A Guide to the Best 9 Festivals and Events in Manali

Manali is famous for its traditional culture. Since ancient times, many festivals have occurred in Manali, where you will enjoy delicious food, amazing music festivals, and great hospitality. 

The festival immerses visitors in local culture and vibes and provides fun and food. There are events for everyone, ranging from outdoor beach celebrations to wild rock festivals. 

Check out our list of top festivals and events in Manali. Join us as we take you to world-renowned dance festivals, enthralling music festivals, oddball regional festivals, and more! 

How to reach Manali? 

There are various bus alternatives provided if you want to go from Delhi to Manali via bus. Begin by researching online bus ticket booking sites to uncover multiple options. A Volvo bus sleeper may provide a relaxing and delightful ride. Many private bus operators offer trips from Delhi to Manali; hence, search for “private bus booking near me” to locate firms in your area. You may also search forManali online bus ticket booking to find internet platforms specialized for purchasing Manali bus tickets online.

Once you’ve located a reputable bus company, please make your reservation using their official website or the Internet. Take the bus at the indicated departure, usually a Delhi bus station. The trip time is generally between 12 and 14 hours.

List Of Festivals and Events in Manali which You Should Experience At Least Once

  • Hadimba Devi Fair
  • Winter Carnival
  • Manali Summer Festival
  • Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa Festival
  • Basantotsav
  • Himachal Winter Carnival
  • Manu Rishi Temple Festival
  • Doongri Forest Festival
  • Manali Ice Climbing Festival

Aside from its stunning surroundings and exciting activities, Manali is famous for its colourful festivals and cultural events that draw people all year. Let’s discuss each of the festivals and events in Manali. 

1. Hadimba Devi Fair

The Hadimba Devi Fair, one of Manali’s popular events, is held in May to commemorate the goddess, Hadimba. The festival brings together locals and visitors to worship, see traditional dance and musical shows, and compete in archery and tug-of-war. The celebrations offer an insight into the region’s religious beliefs and customs of culture.

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2. Winter Carnival

In February, Manali organizes the Winter Carnival, when winter covers the entire city in a snowy embrace. A week-long event includes various entertaining activities such as skiing contests, snowboarding, ice skating, and a snowman contest. 

The carnival also has cultural events, local artisan displays, and delectable Himachali food, making it the ideal combination of excitement and immersion into the culture.

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3. Manali Summer Festival

The Manali Summer Celebration celebrated in June, is a spectacular feast of music, dancing, and traditions. This festival provides a platform for artists nationwide to demonstrate their ability and viewers with traditional dances, musical performances, and acts. 

Moreover,  visitors also can participate in outdoor activities, sample traditional cuisine, and browse regional crafts vendors.

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4. Himalayan Nyingmapa Gompa Festival

Manali is home to various Buddhist monasteries, with the Himalaya’s Nyingmapa Gompa Celebration hosted in September. Buddhist monks and followers gather for beautiful parades, reciting prayers and enacting cultural dances throughout the festival. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about the Buddhist way of life and experience their distinctive ceremonies.

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5. Basantotsav

This festival, held in February or March, heralds the onset of springtime in Manali. The festival celebrates the town’s cultural music, dancing, and diverse folk acts. Visitors can see native Himachali dresses, listen to folk melodies, and see the colourful festival parade swirl through Manali’s roads.

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6. Himachal Winter Carnival

The Himachal Winter Carnival is an important festival in Kullu, sixty minutes from Manali. This December celebration draws visitors from all across the region. 

It features a rich mosaic of Himachali civilization, ancient dance forms, folk music, and a magnificent procession. The festival also allows visitors to eat local foods and observe the Kullu Dussehra.

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7. Manu Rishi Temple Festival

Manu Rishi Temple is a perfect location in Manali devoted to the sage Manu, who is honored in Hindu mythology as the origin of human civilization. In August, the shrine celebrates an annual celebration that draws both devout and visitors.

Religious ceremonies, cultural performances, and a beautiful procession carrying Manu Rishi’s idol are all part of the event. It provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience local religious rituals and absorb oneself in Manali’s mystical environment.

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8. Doongri Forest Festival

The Doongri Forest Festival honours scenic beauty and richness. This event, held every October, emphasizes knowledge about the environment and conservation activities. 

Tourists can enjoy Plantation tree drives, outdoor walks, and bird-viewing trips. Performing arts and artisan displays are also held to highlight local customs and crafts influenced by the forest environment.

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9. Manali Ice Climbing Festival

The Manali Ice Climbing Festival, hosted in January, is a must-see for adventure seekers. Manali, with its closeness to the summits of the Himalayas, provides superb ice climbing chances. 

This activity is witnessed by professional climbers at the event. The event highlights arts and contests that visitors try also. It’s a fantastic event highlighting Manali’s stunning scenery.

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Whatever your reason for visiting, festivals and events in Manali will dazzle you and leave you wanting more. The mesmerizing and revitalizing mood is created by the enchanting atmosphere, the kindness of the natives, and the breathtaking background of the Himalayas.

Festivals in Manali will fascinate and inspire you. Whether you are looking for spirituality, cultural immersion, or adventure, Manali is for you. 

Plan your journey if you want to enjoy the charm and majesty of these one-of-a-kind festivities in the heart of the gorgeous Himalayas.

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