Best Places to visit in Shoja

Shoja, a small village amidst the wilderness in the state of Himachal Pradesh, is an offbeat travel destination. The village boats with untouched natural beauty. Shoja village is at a distance of 5km from the Jalori pass. It offers rich fauna and flora, adventure treks, lush greenery, and stunning panoramic views of the region. It makes a perfect weekend getaway destination where you can find peace and tranquillity and reconnect with nature. The rustic charm and untouched beauty of the place will make you fall in love with the place.

Shona is a hidden gem of Himachal and must be on the list of vivid travelers. Take a look at places to visit in Shoja and the best time which will help you plan the trip.

Best Time to Visit Shoja

The weather in Shoja is comfortable almost throughout the year, except in winter (December to February). April to November is the best time to visit Shoja when the weather is pleasant and allows you to explore the serenity of the place and around. Though from July to September, it receives moderate rainfall, and it is advisable to avoid traveling.

In summer- Summer in Shoja is from April to June. The temperature is between 10-25 degree Celsius. During these months, the weather is pleasant to explore Shoja and nearby villages. There are low chances of rainfall during these months.

In Monsoon- Monsoon comes to the door of Shoja in July and stays till the first or second week of September. The chances of heavy rainfall are low, but the region receives low to moderate rain throughout the season. The village and nearby area boast lush greenery in monsoon, allowing travelers to enjoy the untouched natural beauty and serenity. If you want to enjoy waterfalls, make your Shoja trip during these months. The temperature ranges between 15-30 degree Celsius.

In Autumn– Autumn arrives when the monsoon ends in September and stays till November. It covers the lush greenery of the mountains and nearby area with vibrant blooming flowers and makes the place magical. The temperature during these months ranges between 8-25 degree Celsius.

In Winter– After the magical season of Autumn, Winter in Shoja arrives in December and lasts till February/March. Winter here is harsh, and the temperature can drop below zero degrees. The temperature ranges between -2-7 degree Celsius during these months. If you love winter and living in minus temperature fascinates you, plan a trip during these months.  The green land is covered by a thin snow blanket in winter.

Places to visit in Shoja

Jalori Pass

Located just 05km from Shoja at 10,800 feet in height, Jalori Pass is one of the famous places to visit on a Shoja trip. It is located amid Shimla and Kullu districts and is an ideal offbeat destination in Himachal Pradesh. Whether you are a nature lover or an adventure enthusiast, Jalori Pass promises everything. The place is better known for the Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani movie location, where Deepika Padukone and Ranbir Kapoor are trekking through the mountainside. The Jalori Pass trek is one of the most challenging treks of Himachal,


Jibhi is another offbeat place in Himachal and a famous nearby location in Shoja. It is located just 7 km from Shoja. You can plan a day trip to Jibhi from Shoja and explore the beautiful alpine meadows, Jibhi waterfall, Chenni Kothi, Mini Thailand, and Bahu Village. It is renowned for preserving the authentic Himachal culture, treehouse, and untouched nature. Jibhi offers the unique experience of staying in a treehouse, which is rare to find. So, add this place to the Shoja trip.

Raghupur Fort

Raghupur Fort is one of the places to visit near Shoja, located at a height of 13123 feet. The fort was built to protect the region from enemies under the order of the Mandi rulers. It is a perfect place for adventure enthusiasts, nature lovers, and history buffs. Raghupur fort is nothing but ruins. The reason Raghupur fort is a popular place is because of the stunning 360-degree view and challenging trek of 3km from Jalori Pass. Hidden amidst lush alpine meadows, it is the most picturesque location near Shoja.

Serolsar Lake

Serolsar lake is another beautiful location near Shoja that you must visit. If you are searching for incredible water bodies, natural beauty, tranquillity, and peace in one place, add Serolsar lake to the list. There is a small temple near the lake dedicated to Devi Budhi Nagin, known as the mother of snakes, and the lake itself is dedicated to her. It is also believed that she is a benefactor of the region. The main attraction of Serolsar lake is clear and clean water throughout the year, without anyone cleaning it. You can spend hours watching the mesmerizing reflections of the surrounding in the water. If you want to experience camping under the stars, it is the best place to accomplish it. Make sure to bring all camping gear and basic required things as you will not find any shop near or on the trek.

Tirthan Valley

Located just a few kilometers from Shoja, Tirthan Valley is another popular place and gem of this hamlet. Tirthan is known for Great Himalayan National Park and offers tons of adventurous treks, stunning nature views, wildlife, and peace. Taking a stroll in the Tirthan valley will provide the immense peace that everyone is looking for in this fast pace modern life. You can go trout fishing in the Tirthan River, which is the popular thing to do there.

Waterfall Point

We know no one wants to wake up early on vacation. But, if you want to enjoy Shoja Trip the most, you must wake up and go for a kilometer trek that leads to Waterfall Point. It is a famous place near Shoja village. It is the best place to watch the sunrise through the water drops. The serene nature, bird chirpings, gushing sound of the waterfall, and picturesque waterfall make it a perfect setting to spend quality time with yourself, friends and family.

Being an offbeat place in Himachal Pradesh, Shoja doesn’t have much to visit, things to do, or places to eat. But it is a perfect place to rush away from the mundane city life and reconnect with yourself or the one you are traveling with.

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