Healing in India's Hot Springs: A Journey to Reconnect with Nature 

Kheerganga, Himachal Pradesh

Kheerganga is a perfect destination to experience the healing health benefits of natural hot springs and to reconnect with nature

Kasol,  Himachal Pradesh 

Kasol offers a refreshing experience of hot water springs making it an ideal destination for healing and reconnecting with nature 

Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh 

Manikaran is renowned for its natural hot springs that offer a therapeutic hot spring bath experience and reconnecting with oneself and nature 

Reshi Hot Springs, Sikkim 

Reshi Hot Springs known for its picturesque surroundings is an ideal destination to experience the healing benefits of natural springs 

Jakrem, Meghalaya 

Jakrem offers a unique and refreshing experience of natural hot springs, surrounded by lush greenery 

Bakreshwar,  West Bengal 

Bakreshwar hot water springs provide a calming atmosphere for visitors to experience the healing properties of natural hot springs 

Yumthang,  Sikkim 

Yumthang is a natural paradise, known for its picturesque landscapes and natural springs 

Rishikund, Uttarakhand 

Rishikund is home to a mystical hot water spring that attracts visitors seeking the healing benefits of natural hot springs