15 Best Kasol New Year Party 2023-24

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Kasol is a destination known for planning some of the best New Year parties. This Himalayan hamlet is a hotspot for trekkers and travellers. It is lovingly called the Mini Israel, owing to several Israeli people gracing it with their presence. Every year, tourists visit the hills for reposeful views and a break from the monotonous life.

So, if you are searching for someplace to go on the 31st, come here for the best Kasol New Year party. It is going to bring a lot of excitement and fun your way. What is a better way to bid farewell to 2023 and welcome 2024? A Kasol party will be memorable. Let’s check out the best parties you can attend this year.

Best Kasol New Year Party

Best kasol new year party 2023-24

Listen to the soulful music, groove to the unmissable beats, eat delectable food, and immerse yourself in the charming aura. There are several options for New Year’s Eve parties, including a rave party in Kasol. We have come up with some of the best line-ups you can enjoy. Come on, be a part of these celebrations.

Tandav is an event organised by the ANYWHERE TRAVELLER group. It is all set to bring Bollywood vibes and a thematic ambience for its guests. The powerful lighting, pleasant décor, and energetic music will create a scene that you would not want to miss.

Tandav 2023-24

Location: Zaranka, River Side Camp, Manikaran Road, Sharni Pini, Kasol

Cost: INR 999 to INR 3,999

Timing: 4 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Website: Tandavevents.com

Parvati Shangri-La Festival 8.0

There is going to be a night of celebration with Shangri-La. It has organised the biggest Kasol New Year party with music, dance, and so much more. There are going to be fireworks, laserworks, camping activities, yoga sessions, and a flea market.

Location: Sky Heaven Katagla, Vill.Katagla, P.O Kasol Teh, Jari District

Cost: INR 700 to INR 1,200

Timing: 10 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Click here to learn more

3rd Eye New Year 2024

Are you ready for the epic rave party in Kasol? The 3rd Eye 2024 festival brings you an experience like none other. There is going to be electrifying music, dance floors, unlimited food and beverages, and games to enjoy. You can even get accommodation by booking the tickets.

Location: Parvati Valley, Kullu

Cost: INR 600 to INR 7,999

Timing: 6 p.m. onwards

Parvati Yatraaa

Give the best welcome to 2024 with the Parvati Yatraaa. Kasol New Year party with the best DJ and delicious food awaits. There is not much information released by the organisers yet. Stay tuned to their website for booking and other details.

Location: Cafe 9 Chhalal, Kasol

Cost: Undisclosed

Timing: 5 p.m. onwards

Official Page

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Silent Disco Festival

We all have seen that disco party in “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”. Yes, this is exactly what a silent disco festival is. Get ready to groove to the beats of your own music without feeling that the noise is overpowering. It is time to let yourself free and feel the rhythm.

Location: Om Negi’s Himalayan Camp, Kasol

Cost: Starts from INR 1,000

Timing: 8 p.m.

Official Page

Israeli Trans Music Festival ’20

Are you into open-air festivals? If yes, then the Israeli Trans Music Festival ’20 is for you. This Kasol party is ready to bring non-stop activities, music, and entertainment for you. There is going to be a shaded dance floor, tattoo artists, and drinking games as well!

Location: Parvati Riverside, Kasol

Cost: Undisclosed

Timing: 9 p.m. onwards

Himachal Hills Festival 4.0

The Himachal Hills Festival 4.0 is a much-awaited Kasol New Year party with a DJ, music, and entertainment filling the air. This is a 2-day event and visitors can also book personal tents to stay overnight.

Location: Kasol, Kasol-Manikaran Road

Cost: INR 1,000 to INR 1,200

Timing: 4:30 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Music Festival

Hold your breath as you are going to attend the biggest Kasol New Year party. This music festival will be the perfect place to show off your dance moves and listen to music that stops time. With camping, bonfire, and food; the festival is everything you dream about.

Location: Cosmos, Chalal Village, Kasol

Cost: INR 1,500 to INR 2,500

Timing: 2 p.m.

Full Moon Party 2.0

Bring your friends to the Kasol party 2023 at Hotel Blue Diamond. This Full Moon party is taking place for the 2nd time and promises you a night of music, dance, and laser shows. You can also enjoy plenty of fun activities here.

Location: Hotel Blue Diamond, Kasol

Cost: INR 1,600 to INR 3,100

Timing: N/A

Sylvester Gathering

Celebrate New Year and make new friends at the Sylvester Gathering. One of the biggest events of this season, the place welcomes you with immersive music performances and a scenic view of the mountain.

Location: Oh Magical View Cafe, Parvati River Bridge, Ram Mandir Marg, Manikaran

Cost: Starts from INR 1,000

Timing: 7 p.m.

Cosmic Kasol

Pop brings you the best Kasol New Year party. There are 3 music stages and an aura that will make your evening memorable. The open-air venue and a jungle party theme make this event as special as it can get. Don’t forget the live band and food stalls!

Location: Pirates of Parvati, Freedom Cafe, Village Chhalal, P.O Kasol

Cost: INR 1,500 to INR 3,000

Timing: 2 p.m.

Hype Music Festival

This magical Kasol party is a thunderous event welcoming folks to witness a memorable night. Live music, a bonfire, a flea market, a food stall, and a trippy decoration await. Book your tickets to the biggest festival in town.

Location: Kasol, Kullu District

Cost: Starts from INR 5,999

Timing: To be announced

The Hippyland

Bring 2024 with a banger with the Hippyland. This rave party in Kasol is one of the biggest and most thrilling experiences for everyone. What’s special about this event is that it is in an open ground and the hippy music is going to surround the ambience.

Location: Five Dimensions Resort, Parvati Valley, Katagala, in front of Katagala Bridge

Cost: INR 1,500 to INR 3,599

Timing: 2 p.m.

Kasol and Tosh Trip

Do you want to go camping instead of attending a Kasol party? We have got you covered.  This rave party in Kasol brings you close to delicious food, groovy music, and handicraft stalls for shopping.

Location: Katagla, Kasol

Cost: Starts from INR 2,000

Timing: 30th December

Trek 2024

That’s right, we have something in store for the adventure junkies. Ban Banjara is organising a 3-day trek for everyone where you get the chance to breathe the fresh air of Kasol. Here, you will also get to meet Europeans and Israelis, giving you a unique experience. You can contact the trekking team to make the arrangements.

Location: Begins at Barshaini

Cost: Starts from INR 1,499

Book Your Tickets for the Kasol New Year Party

Are you all set to celebrate New Year with a kickass festival? It is time to book your tickets in advance so that you don’t miss out. Kasol brings you some of the ecstatic events that are perfect to attend with your friends and partner.

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Which city holds the best New Year’s Eve parties?

Kasol holds some of the grandeur New Year parties.

Is Kasol a good place to celebrate New Year?

Kasol is one of the best places to bring the New Year with your friends.

Which music festival is organised in Parvati Valley?

Parvati Valley organises the 3rd Eye Music Festival every year.

Is December a good time to visit Kasol?

December is one of the best times to visit Kasol if you are a fan of extremely cold weather. Make sure you pack accordingly as it is going to be freezing.

Where can I book the tickets for The Hippyland?

You can reserve your tickets to the Hippyland at Bookmyshow.

Can I book a trek in Kasol during the New Year?

You can book a trek in Kasol with Ban Banjara. 

Which are some of the best parties in Kasol for the New Year?

Some of the best New Year parties in Kasol are organised at the Parvati Valley, Café 9, Shangri-La, and Five Dimensions Resort.

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