5 Stunning Things to do in Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

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Who hasn’t heard of Jim Corbett National Park? It is one of India’s most well-known national parks and Asia’s first national park. The Jim Corbett national park is located in the state of Uttarakhand and has an area of 1318 square kilometres. It is home to hundreds of different peculiar birds, plants, and animals.Check out things to do in Jim Corbett.

Apart from spending time in peaceful nature, one of the most thrilling activities in Jim Corbett National Park is observing the different animals in their natural habitat. There you will be able to partake in a diverse range of activities such as Rock climbing, rappelling, river rafting, forest trekking, and other unique activities. Nature lovers looking for a peaceful escape might also visit.

Things to do in Jim Corbett

If you want to visit Jim Corbett national park this holiday, there are many things to do. In this article, we have enlisted the 5 best things to do in Jim Corbett to have some unique experiences. Have a look:

Bird watching

bird watching in Jim corbett

If you are fond of watching different species of birds, then this place may prove to be a paradise for you. Bird watching is one of the best things to do in Jim Corbett National Park. You will be surprised to know that Corbett Park is home to over 650 bird species, including migratory birds.

If you are planning a visit, then the best time to visit this park for bird watching is during the winter, from November to December, when migrating birds from as far as Siberia flock to India to escape the cold. Forest dove, finch, robin, hornbill, Siberian crane, babbler, and kingfisher are among the various birds seen during the tour visit.


Things to do in Jim Corbett

Camping is one of the most relaxing and gratifying things that you may have while visiting Jim Corbett National Park. The park is spread out ETX across a large region and contains numerous sites of interest. On the other hand, Camping is one of the most popular hobbies due to the unique experience it provides.

Camping here includes fishing trips, bonfires, and guided tours through the National Park’s magnificent woodlands, and also, there are packages for these activities from which you may choose. Camping in Jim Corbett also allows you to appreciate the natural splendor of the surrounding adorable mountains and the beautiful night sky.

Corbett waterfall

waterfall in jim

Have you ever seen a waterfall? They don’t look less than heaven! The Corbett Waterfall is another less known treat you must not miss if you visit the Jim Corbett National Park. It’s around 22 to 25 kilometers from Ramnagar on Nainital. An entrance to Corbett waterfall is also from Kaladhungi, which is about 4 kilometers from the Ramnagar road. You can see it from the road. You may observe the waterfall from a safe distance but should avoid entering the waters because they may be infested with snakes and crocodiles. 

Corbett Waterfall is a package of the thicket of teak trees, the sound of gently pouring water on the ground, and the lovely singing of birds, creating the ideal natural music that adds to its attractiveness and a serene environment worth adoring. You would absolutely love the natural essence of this place. 

Visit Garjia temple

Garjia temple is one of the most well-known temples in the Nainital area. It is a sacred temple near the Kosi river. Hundreds of pilgrims flock there between November and December. You can also witness the historic Lakshmi-Narayan (Vishnu) statue, returning to the 9th century.

The statue is composed of black granite, which is a rare stone. Before approaching this famous shrine, visitors traditionally take a wash in the Kosi River. It is considered good to visit this temple on Kartik Poornima because it is assumed that your requests will be granted if you offer real prayer and seek blessings on this day.


Trekking in Jim Corbett

Do you love trekking? If yes, then there is a piece of good news for you! Trekking is now available at Jim Corbett National Park. Although hiking is not permitted in the park’s core regions, it is permitted in the park’s reserve forest area, particularly around the tiger reserve.

Sitabani is particularly ideal for trekking because it is a thickly populated forest area where you may come across elephants, tigers, jackals, deer, and even monkeys, which approach visitors/tourists in the hope of food. As a result, there are no edibles permitted in the forest.

If you travel to the park in the winter, remember to bring thermals, sweaters, and coats to keep warm because it gets quite cold at night. 

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