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manipur- the land of gems
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Last Updated on June 12, 2022

Manipur, located in the country’s northeast, is home to exotic flora and fauna. Hence, the name Manipur is “land of gems.” and is an unspoiled place characterized by tremendous natural beauty. Here you can check some places to visit in Manipur.

Stunning landscapes, rich history, and cultural legacy are phrases worth defining the numerous sites to visit in Manipur. However, there are certain spots in Manipur with exceptional biodiversity and flora that you must visit. So if you are planning a trip to Manipur this time, here are a few of the best places to visit that you should not miss.

Places to visit in Manipur

Loktak Lake

places to visit in manipur

Loktak Lake is India’s largest freshwater lake. It is one of the most beautiful spots to visit in Manipur. Located in the Imphal Valley, roughly 50 kilometres from the capital city of Imphal, the lake, together with Sendra Island, offers breathtaking scenery and is a must-see.

On Loktak lake, numerous other floating islands provide food for the nearby fishing settlements. However, the lake has been shrinking in recent years due to careless human encroachment, despite the government’s efforts to conserve and maintain these environmental riches.

Imphal Valley

The photo of imphal valley- manipur

The Imphal valley is no less than a spectacular sight when visiting Manipur. It is an oval-shaped canyon produced by the drainage of several small rivers that discharge their water here. River Iril, Imphal, Khuga, Thoubal, and Sekmai are just a few of the rivers that spring from the surrounding hills.

The Imphal valley covers an area of 1843 square kilometres, over a tenth of the state of Manipur’s total size. This journey can be combined with a tour of the valley’s southern section, which includes various lakes and wetlands. The Palace of Kangla, the Polo Ground, and the Manipur State Museum are among Imphal Valley’s natural and manmade attractions.

Kangla Fort

kangla fort- manipur

Do you love historical monuments? Then Kangla fort is worth a visit. This is one of Manipur’s most prominent tourist attractions and occupies a special position of reverence among the people of Manipur. The Kangla Fort symbolizes the state’s greatness and rich historical past. This historic capital, which served as Manipur’s centre of authority until 1891, is a dazzling representation of the various rulers that ruled over this enchanted kingdom. It’s also a reflection of Manipur’s people, their culture, and their traditions.

The fort is located in the heart of Imphal and used to beautify both sides of the River Imphal, but with the passage of time, just a few relics can now be seen on the river’s western bank. 

Singada dam

sigada dam

You must be amazed that the Singda Dam is the world’s highest mud dam, 16 kilometres from Imphal. The ride to the dam is gorgeous, with rice fields and lush green hills in the background. It is a popular picnic and hiking spot due to its beautiful vistas and relative tranquillity.

The water in the dam-created lake is tranquil, instilling a sense of peace within. The dam is a multipurpose irrigation project 920 meters above sea level and overlooks a beautiful lake.

Shirui Hills

shirui hills

The picturesque Shirui Hills are part of the famous Shiri-Kashong range. It’s equally famous for being home to the unique Shirui Lily, Manipur’s state flower. The Shirui Hill Range is the only site in the world where the pinkish-white wonders bloom for a few months each year, beginning in the middle of May.

This unusual flower has won several important accolades, including one from the Royal Horticultural Society, which it received in one of their London flower exhibits. Thousands of other flowers, including orchids, rhododendrons, and other natural herbs, adorn these mountains in addition to the Shirui Lily.


tamenglong city - manipur

This hilly location is great for you if you want to spend your vacation in beautiful surroundings. This Tamenglong beauty is unrivalled with its various flora and animals.

The town is famous for its oranges and is home to some of the world’s most unusual plants and creatures. You can find Hog deer, leopards, wild dogs, tigers, and other animals in the dense jungle here. With its waterfalls, rare animals, and various orchards, this magnificently endowed town is ideal for nature lovers.

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