Parvati Valley – The Travelers’ Paradise 

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Last Updated on November 21, 2022

Any traveler would be aware of the craze of tourists from all over the world to visit Himachal Pradesh, the most ideal holiday destination in India. This beautiful state has been blessed with some of the most terrific places and views. Anyone would love to live in these mountains forever.

One such aesthetic beauty is Parvati Valley which is the hotspot of the most mind-blowing views and spellbinding sunsets. This valley is also known as the Amsterdam of India because of its popularity among the younger generation. 

Interesting folklore related to Parvati Valley 

Parvati Valley - The Travelers' Paradise 

In Hindu culture, there are several folktales related to Parvati Valley which further add to its charm and beauty. 

  • Lord Shiva’s meditation 

According to the ancient scriptures, Lord Shiva carried out his meditation for a long period of 3000 years. He opened his eyes at the end of his meditation period only to realize that the place has been turned into a beautiful and untouched landscape. He willingly named it after his wife, Parvati. 

Lord Shiva was so astounded by the beauty of the place that he decided to live there along with his wife, Parvati for some time. Legends say that he lived there for 1100 years. 

  • The story behind Manikaran

There is another very interesting folklore related to Parvati Valley. Lord Shiva and Parvati were happily strolling in the valley. Just then goddess Parvati realized that she lost one of her earrings. She shared her concerns with lord Shiva and asked him to find them. Lord Shiva ordered his bhootaganas to look for the earring. Bhootagana was unable to fulfill the given task which ended up making Lord Shiva furious. The anger of lord Shiva eventually caused destruction in the world. 

In order to ease lord Shiva, Sheshnag generated a flow of boiling water with the help of his magical powers. The boiling water eventually helped in bringing back the goddess Parvati’s earrings. The place was named Manikaran after the incident. 

  • The unique story of Malana 

People believe that the villagers of Malana are the descendants of Alexander the Great, who is the Macedonian conqueror. The local court system here resembles the ancient Greek system. The facial features of the villagers are much similar to that of the Romans. People here pray for the local deity, Jamlu Rishi. As per the ancient Puranas, he laid the foundation of democracy in the area that is still practiced by the people of Parvati Valley. 

  • The unique story of Kheerganga

People believe that the younger son of lord Shiva, Kartikeya meditated here for a thousand years. People also believe that lord Shiva and goddess Parvati used to visit him often and Parvati used to make rice pudding (kheer) for him. The greyish color of the flowing river Ganga symbolizes the occurrence of that event.

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Best time to visit Parvati Valley

The best time to visit Parvati Valley is from June to November when you are most likely to get pleasant weather as the temperature is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The hippie cafes and unique culture adopted by the villagers will surely amuse you on every possible level. The lush green forest, stunning views, sparkling streams, and waterfalls offer the most ideal environment for rock climbing, Trekking, and camping. 

However, terrible landslides in the monsoon season make it extremely dangerous to visit Parvati Valley in the months of July to September. Hence, it is not advisable to visit Parvati Valley in the rainy season. 

Why Parvati Valley is known as Death Valley?

Parvati Valley may be one of the most beautiful places in India but it is definitely not the safest. Dozens of Trekkers have gone missing in the past in Parvati Valley. There have been a ton of cases where many solo travelers have been drugged by a group of girls. Hence, Parvati Valley is commonly known as the death valley of India. 

Things to carry for safety purposes in Parvati Valley 

Parvati Valley is among the most aesthetic and serene places in India but it can be a bit of a hassle if you aren’t prepared enough. 

  • There are no ATMs available in remote areas except for Manikaran and Kasol. So, please make sure to carry enough cash with you to ease yourself in the time of emergency. 
  • Please make sure to carry a power bank and flashlight as there are constant power cuts here. 
  • The best way to reach Parvati Valley is by boarding a Volvo Bus from Delhi to Bhuntar, Himachal Pradesh. From there, you need to change to another bus or cab that will take you straight to your desired location in Parvati Valley. 
  • Please make sure to carry a good pair of hiking shoes for all your Trekking adventures. 

Best places to visit in Parvati Valley

Here are some of the best places to visit in Parvati Valley: 

  1. Kasol

Kasol is a welcoming place in Parvati Valley with a series of cafes and lively music. The major tourist attraction is psytrance festivals which are frequently hosted here to entertain the tourists. The local delicacies offer a warm experience. Kasol is also known for its amazing treks which provide the most terrific views of the beautiful landscape. 

  1. Grahan

Grahan is a peaceful village that consists of beautiful wooden houses that go well with the beautiful surroundings. The only way to reach this village is by hiking from Kasol. The friendly villagers will welcome you wholeheartedly. The food prepared by local people offers the most heavenly experiences. 

  1. Rasol

Rasol is widely known for its peaceful natural beauty. You are sure to enjoy hiking as the nearby trails are decorated with an abundance of natural beauty. Don’t forget to try the locally produced hash i.e. Rasol cream which is quite famous here. 

  1. Chalal

The half-hour walk from Kasol will take you to the eye-catching place of Chalal. The magical trance parties that happen at Chalal will definitely prove to be worth heading to Parvati Valley. This is the most perfect place for all nature lovers, bird watchers, and campers. 

  1. Tosh

Tosh is one of the beautiful tiny villages in Parvati Valley. The hippie cafes, hiking adventures, gorgeous landscapes, and bird-watching will surely be enough to keep you engaged for the entire day. If you ever visit Parvati Valley, then you should definitely take some time out for exploring this heart-warming village. 

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