Journey Through the Heartland: A Soulful Lucknow to Gorakhpur Bus Adventure

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The journey takes passengers from Lucknow’s bustling city to the small town of Gorakhpur. Travellers can experience the rural village life and picturesque countryside of the Indian heartland on the route through rural villages and picturesque countryside. The journey is an unforgettable one.

Get on a bus from Lucknow to Gorakhpur and experience Uttar Pradesh’s soulful culture. Discover the region’s undiscovered treasures as you journey through India’s heartland, enjoying charming landscapes.

Enjoy exquisite street cuisine, get to know the welcoming inhabitants, and learn about the experience of travelling via bus. A memorable and genuine way to experience Indian culture is through bus travel.

Lucknow to Gorakhpur

Which destination lies between Lucknow and Gorakhpur?

Discover the varied locations along the way as you embark on an exciting trip from Lucknow to Gorakhpur. Start your adventure in Uttar Pradesh’s capital, Lucknow, and learn about its fascinating history and culture. You may see the magnificent Bara Imambara and the busy Hazratganj market here. Visit the revered city of Ayodhya on your way to Gorakhpur to see the famed Ram Mandir. Finally, you will reach Gorakhpur, renowned for its lively bazaars and the Gorakhnath Temple. Uttar Pradesh’s rich culture and legacy will be shown on this excursion.

Way to Gorakhpur
  • Information about the weather in Gorakhpur
  • Min. Temp.: 18.61 °C
  • Max. Temp: 30.86℃
  • Distance from Lucknow: 270 km.
  • Weather: partly cloudy throughout the day.

How do I take a bus from Lucknow to Gorakhpur? 

Are you planning to travel to Gorakhpur from Lucknow? The bus is the most convenient way to get there for you. You can take Lucknow to Gorakhpur bus for a hustle-bustle-free ride

Numerous buses are running along the route. The fare is reasonable. It takes about 8 hours, safely and comfortably. You can book a bus online or buy tickets directly from the bus station.

Make sure to carry your proof of identification with you while travelling. It is also recommended to bring snacks and water for the journey. Upon reaching Gorakhpur, you can take a taxi or auto-rickshaw to your destination.

What is the distance between Lucknow and Gorakhpur? 

Going from Lucknow to Gorakhpur takes approximately 273 kilometres (or 170 miles). The journey time may change depending on the route, traffic, and bus type chosen. Covering the Lucknow and Gorakhpur distance by bus takes 6-7 hours.

Depending on the bus company, the cost may range from INR 250 to INR 500. To benefit from discounts and offers, purchase tickets in advance. Another option is to use a different mode of transportation, such as a flight or train. 

If you’re interested in experiencing the local scenery, we recommend taking the bus and exploring the delicious cuisine on the side roads. In this way, you can fully appreciate the quaint charm of the small towns and villages. Taking the bus is also practical and inexpensive for groups of people travelling together.

Several bus companies offer regular bus services between the two cities, with AC and non-AC buses available. To experience a hassle-free trip, purchase tickets in advance. 

Individuals wishing to tour the area may travel by bus from Lucknow to Gorakhpur comfortably and reasonably.

Lucknow to Gorakhpur

Which is the most reliable bus service from Gorakhpur to Lucknow? 

Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) provides reliable bus service between Lucknow and Gorakhpur. They are known to be the most dependable bus company on this route. It is the go-to option for travellers because it provides plush seating and affordable prices. 

Additionally, UPSRTC has the most extensive bus network connecting the two cities. This allows passengers to select from various schedules and departure times to suit their needs. Additionally, their buses are well-maintained and consistently run on time.

Other bus companies include Shatabdi Travels, Mahalaxmi Travels, Royal Travels, R.S. Yadav Travels, and UPSRTC. Bus services include air conditioning, spacious seats, and prompt departures and arrivals. 

UPSRTC is known for its reasonable prices and dependable services. Private bus companies like Royal Travels and R.S. Yadav Travels provide luxurious bus services with extras like Wi-Fi and onboard entertainment. Passengers may choose the bus service that best meets their demands by comparing prices and facilities.


The trip from Lucknow to Gorakhpur is soulful and enlightening. The journey takes you through Uttar Pradesh’s heartland, providing a glimpse into the area’s rich cultural heritage. You’ll pass historical sites, sacred shrines, bustling towns, and picturesque landscapes along the way. 

The journey will live on with you forever and be an unforgettable experience. After visiting, you’ll have a stronger sense of place and a greater understanding of the area’s many wonders.

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