A Step Towards Greener Future in Transportation

zingbus is not just another name in the intercity bus travel industry; it’s a beacon of change, leading the charge towards a more sustainable, reliable, and affordable travel future. With a steadfast commitment to safety and environmental responsibility, we’re striving as an emerging brand that genuinely cares about our customers and the planet.

Making Every Journey Carbon-Neutral with Climes

Through our partnership with Climes, we offer travellers the unique opportunity to make their rides carbon-neutral. This initiative allows you to directly contribute to carbon offset projects, ensuring your travel has a positive impact on the planet. Each contribution supports a range of sustainability projects, from renewable energy to reforestation, with transparent reporting on the difference your contribution makes.


Our journey towards sustainability is paved with significant milestones:

248k+ users choose Climes, ensuring their zingbus journeys are eco-friendly. 14 Lakh Kg carbon footprint offset through Climes usage.

How We Make Every Mile Count

Understanding the impact of our journeys is the first step towards change. Here’s how we are making every trip a sustainable one:

  1. Awareness at Every Step: We highlight the carbon footprint of your journey at checkout, offering a transparent look at the environmental impact of your travel.
  2. Partnering for the Planet: In collaboration with Climes, we’re tackling carbon emissions head-on. Climes specializes in counterbalancing carbon footprints through impactful ecological and environmental projects across India.
  3. Your Role in the Green Revolution: With a simple tick mark option at checkout, you can contribute to verified carbon-neutral projects, transforming your journey into a step towards a greener earth.

Choose zingbus for your next intercity journey and be a part of an eco-friendly travel revolution. Together, we can make a difference, ensuring our beautiful destinations remain vibrant and healthy for years to come.

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