Alone But Not Lonely: How Solo Travel Can Help You Find Yourself

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Romanticizing Solo Traveling

A wise man once said it right, Not all those who travel are lost..”. As cliche, as it sounds travelling, in general, can be a liberating experience and solo travelling is just the cherry on top. As someone who deeply cherishes travelling, I have lost myself in many unknown lands just to have found myself in my truest elements. The joy of waking up in new strange cities and catching the beauty of sunrise in many others stands unmatched.

The cold air of a foreign land brushing past your skin makes you feel distant from home, yet it weirdly calms you, as if it’s trying to say, you’ve got your own back no matter what. Solo travelling unlocks a different realm of spiritual awakening inside a person. So to all the solo travellers out there, are you ready to make the best out of the summer vacation that lies ahead of us?

India- Home to a Multitude of Travel Destinations 

India is a beautiful country to explore in one’s lifetime. Blessed with geographical heritage, the steep mountain ranges in the north, the ushering beaches in the south, the arid desert range of the west and the lush green forests and wildlife of the east, make India the perfect country for every kind of experience. Hence it leaves us with a wide array of choices to pick our perfect summer vacation destination.  

Hill stations 

Best places for a solo travel

Entering into the months of March, April and May, which is the most leisurely time of the year for most of us to travel, what better way to beat the summer heat than to travel to a nice hill station? 

I have always loved the idea of visiting the many gorgeous hill stations situated in the states of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh, the land of the Himalayas. Mussoorie and Kasol are the personal favourite destinations of Indians attracting peak crowds between March and May. These are the perfect destination for any solo traveller with just the right weather and perfect spots for trekking. Thus adventure enthusiasts can be rest assured to have the time of their life. All these hill stations in and around North India have amazing connectivity by road with sleeper buses functioning at a par frequency on a daily basis by zingbus.

Apart, from these popular options I have a lesser-discovered destination from the south which I got to recently explore during one of my ventures. Situated near Madikeri, Karnataka, the town of Coorg is popularly referred to as the Scotland of India. The many waterfalls amid the lush green coffee plantations wait to be explored. This place is just a 6 hours bus ride from Bangalore and the nearest city Mysore is a beautiful historical city known for its royal palace. 


Beaches are excellent destinations to have a relaxing holiday because nothing soothes the human mind like the sound of crashing waves on the shoreline. The top three places on my list when I think of a relaxing beach holiday are Pondicherry, South Goa and Varkala. These are my go-to destination if I’m planning on doing something fun yet easy on the pocket. These are all budget-travel spots as they offer amazing Instagram-worthy hostel spaces which brings down the cost of accommodation to nearly half the value. These really hit the sweet spot while solo travelling as they let you meet new people during trips making the journey even more memorable.

Cultural Destinations

As someone who likes to travel not just for the fun of it but also because I cherish the idea that travelling helps you understand your country better, is the best way to meet new people and cultures, learn about its history and heritage with every passing town. Hence I could not stop myself from adding a few places to the list that bring a cultural vibe to the mix. 

The heart-pounding urge to watch Ganga aarti by the banks of Varanasi, to just sit in a boat on the lazy waters by the ghats of Rishikesh, to dress pretty in beautiful Indian clothes as I explore the old streets in Kashi, to go around learning the life stories of people in Haridwar, to live that life of a spiritual nomad losing and finding yourself in every new city each day, all culminated into a 15 days trip last year. It was a direct flight to Allahabad and then there were numerous buses to Varanasi. zingbus has really cheap bus tickets at just 300-350 INR.  

The beautiful land of Rajasthan with its enchanting palaces and forts in each and every part of the state is another fabulous destination for solo travelling.  Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer are just a few of the many swoon-worthy cities in Rajasthan. All these places have extreme convenience of transportation through AC buses and AC sleeper buses depending on the duration of travel. 

Ticket booking

The key step to any happy and successful trip is to get the hassle of booking done in advance, be it transport or accommodation. Online bus ticket booking is much simpler and makes life easier by tenfolds. The bus tickets can be booked via verified sites which is usually my preferred mode of booking. 

So even though solo travelling might seem a little daunting at first glance, trust me it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience each new day once you start travelling. You will end up meeting many people on the way just like you who signed up for the adventure, who you hadn’t met your whole life just until that moment but will somehow end up making your trip 100 times better. And that’s why we say solo travelling is done alone but it’s never lonely. 

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