perfect place to unfold your blanket and take out the picnic basket, especially when the weather is so fine.

What is the Best Time to Visit Shimla?

Make the most of your holidays and visit Shimla during the best weather. The best time to visit this hilly city is between March and June when the weather is pleasant and neither too cold nor too sunny. But if you are someone who wants to experience Shimla’s snowfall, make sure to book your Volvo bus between October and December. This is when you can also indulge in adventure sports like ice skating and heli-skiing.

How to Travel in Comfort and Convenience by Bus?

Shimla is a hill station, so reaching there via air or train isn’t a feasible option. The most comfortable way to reach the city is via bus travel. The bus drops you at the station, and plenty of cabs are waiting to pick you up. Depending on your convenience, you can book a sleeper bus or Volvo and reach Shimla comfortably.


Book your bus tickets, pack your bags, and head to Shimla. The place would surely give you plenty of beautiful memories. Make sure you opt for a Volvo bus or sleeper, as that will be the most convenient way of reaching the Queen of Hills. 

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