Itinerary for Goa 5 days trip

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Last Updated on October 8, 2022

Let’s paint you a nice picture, imagining lying on a beach getting tanned under sweet sun rays. Close your eyes and listen to the music of waves. Grab a cool glass of coconut water and relish it in peace. Snap, Snap!! Out of a dream but let’s make it a reality. Our goal is to finally put a check on your Goa bucket list so here is a quick Itinerary for Goa 5 days trip to cut down all your confusion and distraction and make your perfect Goa trip happen. 

It’s time to visit the smallest state of India which is much known for its beaches, water sports, mouth-drooling seafood, mixed Indo-Portuguese culture, and much more.

Let’s go through a 5 days fixed itinerary of Goa:

Itinerary for Goa


The day you arrive, check-in at your hotel, relax, eat a little and head out to the nearby places of your hotel. This is the day you can explore the nearby market, rent a scooter and explore the popular cuisine of Goa. Check out some must-visit cafes and restaurants in Goa. Some of the best dishes are fish curry and rice, one of the staple meals. Do try the traditional Goan dishes xacuti a spicy chicken meal cooked in red curry, vindaloo a marinated dish, cafreal fried chicken, etc.

Here is a list of the top restaurants in Goa:

  • Zeebop by the sea
  • Simply Fish
  • Florentine’s 
  • A Reverie


Since beaches are the top most reasons to visit Goa, head out for some of the must-visit beaches like Calangute beach and Anjuna beach. Calangute is the largest beach in Goa and is popular for its beach shacks. Anjuna beach is great for families and it has a popular golden coastline. You can enjoy some great water sports too on the beach like Kneeboarding, Kite Surfing, snorkeling, parasailing, kayaking, and paragliding. It will be a really tiring day so we would suggest you go back to the hotel room and rest after a day full of traveling and fun activities.

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After a hectic day, it would be great to sit in a car and visit the other part of Goa. Let’s leave for the South Goan beaches to relax in the less crowded areas. Butterfly beach is one such place much popular as honeymoon beach. One can visit this via ferry or boat from other nearby beaches. Palolem beach is another great beach in South Delhi. Here many foreigners can be seen and it’s less spoiled by human touch. South Goa is also the one with some of the best reports and spas so you can also get yourself a relaxing massage. 


This is the day you must get ready and head shopping all day. Fill your bags with some authentic Goan culture. Buy feni, Goan hats, cashew nuts, and tons of handicrafts. Buy souvenirs for everyone. You can also get the local Goan species too. At the end of the day, you can get ready and head towards a casino. When in Goa we would recommend you to visit a casino at least for the sake of experience. One of the best is located on a Yacht in river Mandovi. This is the coolest party spot too. Play some the fun games like American Roulette, Blackjack, and Rummy. 


On the last day do a little more shopping. You must also head towards the Anjuna Flea market and fill your backpack with junk jewelry, footwear, hippie clothing, and handicrafts for yourself. On the way, you can taste some amazing street food too. You can get a lot of first copies of various great brands. The Anjuna Flea market is also known as the queen of flea markets. Also, you can explore some more fun beaches like Bagha beach and Morjim beach. It is also known as little Russia as a huge population of Russians lives here. Part hard on the last day to go clubbing at LPK and live the nightlife once more before you head back home. 

How to reach Goa?

If you loved the locations, we compiled for you to enjoy with your friends and family then let’s read a little more about how you can visit Goa. You can visit Goa from all over India, know-how:

First of all, make the trip happen in the winter for the best experience. Choose any month from October to March. Avoid Monsoons as heavy rainfall will spoil your experience of Goa. 

By Air: Dabolim is the international airport of Goa. It’s about 30 km away from Panjim. Various domestic flights are accessible like jet airways, Indigo, Spice jet etc. One can also get connecting flights from Mumbai.

 By Road: Who doesn’t like an exciting road trip? The highways are very comfortable to drive on and one can drive or easily take a bus. Try online booking of bus tickets. There are various private AC Volvos available. Most of the buses can be boarded from Panjim, Chaudi, Margao, and Mapusa.

If you are planning to drive from Mumbai for your bucket list then you must know that the distance from Mumbai to Goa is 594 km. It will take you around 13 hours to 33 minutes to cover the distance. 

By Rail: Goa is easily accessible via trains too. There are six railway stations in Goa. The biggest railway station is Madgaon also known as the Vasco-da-Gama station. Goa lies on the Konkan railway lines. The best part about coming via rail is that you will cross various beautiful views that are worth witnessing. This can also be chosen if you are looking for a cheap option to commute. 

Goa Festivals one can attend

There are various Goan festivals one can attend as they are popular for their lively feelings and the welcoming nature of the locals towards the tourists. Some festivals are the grand New year celebration, the Goa carnival, and music festivals. 

Confused between North Goa and South Goa?

Here we will help you cut down on the confusion. So, Goa is divided into two divisions North Goa and South Goa. North Goa is popular for its nightlife, clubbing, parties, flea markets, shacks, etc. So if this is your vibe and you are a party animal then visit North Goa. South Goa is more of a peaceful land of beaches where one can experience luxurious spas, resorts, and lowly populated beaches. Hence, if you are looking for some serenity and peace then South Goa is where you belong. 

We hope you are all set to leave for Goa now. Visit the Portuguese architecture and run back into the past about 45O years ago when many of these structures were built.  Don’t forget to check out the whitewashed churches, yellow houses, and fort ruins. As your itinerary is ready all you gotta do is pack your bag, book your tickets and leave as soon as possible before it gets too packed. 

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