Places to visit in 2023, Complete your traveling bucket list with zingbus

Places to visit in 2023, Complete your traveling bucket list with zingbus

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It is finally time to welcome 2023 with an awesome get-together of your entire clan! Amidst all the party planning, making new year’s resolutions, and putting up a planner for 2023, don’t forget to plan your upcoming holiday trips for 2023 so that you don’t miss out on any one of them. Travelling is like food to your soul and is a great way to relax your mind and body. 

Places to visit in 2023

Offbeat Places To Visit in 2023

Here is a list of 20 offbeat places to visit in 2023. You can book your bus tickets via Zingbus which is the number 1 bus booking app in India. 

1). Sikkim

Sikkim is the most colorful village in India with multiple ethnic groups happily living together. It is decorated with Buddhist Monasteries, Churches, a Mosque, and Gurudwara which is a perfect example of Indian diversity and unity. If you want to know more about India, then you need to visit these heartwarming places like Sikkim to fall in love with this country. 

How to Reach by Bus: Take a Sikkim Nationalized Transport (SNT) bus from the bus terminal at Siliguri. Bus travel can be a lot more enjoyable than any other mode of transportation. 

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2). Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra 

This Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Chandrapur district of Maharashtra. You can find inquisitive animals here such as Indian leopards, sloth bears, gaur, nilgai, small Indian civet, jungle cats, sambar, barking deer, and so on. 

How to Reach by Bus: The tiger reserve is situated 45 Km from Chandrapur and 32 Km from Chimur. So, you can take the bus accordingly. 

3). Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary, Karnataka

This is your sign to visit the well-maintained bear reserve called Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary which is located in Karnataka. You will be able to watch interesting sloth bears in their natural habitat. This is the perfect holiday destination to visit with your kids and family. 

How to Reach by Bus: Daroji Sloth Bear sanctuary is located just 15 km from Hampi. You need to take a bus from Hampi. 

4). Malana, Himachal Pradesh

This ancient village will tempt every history lover out there. Malana is known for its own unique culture and people are extremely cautious about following every custom. It will be highly intriguing to learn more about their culture and traditions. 

How to Reach by Bus: Take a local bus from Kasol to Jari (66km). Then change the bus from Jari to Malana (23 km). Then, a one-and-a-half-hour trek will take you to Malana Village (4 km). 

5). Chembra Lake, Western Ghats

This unique lake is in the shape of a heart and never dries up even in high temperatures. If you wish to explore the hidden gems of India, this is the perfect place to start. 

How to Reach by Bus: Chembra Lake has located 8 km from Meppadi. Get down at Kalpetta and catch a bus to Meppadi. Take an auto or Jeep from Meppadi to reach the foothills of Chembra Peak.

6). Urakam, Kerala

This underrated place in Kerala is known for its rich culture, heartfelt views, skilled artisans, vibrant festivals, and delicious cuisine. If you wish to take a break from the chaos and crowd of city life, then you should totally visit this place to relax your soul. 

How to Reach by Bus: You need to take a bus from Kochi to Urakam. It takes approximately 2 hours and 48 minutes by bus. 

7). Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh 

The soothing temperature and pine hills of Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh add up to make a perfect peaceful climate for all the peace seekers out there. It is so interesting to interact with the unique tribal group that resides in the village. The mild climate is perfect for people who can’t survive freezing cold weather. 

How to Reach by Bus: You can travel to Itanagar by Arunachal Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation bus. It runs 4 days a week. Then you can take a taxi from Itanagar to Ziro easily. 

8). Srinagar, Jammu, and Kashmir 

The charismatic beauty of Srinagar is definitely a must-visit if you are fascinated by heavenly views and spellbinding sunsets. Sipping hot tea while looking at the beautiful views is a dream come true for every peace lover out there. 

How to Reach by Bus: You have to take a bus to Jammu and get the State Transport Bus to Srinagar. Unfortunately, there is no direct bus to Srinagar at this moment. 

9). Chakrata, Uttarakhand 

Chakrata is certainly the unexplored heaven on Earth. The amazing beauty and pleasant views of this place will certainly relax your eyes. Do spend at least one night here to help you eliminate all the anxiety from your life. 

How to Reach by Bus: You can take a normal bus or luxury bus from ISBT Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi to Chakrata at your convenience.

10). Khimsar Village, Rajasthan 

We bet you didn’t know about this beautiful place that exists in Rajasthan. The magnificent castle and narrow countryside road will make you feel like you have entered straight into a movie. The exhilarating experience that unfolds as soon as you enter this village is certainly beyond your imagination.

How to Reach by Bus: Khimsar Village is 90 km away from Jodhpur. So, you can easily find a bus from Jodhpur to Khimsar. 

11). Shekhawati, Rajasthan

Shekhawati is another hidden gem of colorful Rajasthan. Only a few people know about it. This magical land has been blessed with countless gorgeous Havelis and palaces and you can’t surely take your eyes off them. Apart from magnificent palaces, fauna and mythology flourish here which are major tourist attractions. 

How to Reach by Bus: You can easily find a range of buses from the major cities of Rajasthan to Shekhawati. 

12). Halebidu, Karnataka

Halebidu is surely going to intrigue every history buff out there. Exploring the extraordinary collection of temples, sculptures, and shrines is such an amusing experience. 

How to Reach by Bus: Halebidu has located 37 km from Hassan. You need to take a Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) bus from Hassan.


13). Kotagiri, Tamil Nadu

Places to visit in 2023

Kotagiri is a hill station surrounded by serene tea plantations and a gorgeous green landscape. This hill station is typically known for rock climbing and Trekking, the perfect thrilling adventure activities.

How to Reach by Bus: Kotagiri has located 29 km from Ooty. Hence, you can catch a Tamil Nadu State Road bus from Ooty to Kotagiri. 

14). Orchha, Madhya Pradesh

Orchha connects us back to the time when the Bundela Dynasty existed. It has certainly maintained the culture and traditions from the past. The wide range of historical places is perfect for a visit with your whole family. 

How to Reach by Bus: You can catch a bus from Jhansi to Orchha, Madhya Pradesh. 

15). Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh 

The fascinating beauty, serene views, and cool temperature invite all the peace seekers out there. This cold desert is surrounded by green meadows, pine forests, friendly villagers, and gorgeous monasteries that will force you to stay in Spiti Valley for life!

How to Reach by Bus: You can take a bus from Chandigarh to Shimla or Reckong Peo and then you can head to Kaza by catching a bus between Reckong Peo to Kaza. 

16. Khajjiar, Himachal Pradesh 

Khajjiar is a beautiful underrated town in Himachal Pradesh. The place is surrounded by pine, deodar forest, and green meadows, which make up for a perfectly peaceful backdrop. The picturesque location provides jaw-dropping views to its visitors. 

How to Reach: You can take a bus from Dalhousie to Khajjiar. During the winter season, tourists have to go to Khajjiar via Chamba.

17). Parvati Valley, Himachal Pradesh 

The religious significance of Parvati Valley makes it the top holiday destination for all Hindu believers. Be it the greyish color of the beautiful Kheer Ganga river or the mysteries of the Parvati River, it is such a blessing to explore this fascinating region. 

How to Reach by Bus: You can take a local bus from Bhuntar (Bhuntar is 6 km from Kasol) to reach Parvati Valley.

18). Kufri, Himachal Pradesh 

The romantic cool weather in Kufri is just perfect for all the honeymooners out there! The town covers itself with a thin white sheet of snow which is a beautiful sight. The wide variety of flora and fauna is a major tourist attraction here. 

How to Reach by Bus: You can easily get a bus from Shimla to Kufri as the routes are well connected.

19). Mysore 

Mysore is perfect for planning a weekend to restore your mental health! We are not even kidding. You can plan a trip to Mysore to rejuvenate your mind from your exhausting work schedule. You not only get to experience the blissful moments of your life while sitting around the campfire but you can also watch the sky full of stars all night long. 

How to Reach by Bus: From Kempegowda Bus Station, you can catch a bus that will take you to Mysore. 

20). Cherrapunji, Meghalaya 

Cherrapunji is an unexplored district of Meghalaya. If you are an adventure freak, this place will surely intrigue you. Nohkalikai is the coolest waterfall you will ever see. Living-Root bridges, Mawsmai cave, and Seven sisters falls are the major tourist attractions here. 

How to Reach by Bus: From Guwahati Bus Stand, you can catch a government-controlled bus or private bus. Both types of buses are highly competent in taking travelers to Cherrapunji from Guwahati. 


Popular Places To Visit In 2023

Here is a list of tourist destinations to explore in 2023. 

1). Goa 

As we all know Goa is heaven for all the party animals out there and we have all at least once planned a trip to Goa but it was never successful. Well, 2023 is the year where you are making all your dreams come true and performing all those activities which you have never tried before. Start this year by taking a trip to this beautiful location and thank me later!

How to Reach by Bus: The easiest way to reach Goa is to catch a bus that is controlled by Goa itself. It connects the major cities of India so that you can reach your dream destination very easily. 

2). Jaipur 

This pink city will always be at your service if you want to experience royal treatment. It is decked up with vibrant ancient history but still, it has all the perks of a modern city. This city also serves authentic Rajasthani cuisine.

How to Reach by Bus: You can easily get a Volvo Bus from other cities of Rajasthan to Jaipur.

3). Jaisalmer 

Jaisalmer is another heartfelt city in Rajasthan. You surely cannot take your eyes off the beautiful forts and palaces in Jaisalmer. The Golden City will surely be your favorite place once you step into this heavenly city.

How to Reach by Bus: You can easily get a Bus from other cities of Rajasthan to Jaipur.

4). Ladakh 

Ladakh is a land of arid mountains, rocky surfaces, insta-worthy gompas, and Buddhist culture that enhance the beauty of Ladakh. This is a magical land of the Himalayas that needs to be explored by every traveler out there.

How to Reach by Bus: You can get a bus from Srinagar to Ladakh by Zoji La Pass. 

5). Manali 

Manali is a popular tourist destination in India for its Trekking and camping adventure activities. The snow-capped mountains and bright green landscape combine to form a perfect backdrop for all your insta-worthy pictures. 

How to Reach by Bus: You can easily get a Volvo Bus from Shimla, Kullu, Dharamshala, and New Delhi to reach Manali. 

6). Shimla 

Shimla is the go-to travel destination for any travel freak in India. If you are a fan of the pleasant weather and cool wintery breeze, then this city will forever tempt you. Please don’t delay it any further, do make sure to visit this city in 2023!

How to Reach by Bus: You can easily get a Volvo Bus from Chattisgarh, Delhi, and Manali to reach Shimla. 

7). Mcleodganj 

Mcleodganj is typically known for its stunning beauty and lush green landscape. Is there anyone who doesn’t want to bathe in the tranquillity and peace of this picturesque location? 

How to Reach by Bus: There are several buses from New Delhi that will easily make you reach Mcleodganj such as Ram Dalal Holidays, and Snow Region Tours Pvt. Ltd, Asian’s Shina Tours & Travels, Hrtc, Himachal Tourist Volvo Bus, and Bedi Travels. 

8). Darjeeling 

If you really wish to try authentic momos in India, then you should definitely head to Darjeeling which serves the best momos in India. It is usually served with piping hot soup. Momos and Darjeeling flavourful tea make up for a deadly combination. Mouthwatering, isn’t it?

How to Reach by Bus: The nearby towns like Kurseong, Kalimpong, and Gangtok run daily buses to Darjeeling. 

9). Agra

Agra is surely the heart of India as it embodies the most beautiful architectural masterpiece, Tajmahal which never fails to amuse tourists coming from all over the world. This charming white monument will further enhance your feed by adding a lot of aesthetics to your Instagram. 

How to Reach by Bus: You can easily catch a bus from cities such as Delhi, Jaipur, Gwalior, Lucknow, and Kanpur in order to reach Agra.

10). Udaipur 

There are several places in Rajasthan that make you buy a home in this gorgeous state and live there forever. Udaipur is one such state. Decked with gorgeous mahals and palaces along with colorful bazaars to light up your mood, Udaipur has got it all!

How to Reach by Bus: You can easily get a Volvo Bus from other cities of Rajasthan to Udaipur.

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