Plan a weekend getaway to Tirthan valley

Plan a weekend getaway to Tirthan valley

Are you looking for a weekend break to get away from the city’s bustle? Then you must have a trip to Tirthan! Tirthan Valley is an amazing site with some of Himachal’s most spectacular views. You will be happiest to discover the lush green undulating Himalayas, rich pine woods, calm freshwater lakes, and picturesque towns on this journey.

Weekend getaway to Tirthan valley

The vintage Pahadi-styled buildings, temples, monuments, and bridges, add to the beauty of the rustic attractiveness of this remote Himalayan valley. 

Highlights of Tirthan valley

  • Have you ever seen a double rainbow? If not, now is the time! You get a chance to enjoy the fascinating sight of a double rainbow if you stand beneath the Jibhi waterfall.
  • Trek through the dense pine forest to Serolsar Lake, where you can refresh your soul by dipping your feet in the cool lake water.
  • If you walk towards the gorgeous Jalori pass, you can fully enjoy the snow and relive your favorite Bollywood movie scenes with a few visible moments.
  • Enjoy a campfire with your loved ones and dance to the music of your favorite song under a galaxy-filled sky.

Best time to visit Tirthan Valley

 To enjoy your fullest, the best time to visit Tirthan valley is from October to May. During that season, the weather is clear in Tirthan valley, and the soil is dry, making it ideal for hiking and other adventurous sports.


Skiing, paragliding, camping, trout fishing, trekking, river rafting, wildlife exploring, and sightseeing are just a few of the interesting activities available in Tirthan Valley. 

How to visit?

The distance between Delhi and Tirthan Valley is approximately 557 kilometers. The best route from Delhi to Tirthan Valley is to travel from the capital to Manali, Kullu, and Tirthan Valley. The alternate path leads to Tirthan Valley through Shimla and the Jalori Pass.

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Places to explore while traveling toward Tirthan Valley

While you’re on your way to this amazing site, why not stop at some of the most deserved locations to visit in Tirthan Valley along the way? So let’s introduce you to some of the best among them:

  • Shimla
  • Manali
  • Tirthan River
  • Serolsar Lake
  • Chhoie Waterfall
  • Jibhi
  • Gaidhar Waterfall


Shimla is Himachal Pradesh’s most attractive city and an incredible place to visit if you’re on your way to the Tirthan Valley. Stop by Mall Road to shop, eat, and visit the Scandal Point and Shimla State Museum. You can also stop by the Kali Bari Temple and Shri Hanuman Mandir along the way to seek blessings. 


weekend getaway to tirthan valley

Manali is another wonderful and charming spot to visit on your route to Tirthan Valley. Manali is one of the most lovely hill towns in the country, thanks to its natural beauty, amazing waterfalls, and heavenly weather. It has a certain charm and stunning appeal, like if you’re watching nature postcards.

Tirthan River

Stop at the Tirthan River, one of the best attractions on the way to Tirthan Valley, and going by this location without stopping would be a huge mistake. Apart from fishing for your favorite fish and enjoying your supper by the river, you’ll like the zip line river crossing at this location.

Chhoie waterfall

You may get here by trekking for around 40 kilometers from a local settlement and witnessing some of the most breathtaking waterfalls you’ve ever seen. The Chhoie Waterfall is one of the most appealing places to visit while traveling through Tirthan Valley. A vista to die for, with a gush of cool water pouring from a stunning height, intense and lush flora around the water, and the grandeur of the Himalayas hovering as a backdrop.


Do you want to stay in colonial-style tents in a lush green setting with breathtaking views and toast by the perfect campfire? If yes, then you cannot miss a visit to Jibhi. It’s a little village near the Tirthan Valley that’s absolutely stunning and well worth visiting.

Gaidhar Waterfall

Gaidhar Waterfall is a wonderful waterfall located amidst the lush and rich Gaidhar forest to spend a fantastic day with your loved ones. This naturally blessed place will provide you with the utmost solace. 

Serolsar lake

Serolsar Lake, which is rich in therapeutic characteristics, is an eye treat and a major tourist attraction in Tirthan Valley. Everything around this lake is utterly mesmerizing, from the rich flora to the beautifully pure water and stunning backdrop. If your eyes starve for beauty, this place is a must-visit. 

Also, there are other beautiful locations, such as Jalori Pass, The Great Himalayan National Park, Budhi Nagin Temple, and Raghupur Fort. Don’t forget to have them on your bucket list during your visit. Have a happy journey! 

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