Things you should know before visiting Prashar Lake

In honor of the brave and gallant soldier Saurabh Kalia, a UN agency that died in the Kargil War, a nature park known as Saurabh Van Vihar was created.

This beautiful and picturesque traveler destination spans thirteen kilometers and is located on the banks of the snow-fed Neugel Khad within the settlement of Kwat.

The epitome of the trek – The Prashar lake – encapsulated by the Dhauladhar place Kullu depression, makes for a putting sight with its atomic number 27 blue water. Also, locals will be fast to entail that there's no specific trend for the movement.  

The lake is controlled and sacred to Prashar Rishi, and the World Health Organization meditated here. 

The temple itself was built in the thirteenth Century by the Raja Bank fractional monetary unit of Mandi in honor of the Rishi & therefore, named the lake when he gripped Himachali design.  

During the year, the best average Prashar Lake temperature hovers around 21C. Therefore the minimum temperature hovers around -8 C. it's essential to arrange in terms of unpredictable chill, even within the summer months. 

Although you'll be able to do that trek any time of the year, the months of January and February square measure best to try to do this trek because the lake is frozen and lined with snow. 

Along the approach, you'll cross lovely rivers and, therefore, the densely wooded mountain range hills to succeed in the lake finally. The trek begins in the geographical region.  

Fifteen minutes into the path is your sole water purpose; therefore, extra service here will be necessary after.

You can conjointly carry your inhabitation gear and pitch far from the lake since it's not allowed to pitch the tent close to the lake. Regarding budget choice, you'll be able to contact Pandit JI, and he'll prepare everything, and it won't cost you a penny 

Prashar Lake doesn't have a sturdy mobile network affiliation. Only BSNL and Jio network area units are offered; however, they also have intermittent properties.

Within the winter season, you would like to possess the correct trekking shoes to try to do this trek because the path is usually coated in snow. Whereas in summer, it'd be a more substantial option to trek with trekking shoes. 

Prashar Lake trek is an associate degree typically forgotten path of the region. Partially as a result of there's currently entire road property leading up to the lake itself.

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