Best places to visit in Jammu

Best places to visit in Jammu

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As soon as we hear the name Jammu, we were reminded of Vaishno devi Temple. However, Jammu is more than that and this region is mainly famous for its amazing landscape and beautiful mountains. Also, not all the regions of Jammu are very attractive and therefore it is necessary to have a list of the most beautiful places before you visit this place. Jammu used to be the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir before 2019. It is situated on the banks of river Tawi. Here are some of the places to visit in Jammu.

Climatesub tropical climate and the summer is hot, some places do receive snowfall
Major attractionsVaishno Devi Temple, Raghunath Temple, Bahu Fort, Bhimgarh Fort, Amar Mahal Palace, Mubarak Mandi Palace, Dogra Art Museum, Raghunath Bazaar, Sheesh Mahal, Surinsar Lake, etc.
Activities to doTrek To Vaishno Devi TempleSki In PatnitopHelicopter Ride To PoonchBoating In Mansar Lake
Nearest Airport/ Railway StationJammu (IXJ) Airport/ Jammu Tawi, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra, Udhampur.
Best time to visitSeptember to April
Languages spokenKashmiri, Dogri and Hindi

Below are the places in Jammu that one must keep on their bucket list once they visit this place.

Places to visit in Jammu

Bahu Fort

A photo of bahu fort

This fort was built by Raja Bhau Lochan and it is situated on the banks of River Tawi. On this fort, there is also a temple of Goddess Kali which is surrounded by terraced gardens. This fort is located 5 km away from the central part of the city and it has been rebuilt, repaired many times by the Dogra Kings. It is also said that the current structure, as it stands was built by Maharaja Gulab Singh in the 19th century AD.

The structure is almost 325 m tall and it is made using premium quality sandstone. One can also find a royal stable, a lake for boating and a cable car system. The festival of Navratri in the month of March or April and September or October is celebrated with full delight at this place.

Besides this fort, there is also a beautiful garden called Baagh-e-Bahu that is so magnificent and eye-catching that it makes a trip to Jammu an experience of a lifetime. One can find decorated fountains, tall dense trees and colourful flowers on which butterflies flutter. This garden is perfect for those who want to spend a family get-together or enjoy time with their friends.

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Natha Top

A photo of nathhu top

This particular hill station is covered with snow during the winters and the view is amazing. One can enjoy adventurous activities such as a skiing, trekking, paragliding, etc. This particular top lies at an altitude of 2711 m. While you’re trying to reach at the top, you will encounter many food vendors along the roadside selling delicious food and it is a great experience to enjoy the cuisine with friends in the lapse of nature.

The paragliding activity offers some fantastic view of the Western Himalaya and if one goes for the high altitude paragliding, they’ll have to start at Nath top and finish at Kud. The duration of this paragliding can vary from 15 minutes to an hour.

If you are visiting Nath top during the winters, do carry some warm clothes with you as it’s very cold up there. It is also advisable that you visit this place during the winters so that you can enjoy the beauty of snow. This place is situated 14 kilometres from Patni top and the nearest railway station is Udhampur.

Surinsar Lake and Mansar Lake

surinsar lake

This is the perfect spot to enjoy a picnic with your friends and family. There is a legend about this lake that during the Mahabharat Arjun shot an arrow into the earth and this lake was formed. The area is covered by forest and the mountains and it is one of the most peaceful place to get away from the hectic and busy life of the city.

Mansar Lake is located 62 km away from Jammu city and this lake is also surrounded by lush-green forest and hills. If you are fit and active, then do trek to this lake as it is very interesting and adventurous. It is great place for those who want to visit temples in the nearby area and also enjoy the view of the holy lake.

Raghunath Temple

Places to visit in jammu

This particular temple has seven different shrines and it is one of the largest temples in northern India. It is built by Maharaja Gulab Singh and it also has influence of Mughal architecture. The complex of the temple is filled with many paintings on the themes of Ramayana, Mahabharata and Gita . This place was also in the news when terrorists attacked the temple using suicide bombers.

However, it is completely safe to visit the place in today’s time as the security forces are ensuring complete safety of the tourists and the locals.

Vaishno Devi Temple

This is the most visited place in Jammu and almost 10,000,000 devotees visit this place every year. This particular temple is dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi and it is a popular belief among the tourists that the wishes of people get fulfilled here. It is a 12 km trek and different kinds of trekking modes are available to reach to the top.

The temple itself is located at an altitude of 5200 feet above the sea level and other than walking to the top, one can also opt for helicopter services, pony rides, palanquin to reach to the temple. There is no entry fee for this particular visit and it is open from 5 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 9 PM.

Amar Mahal Palace

Amar Mahal Palace

It was constructed by Raja Amar of Dogra Dynasty. All in all, the structure looks like a French architecture as it was planned by a French architect and it has been home to the royal family for many years. It is made using red sandstone and it houses many paintings, books, sculptures, etc. Many holes of the museum and also decorated with family portraits of the rulers of J&K. Once you visit this place, you’ll be surprised to see how beautiful and magnificent Pahari paintings exhibit the grandeur of the Hindu rulers.

There is also the throne of Maharaja Hari Singh which is made of one 120 KG solid gold kept in one of the rooms.

Peer Kho Cave

Peer Kho Cave

It is a temple and one of the oldest in the city as per the records in archaeology. It was constructed during the reign of Raja Ajaib Dev. It has a massive courtyard and looks magnificent during festivals such as Diwali, Navratri, etc. It is open from 5am to 7pm and there is no entry fee for this.

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