Vaishno Devi 

Vaishno Hindu deity (also referred to as Mata rani, Trikuta, Ambe and Vaishnavi) may be a manifestation of the Hindu Mother deity or Adi Hindu deity. 

The words ``Maa `` and''Mata ``  are ordinarily used in Bharat for mother and, therefore, heavily used in reference to the Vaishno Hindu deity. 

Vaishno Hindu deity was Ardha Kunwari, an area halfway between Katra city and the cave. 

She meditated within the cave for nine months, rather like however a baby stays in its mother's female internal reproductive organ for nine months. It's said that once Bhairav Nath came to catch Vaishno Hindu deity.

The Hindu deity reached close to a dip in the Hill, which she referred to as up Hanuman, and told him, "I would do penance during this cave for nine months; until then, you ought not to permit Bhairav Nath to enter the cave." Hanuman obeyed the mother's orders.

Bhairavnath was unbroken outside this cave, and nowadays, this holy cave is thought of as 'Ardha Kunwari. 

The Vaishno Hindu deity Temple is an important Hindu temple dedicated to the Vaishno Hindu deity situated in Katra at the Trikuta Mountains among the Indian Union territory of Jammu and geographical area. 

The Temple is among the 108 Hindu gods Peethas dedicated to the Hindu deity Durga, worshiped as Vaishno Maa.  It's one of the foremost visited journeying centers of Bharat.

Per annum, millions of people visit the Temple. Throughout festivals like Navaratri, the count will increase to 1 crore pilgrims. 

The Temple was enclosed within the Jammu and geographical area authorities Act No. XVI/1988, referred to as the Shri Mata Vaishno Hindu deity Shrine Act. 

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