Traditional Breakfast

Start your day with a traditional Indian breakfast of hot chai and piping hot samosas or fluffy idlis. Savor the flavors and get ready for an exciting day ahead.

Explore the Vibrant Markets

Experience the bustling energy of India's vibrant markets. Explore the colorful market selling everything from spices to handicrafts.

Delicious Street Food

Indulge in some delicious street food and try out some local favorites like chaat, pav bhaji, and chole bhature.

Visit a Temple

Explore the spiritual side of India by visiting a temple. Marvel at the intricate carvings, colorful decorations, and the sense of peace.

a Ride on a Rickshaw

Experience the local way of transport by taking a ride on a colorful rickshaw. Wind your way through narrow lanes and bustling streets.

Attend a Traditional Dance Performance

Watch the graceful movements and colorful costumes, and tap your feet to the rhythmic beats.

Relax with an Ayurvedic Massage

Let the soothing oils and gentle touch melt away your stress and leave you feeling refreshed.