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Republic Day- Significance, History & Best Places to visit

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India celebrates Republic Day on the 26th of January every year with a lot of pride and emotion. Republic Day is a day truly imperative to every Indian existing on the face of Earth as it is the day when the constitution came into action in the year 1950. It was a fresh start for independent India and the introduction of democracy in the Indian constitution while breaking the shackles of British rule. 

The enthusiasm for Republic Day can be felt in every nook and corner of India. The day brings unity and pride among the people of our lovely motherland. Be it the marvelous celebration in New Delhi or the celebrations of republic Day in various schools and educational institutions, it is always a moment of pride whenever you see people praising the mere foundations of India that make this country incredible. 

History of Republic day

It was a moment of pride and joy for Indians when India exercised self-government separate from British colonization on 15 August 1947. While India was free from the British Raj, it lacked the basic constitution to run smoothly without any interference from the outside world.  The Government of India Act was modified in the year 1935 but it was trivial as it was written to support the harsh rule of the Britishers. Hence, there was a great emergency to rewrite the rules without following the footsteps of the Britishers. There was a need to form a new constitution that would depict what India really stands for. 

Therefore, Dr. B.R. Ambedkar led the constitutional Drafting Committee on August 28, 1947. The whole procedure of forming the constitution took 166 days. They wanted to keep no stone unturned; thus, the sessions were open to the public so that they could give their valuable feedback. 

The main goal of the committee was to crack a perfect balance so that all citizens of the country could enjoy equal rights irrespective of caste, culture, creed, religion, or gender. The official Indian Constitution of India was presented on 26 January 1950. This is the day when Dr. Rajendra Prasad began his presidential journey and was elected as the first president of India. 

Why Do We Celebrate Republic Day On 26th January?

The constitution of India came into action on the 26th of January, 1950. On this day India was transformed into an independent constitutional republic separated from the British dominion. Hence, we celebrate Republic Day on the 26th of January every year. On 26 January 1950, India became a sovereign, secular, socialist, democratic republic with the formation of the Indian Constitution.

Who Is The Father Of Republic Day?

Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar is known as the father of the Indian constitution. He was an aspiring leader, economist, generalist, and social reformer. He dedicated all his time to fighting for the rights of the untouchables. On August 28, 1947, he formed a committee called the Drafting Committee responsible for the formation of the Indian constitution. The constitution of India was completed on November 26, 1949, and it was later adopted on January 26, 1950.

Places To Visit On Republic Day 

Here is a list of some of the best places to visit on the occasion of the 74th Republic Day to feel the patriotism and zeal among the people towards our precious motherland. Zingbus will always be your one true savior in booking bus tickets at the last moment. This app not only helps you in making your bus travel a lot more comfortable but also makes your travel cheaper through its seasonal discounts and crazy deals. 

This Republic Day, pursue your passion for traveling by visiting places that had helped India in becoming free and independent. sovereign, secular, and socialist, republic.

Amritsar, Punjab

On the occasion of Republic Day, tickle the patriotic spirit inside by visiting the place that has seen suffering and bloodshed and is written with golden letters in history. Yes, we are talking about the tear-jerking Jallianwala Bagh which still manages to give us goosebumps every time we go down memory lane. Jallianwala and the Wagah border is located in Amritsar Punjab.

The place is a clear reminder of the sacrifices of the people who were victimized by the cruel British government. 

You need to visit the Wagah border to witness the ‘lowering of the flags’ which happens every year on the occasion of Republic Day. The BSF Rangers of the two neighboring countries, India and Pakistan organize a short parade while exchanging sweets and delicacies on the occasion of Republic Day. This Republic Day, bring out the patriot inside you and join the personnel in making this event successful.

How To Reach By Bus: 

There are many government-operated buses and private bus services available in major cities of India including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Agra, and Chandigarh, and many others that will take you to Amritsar. 

New Delhi

The capital of India, New Delhi celebrates Republic Day with a lot of zeal and passion. It organizes the Republic Day parade every year on the 26th of January which features the colorful diversity of our country and the strength of the Indian military. It is an honor to witness the children from different schools and professionals representing our incredible India.

New Delhi is known for its stunning Republic Day celebration. You need to visit the flag-hosting ceremony and parade at Rajpath. Book your seats beforehand so that you don’t incur any problems at the event. You can devote the rest of the day to exploring other historical places in Delhi such as Rai Pithora, Qutub Minar, and Red Fort, among others. 

How To Reach By Bus: 

New Delhi is well connected to some of the major cities of India such as Lucknow, Jaipur, Agra, Alwar, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Shimla, Manali, Dharamsala, Dehradun, and so on. Hence, you will be able to board a bus easily that will take you to New Delhi. 

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

Ahmedabad has a special place in the heart of Indians for Ahmedabad as it is the hometown of the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi who struggled a lot in freeing India from British rule. This Republic Day, pay a visit to Sabarmati Ashram which still carries the essence of our beloved freedom fighter. This is the place where many important movements took places such as Civil Disobedience, the Non-Violence Movement, and the Swadeshi Movement under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. He also began his Dandi March here, typically known as Satyagraha in the year 1930. 

Sabarmati Ashram is located just five kilometers away from Ahmedabad. On Republic day, people host the tricolor flag at Sabarmati Ashram to spark the patriot inside us and remember the struggle our precious freedom fighters had to face to save our motherland. 

How To Reach By Bus:

There is a major bus service known as Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation that connects all cities of Gujarat and Mumbai to Ahmedabad. 

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