Places to visit in Aizawl

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The capital of Mizoram shelters the beautiful capital city of Aizawl. The surroundings are lush green and full of tribal diversity in food, art and culture. One must visit Aizawl for the historic monuments, handicrafts and to relax in nature's lap. 

Durtlang Hills is a popular spot amongst the tourists that offers a panoramic view of Aizawl. These are the best destinations in Aizawl and one must visit them when in Mizoram. The best time to travel though the lush green areas would be early morning. Native birds can also be spotted here like the Peregrine falcon. 

Durtlang Hill

Durtlang Hill

This is another top hill of Mizoram. If anyone is a trekking enthusiast then Reiek hill is the place to be. It’s home to various tribes and village inhabitants that reside on the top of the mountain. Other than trekking one can visit this place for sightseeing.

Vantawang Falls 

One of the highest waterfalls in India is much popular in Aizawl. This mesmerizing place is a must visit as who doesn’t like to listen to water falling from such height. It’s definitely music for the ears. It's tucked in the lush green mountains. This place is another name of peace.

Mizoram State Museum 

Who doesn’t like to explore a hidden part of India closely? One of the best places to know most of Aizawl and its people is the Mizoram state museum. It’s time you pack your bags and discover India that you have never seen.

Solomon Temple

This peaceful temple of Aizwal is located in the Kidron Valley. A place everyone must visit while in Aizawl will help you feel the soul of Mizoram better. A sense of peace and serenity can be experienced as you visit the Solomon temple.

KV Paradise

3 storey building established in the memory of Varte who passed away in a motor accident. A tribute delivering structure which shows a collection of shoes and clothes of Varte. There is also a marble foundation in the infrastructure. 

Falkawn Village 

A village in Aizawl that depicts the livelihood of locals. One must visit this village to know the lives of tribals from a closer angle. This destination is great to absorb the lifestyle and traditions of the local tribes. Visit Aizawl to explore the hidden gem of India.

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