Places to visit on New Year

India owns a list of places to celebrate New Year with huge pomp and show. If you wish to celebrate New Year differently, then India

Places to visit in Kaza

Kaza is the major city of Lahaul and Spiti. The city offers the most exquisite places to explore at least once in a lifetime, even

5 Prayag of Uttrakhand

Panch Prayag is referred to five major confluences of the river Alaknanda to form the sacred river Ganga. In Hindi, Panch means five, and Prayag

Chadar Trek – The Frozen River

Chadar Frozen River Trek is the most beautiful gift provided by nature in the magical land of Ladakh. This is one of the most challenging

Roop Kund trek

The Roopkund Lake remains within the spotlight for its mystery amidst the benevolent mountainous peaks. It’s nicknamed the ‘Mystery Lake’ because the remains of human

Tungnath Temple Trek

This highest temple of Lord Shiva is associated with the ironically best one to realize. Tungnath Temple will be reached by a moderately straightforward trek

Best Places To Visit In Dharamshala

Dharamshala is found in Kangra district, eighteen klicks from Kangra town in Himachal Pradesh. The state’s winter capital, Dharamshala, is separated into higher and lower