Manali Diaries: 5 Days of Bliss in November!

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There is no better time for traveling than in the month of November. This heavenly month embodies over-the-top pleasant weather when the climate is neither too cold nor too hot. Traveling to Manali is like the cherry on top. You can carry out several adventure activities and fulfill your lifelong dream of playing with the snow! Here’s a list of activities that you can do on a five-day trip from Delhi to Manali. 

Day 1:

Peeping through the window

If I could spend the whole day looking out of the window in Manali, then I would have gladly accepted this opportunity. There is so much to witness in this spectacular destination! Starting from the colorful streets to the lush green vegetation to a series of architectural beauty, the list is just endless!  

So, the first day is spent in the hotel room, hugged by a cozy blanket, sipping hot chocolate, and just appreciating the beauty of this stunning Manali! The first day should be spent relaxing while trying on the delicious Street foods and making notes of everything you want to do in Manali. Manali will be the reason for the butterflies in your stomach because it is just so freakin’ beautiful!

Day 2:

Foggy yet Fun: Van Vihar, Manali

The sightseeing, especially in heavenly Manali becomes a lot more interesting when the cool breeze accompanies the fresh mountains. Van Vihar Park is a beautiful place filled with deodar trees providing beautiful memories to carry in your heart forever. It features a ton of swings to play with and it also has river Beas flowing near the park. 

Day 3:

Trekking in Prashar Lake Trek

You can dedicate the third day to trekking. You can choose to go to Prashar Lake Trek for trekking and carrying out various mountain activities. In the month of November, the track gets covered in a thick coat of snow. The thick forest on the way makes it one of the perfect places for all the wildlife lovers out there. The colossal Dhauladhar range is a major tourist attraction. A temple dedicated to Sage Parashar is also located near the lake. The most difficult trek, Sar Pass Trek is well suited for all beginners as well as the experienced. The track offers myriad meadows, glossy forests, and meandering forest trails. 

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Day 4 and 5:

Trying Authentic cafes and restaurants and heading towards the most romantic waterfall!


Day 4 and 5 can be spent trying out the menus of famous restaurants and cafes and you can also set out to witness Jogini Falls. Manali features a list of terrific cafes and restaurants which not only serves heavenly foods and cool ambiance but you can also experience serene natural beauty. Some of these places include Cafe 1947, Born Free Cafe, The Lazy Dog, Naggar Castle, and many others. The most romantic waterfall i.e. the Jogini Falls is the perfect place to visit with your loved ones. The serenity of this waterfall will surely go to calm your mind.

Manali: The Paradise

If you say “Manali”, the sight of stunning waterfalls along snow-capped mountains and gorgeous weather immediately flashes into my mind. It is one of the most popular holiday destinations in India where tourists from all over the world visit to witness the heavenly scenery and natural beauty this place has been blessed with. We guarantee that you are surely going to plan a trip to Manali over and over again after visiting it for the first time.

Best weather to travel from Delhi to Manali 

Manali is one such city that can be visited in any season. This place is the perfect way to dodge the scorching sun and also provide heartwarming views in winter when the entire city is covered in the cloak of white snow. The best weather to travel from Delhi to Manali is November to January. That’s the best time when you can actually experience the snowfall. The weather is quite chilly, so make sure to keep your woolen clothes intact. If you are not a big fan of the winter season, then you can visit Manali from March to June when the weather is quite pleasant. You might need light woolen clothes to withstand the cold weather for the nighttime. This is the perfect time to undertake various adventure sports such as paragliding, rafting, trekking, and mountain adventures. 

Delhi to Manali by Bus 

If you plan to take a trip from Delhi to Manali, then you need to cover this distance by bus as it provides the most enjoyable and exciting journey. This dreamy experience makes the destination a lot more meaningful and fun. And when the journey isn’t as amusing, the destination becomes slightly unappealing. Hence, it is advisable to plan the trip carefully. 

If you are looking for an exciting journey from Delhi to Manali, then you need to try traveling by bus if you want to experience a lot of excitement and fun while keeping in mind the comfort factor. Commencing a journey from Delhi to Manali by Bus delivers the perfect experience to excite you for this heavenly destination. Trust me, it’s going to be the best experience of your life! 

Volvo buses that work on the Delhi to Manali route are known to offer the best possible services at an affordable price. The facilities provided in a Volvo Bus include a charging point, blanket and pillow, water bottles, CCTV, emergency contact number, GPS bus tracker, and also Movies in case you get bored. 

Delhi to Manali distance

It takes approximately 13 hours and 52 minutes to reach Manali from Delhi if you travel by Volvo Bus. So, you need to prepare yourself for such a tiring journey. The minimum bus fare varies from 530 INR to 1899 INR on the basis of choice of luxury. If you book a bus from Delhi to Manali from popular online bus booking platforms like Zingbus, redBus, MakeMyTrip, etc., then you can avail of various exciting offers and special discounts on every booking. 

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