8 Places to visit in Madhya Pradesh – The heart of India

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It is the central state of India and is often called the Heart of India. It is the second-largest state in India after Rajasthan. Chanderi district in Madhya Pradesh is famous for Chanderi saris all over the world. The state of Madhya Pradesh also has one of the oldest caves in India at a place called Bhimbetka. You can check here the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

The most ancient and unique temples called Khajuraho temples are situated in Madhya Pradesh and are popular tourist places in Madhya Pradesh, visited by thousands of tourists every month. However, that is not all about Madhya Pradesh as the state also has a number of other tourist places in Madhya Pradesh including wildlife sanctuaries and National Parks that are home to unique kinds of flora and fauna.

It is also said that Rudyard Kipling who wrote Jungle Book was inspired by Kanha National Park which is located in Madhya Pradesh. Madhya Pradesh also has the largest reserves of diamond and copper in India and is also rich in coal, manganese, bauxite, etc.

Must visit places in Madhya Pradesh

1. Bhopal

Bhopal- the city of lakes best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh
Bhopal – the city of lakes
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Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh and is also known as the city of lakes. There are several places to visit in Madhya Pradesh in and around Bhopal, such as many museums, historical places, and wildlife reserves.

One of the must-visit places to visit in Madhya Pradesh near Bhopal is Bhimbetka, which is home to one of the oldest caves in the world. These caves are also part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and there are more than 700 rock shelters here that date back to the Palaeolithic age.

Climatehumid subtropical climate; cool, dry winters; hot summers,s and a humid monsoon season
Best time to visitOctober to February
Nearest AirportRaja Bhoj International Airport, Bhopal
Nearest Railway StationBhopal Junction
Major attractionsBhimbekta, Bhojpur, State Museum of Madhya Pradesh, National Museum of Mankind, Upper Lake, Lower Lake, Birla Museum, Bhadbhada Dam, etc
Activities to doGo On A Boat Ride, Enjoy water parks, Wildlife Safari rides, Relish Exotic Food, Photography, Shopping, Enjoy local food, etc.

2. Khajuraho

best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh
Khajuraho: The city of Temples
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Khajuraho in Madhya Pradesh is one of the most famous tourist places in Madhya Pradesh and is known for its marvelous Indian art and architecture. The Khajuraho group of temples is famous worldwide for the presence of beautiful sculptures, intricate carvings, and display of many other forms of art. It is also one of the most famous Madhya Pradesh famous places and is part of the Seven Wonders of India.

With more than 20 temples that have erotic sculptures, Khajuraho is a representation of love and worship. It is one of the top tourist destinations in the state of Madhya Pradesh, and a must-visit place for anyone interested in history, architecture, and culture.

Climatewarm and temperate
Best time to visitOctober to February
Nearest AirportKhajuraho airport
Nearest Railway StationKhajuraho railway station
Major attractionsLight and Sound Show at the Khajuraho Temples, Kandariya Mahadev Temple, Benisagar Dam, Devi Jagadambi Temple, Chausath Yogini Temple, Ajaigarh Fort, Panna National Park, etc.
Activities to doExplore the forts, Enjoy the Soothing Ayurvedic Spa At Ayur Arogyam, Tour Of Temples Of Khajuraho, Photography, Shopping, etc.

3. Bandhavgarh National Park

tourist places in Madhya Pradesh
Bandhavgarh National Park
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Madhya Pradesh is a state that has a lot to offer tourists, and Bandhavgarh National Park is definitely one of the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh. This park is not just a great destination for tiger sightings but also for exploring the beauty of nature.

Other popular tourist places in Madhya Pradesh include the Khajuraho group of temples, the city of lakes Bhopal, and Bhimbetka, which is home to ancient caves and rock shelters. So, if you’re planning a trip to Madhya Pradesh, make sure to include these popular tourist places in your itinerary.

Climatechilly winters, sweltering summer,s and over-pouring rainy season
Best time to visitApril and May
Nearest AirportJabalpur Airport
Nearest Railway StationUmaria Junction
Major attractionsBandhavgarh Fort, Village Tala, Mahaman Pond, Climber’s Point, Three Cave Point, The Shesh Shaya, Cheshpur Waterfall, Jwalamukhi Temple, Fossil National Park, etc.
Activities to doWildlife Jeep Safari, Spot the Tigers at Chakradhar, Stay Around Bandhavgarh for a Thrilling Experience, Shopping in Bandhavgarh Market, Visit Local Hamlets and Villages, Trek to Bandhavgarh Fort, Spend Time at Barmera Dam, etc.

4. Indore

best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh
Picture credit: Canva Pro
Indore: The mini Mumbai

It is one of the largest cities in the state and it is located on the banks of River Saraswati. It is also the financial capital of Madhya Pradesh. Indore is one of the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh, known for its rich culture, heritage and delicious cuisine.

The city has a number of historical monuments, such as Rajwada Palace, Lal Bagh Palace, and Krishnapura Chhatris, which are worth exploring. The city is also known for its street food, especially the mouth-watering chaat and samosas. Other popular tourist attractions in Indore include the Patalpani Waterfall, Annapurna Temple, and the Indore Museum. Indore has been time and again ranked as the cleanest city in India.

ClimateAlmost the same as Delhi
Best time to visitNovember to February
Nearest AirportDevi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport, Indore
Nearest Railway StationIndore Railway Station
Major attractionsLalbagh Palace, Khajrana Ganesh Temple, Patalpani Waterfall, Annapurna Temple, Sarafa Market, Chhapan Dukaan, Krishnapura Chhatris, Pipliyapula Regional Park, Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary, Tincha Falls, Mohadi Falls, Nehru Park, Bijasen Tekri Temple, Meghdoot Garden, Sitlamata Waterfalls, etc.
Activities to doHave Fun at the Water Parks and Amusement Parks, be Adventurous at Safari Activity Park, Hike to Janapav Temple, Gaming to Funplex Game Zone, Enjoy Street Food, and Wildlife Spotting at Ralamandal Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

5. Orchha

Madhya Pradesh's famous places

Orchha is a town in the Niwari district of Madhya Pradesh and it was established by Rudra Pratap Singh. It has an elevation of 552 meters and it is one of the most famous tourist places in Madhya Pradesh.

It is located on the banks of the Betwa River and it is a very peaceful place that has many palaces and temples. It is located 123 km from Gwalior and 352 km from Bhopal, making it easily accessible for tourists looking for the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

Major attractions here are Orchha Fort, Chaturbhuj Temple, Chhatris, Lakshmi Narayan Temple, and Orchha Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.

6. Sanchi

best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

Sanchi is one of the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh, famous throughout the world for the presence of Sanchi Stupa which is one of the Buddhist monuments located at a distance of 46 km from Bhopal.

It has many other stupas, monasteries, temples, pillars, etc. Sanchi Stupa is also a UNESCO World Heritage site and it was built by Ashoka in 262 BC after he converted to Buddhism. And one of the most famous tourist places in Madhya Pradesh.

7. Ujjain

Ujjain- the ancient city - tourist places in Madhya Pradesh

It is an important pilgrim center for Hindus and it is located on the banks of the Shipra River. During ancient times, Ujjain used to be one of the learning centers in India.

It is famous throughout India for the presence of the Mahakaleshwar Temple which is so magnificent and beautiful that one cannot miss visiting it while they are in Madhya Pradesh.

The city is situated at an elevation of 494 m and it has many other beautiful temples present here. Ujjain is considered one of the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh.

8. Jabalpur

Jabalpur- the best place to visit in Madhya Pradesh

This city is suitable for those who love to spend time with nature. It is located on a rocky hilltop and is very famous for its marble rocks.

Jabalpur is situated on the banks of the Narmada River and has witnessed many industries flourishing in recent times.

Jabalpur is also known for many tourist places in Madhya Pradesh such as Bhedaghat, Dhuandhar Falls, Madan Mahal Fort, Rani Durgavati Museum, and Pisanhari Ki Madiya, etc. It is one of the best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh for those who love nature and history.

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