Discover the Top 7 Things to Do in Panchgani for an unforgettable experience

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Don’t you get bored of your tiresome daily routine? How about having a tour of Panchgani? Have you ever heard about this place? If not, don’t worry, in this article, we have you sorted. We’ll go over all there is to know about Panchgani, including the best time to visitoffbeat places to explore, unique experiences to have, and the best things to do in Panchgani. So let’s begin!

Panchgani is a picturesque hill station in Satara, Maharashtra, at an elevation of 4242 feet above sea level. With towering Sahyadris on all sides, this location is surrounded by spectacular beauty. Panchgani is well-known for its stunning and incredible vistas that feel like another world of lush green landscapes and spectacular waterfalls.

Panchgani is also known for its Strawberry Festival, which takes place between the months of April and May. The beginning of summer and the winter months, when the weather remains cool, is the best time to see Panchgani’s spectacular splendour.

7 Best things to do in Panchgani

1. Kaas Plateau

things to do in panchgani

Situated at an altitude of 2000 meters, Kaas Plateau is a spot with the magic of beauty surrounding it. You may see their landscapes, laden with more than 850 species of flowers with butterflies fluttering around. You may wonder about 850 species? Isn’t that too much? Yes, they are, and that’s why it was declared in 2012 as the UNESCO natural heritage site in India. Visiting Kaas plateau during monsoon is an eye treat for the tourists. If you plan to visit there, make sure you plan it around the monsoon.

2. Kate’s view point

Kates Viewpoint

If you love to have good sightseeing of valleys, rivers, and greenery, this place is a must-visit. Located around 15 km outside Panchgani, Kate’s point is a tourist attraction in Maharashtra. It can be a picture-perfect place if you want to have an aesthetic pic to post on your Instagram.

3. Paragliding in panchgani


How can you let go of Paragliding when you get a chance? Ya, that’s only if you love adventures! Because of the beautiful scenery of Panchgani, it is a fantastic place to experience Paragliding. There are many reputable paragliding clubs in the city where you might go on a joyride or enrol in different classes ranging from elementary to advanced.

4. Mapro Garden,Panchgani


Mapro Garden is one of the well-known tourist attractions in Panchgani. Mahabaleshwar Items, or Mapro, is a brand name associated with delightful fruit-based products. A chocolate factory, a café, a small nursery, a children’s play area, and a Mapro retail shop are popular attractions.

5. Rajpuri Caves

things to do in panchagani

Don’t miss the experience of visiting the Rajpuri cave that is believed to have given shelter to Pandavas during their exile. The caves are surrounded by many holy kunds (ponds), which are supposed to get waters of the holy Ganga and hence are believed to cure all kinds of diseases.

6. Bandhavgarh fort

Bandhavgarh fort

Wai is a small town close to Panchgani, situated on the banks of the Krishna River. It is, fortunately, one of the places in India that have remained unspoiled. Wai is known for its seven ghats, featuring several temples. Bandhavgarh fort is close to Wai, which is known for its adventurous hike.

 7. Parsi Point

parsi point

The views of the magnificent mountains and lush valleys can be seen from many of the sites to visit in Panchgani. Surprisingly, if you appreciate the rush of standing at a dizzying height and taking in breathtaking views, you will enjoy what you see from the Paris Point. It provides a panoramic view of the Dhom Dam backwaters and the rolling Panchgani valleys. Pack a picnic basket for yourself and your family, and head to Parsi Point for a wonderful lunch adventure.

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