5 Best Places to Visit in Sethan Valley 

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If you ever wish to experience an underrated gem of Manali away from the crowd and commotion of the city, then there is a small hamlet located 12 meters away from Manali, known as Sethan Valley. This Buddhist village offers a ton of places to satisfy the wanderlust inside you.Check out Places to visit in Sethan Valley !

The hamlet provides a bunch of adventure activities to make your trip a lot more exciting. If you are into nature, then Sethan Valley is definitely not going to disappoint you as the night sky filled with pretty stars is something to die for! The views are simply majestic! 

Sethan Valley drapes itself in beautiful white sheets of snow during the winter season. Rock climbing and bouldering are one of the most fascinating adventure activities in the summer season. So, you can experience different sides of Sethan Valley with every change of seasons.

Plus, Sethan Valley is a restricted area and you won’t be able to find a large crowd here. You can enjoy the solitude and tranquility of nature along with your partner without any distractions. Another reason to visit Sethan Valley, right?

Best time to visit Sethan Valley 

Places to visit in Sethan Valley 

Although you can enjoy beautiful weather throughout the year, you will be able to plan a trip to Sethan according to your liking and needs. Some people don’t like cold weather while some don’t like the scorching sun.

Don’t worry as we have got something for everyone. You can visit Sethan Valley from January to May if you want to experience adventure activities such as snowboarding or skiing. You might also enjoy the snow during these months as well. Please keep in mind that some activities might prove to be dangerous in the winter months. You can’t be able to ski in the months of November and December as the slopes can be dangerous. 

The months of June to November are for the people who wish to explore the beauty that lies in the wild. There are some major exciting adventure activities that you can undertake during the summer months. 

Best places to visit in Sethan Valley

Sethan Valley is filled with a lot of exciting places for tourists. There are some places you need to visit in Sethan Valley at least once in a lifetime. Here is a list of some of the best places to visit in Sethan Valley: 

Pandu Ropa

pandu ropa

Pandu Ropa is one of the best places to visit in Sethan Valley as it is considered to be of high religious significance among the local people. You will be able to witness the farmers growing their crops here. You will also be able to trek here as the trek provides the most scenic views of nature. Pandu Ropa is considered a challenging route, so please make sure to prepare yourself physically as well as mentally for the journey. It takes approximately eight hours to complete the trek. This is the most perfect place for all the campers, backpackers, and bird watchers as well. Pandu Ropa is one of the major tourist attractions of Sethan Valley. 

Indrasana Peak

peak in sethan valley

Indrasana Peak is a popular mythological location that is an adrenaline-pumping climb for all the adventure lovers out there. You can begin your journey from either Jagatsukh or Chatru. You can take the initial route from Deo Tibba, Indrasan’s nearest neighbor. You need to be extra careful while Trekking in this area as it becomes a lot riskier when it snows. There is a famous local lore related to Indrasana Peak. Locals believe that Indrasana Peak is the seat of the king of heaven and the dev, lord Indra. This is one of the best Trekking routes to enhance your Trekking skills.

Hamta Trek

dhananjay hamta pass

The beauty of Hamta Trek intensifies in the winter season. The cold weather allows the route to cover itself with thick sheets of snow. Hamta Trek is for people who wish to undertake risks while pushing their limits. If you want to take a break from your regular hectic schedule, then you should definitely go on this trek as the panoramic views will surely calm your mind. Hamta Trek is one of the most challenging treks in Manali. The stunning location and heartwarming views are what you need to soothe your exhausted soul right now!

Igloo Village

igloo zingbus

You need to stay in the Igloo Village in order to get the best unique experience of Sethan Valley. The entire hotel is made up of Igloos making it one of the most unique hotels located in India. Tourists from all over India come to Sethan Valley just to experience the Igloo Village.

You can undertake several adventure activities such as skiing, Tube Sliding, and you can even play in the snow with your friends! The calm and serene beauty will surely make you a fan of this place. You can view the night sky filled with brightly shining stars beside the campfire when all your friends are singing and dancing. What a beautiful night it must be!

This unforgettable Igloo stay will surely amuse you by presenting a unique adventure. The total cost of staying in this hotel is approximately INR 5,500 per night. This hotel is located in Sethan, Village, Manali, Himachal Pradesh 175143. 

Kalzang Dhaba


Kalzang Dhaba is a popular hotel that is located at Curve 33 on the way to Sethan Valley. The mouth-watering Indian meals served at this place will definitely force you to visit Sethan Valley over and over again. The friendly staff will surely make you feel at home.

We guarantee you that you will come here every day during your stay once you taste their popular Rajma Chawal. We request everyone to stop by this homely restaurant to have a nice fulfilling meal. You are truly going to miss the vibe of this place once you are done with the trip. It is surely a lifetime experience to remember in your heart forever. The restaurant opens every day excluding Sundays from 6:00 AM and closes at 11:00 PM. 

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