10 Best Places To Visit In Khajuraho

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Last Updated on September 25, 2022

There are numerous sites to see in Khajuraho that will pique your interest if you’re looking for a place with a rich history and cultural depictions that go back several centuries. You can count on a journey through the rich history and fascinating traditions of bygone eras to reawaken your senses and spark your curiosity when the hustle and bustle of modern life leave you feeling depleted and distant.

The majority of the tourist attractions in Khajuraho are temples, which are divided into three groups by their location: the Western Group of Temples, Eastern Group of Temples, and Southern Group of Temples.

In addition, the reserves at Pandav, Raneh Waterfalls, Ken Gharial, and Panna National Park all provide a wonderful opportunity for you to disconnect from technology and reenergize amid nature.

Best Places To Visit In Khajuraho

Devi Jagdamba Temple

Best Places To Visit In Khajuraho

The Devi Jagdamba temple, which was originally constructed as a Vishnu temple, features exquisitely sculpted sensual sculptures. A magnificent sculpture of the Goddess of the Universe may be found inside the Garba Griha. Along with Mithuna, the temple also holds a stunning picture of Goddess Parvati.

Raneh Falls

Places To Visit In Khajuraho

20 kilometres away from Khajuraho is the captivating Raneh Falls, which are natural waterfalls that flow over the Ken River. Granite with crystalline flecks of red, pink, and grey has been cut into a deep canyon by the river in the valley. This gorge is home to numerous small and large waterfalls collectively known as Raneh Falls.

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum, formerly known as the Jardine Museum, is situated next to the Western Group of Temples in Khajuraho. The museum houses around 2000 pieces, including artefacts from Hindu and Jain’s temples built in the 10th and 12th centuries.

State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art

The State Museum of Tribal and Folk Art is a small, meticulously preserved collection of ancient texts on tribal art and culture that are housed within the Chandela Cultural Complex in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh. These texts take the form of masks, terracotta sculptures, folk paintings, bamboo objects, and other collectables. The museum is surrounded by a lovely garden as well.

Panna National Park

Panna National Park Panna Reserve, established in 1981, is the second Tiger Reserve in India and the sixth in Madhya Pradesh. Panna National Park, which is home to numerous wildlife species such as the jackal, nilgai, chinkara, sambar, and wild boar, is the ideal getaway for hikers and nature lovers.

The stunning, flowing Pandav Falls are another delight you can look forward to in the park.

Ajaygarh Fort

Ajaygarh Fort, a stunning historical structure located in the Panna area of Madhya Pradesh, is positioned at a height of 688 metres. The fort, which served as the Chandela dynasty’s stronghold, is ideal for history and culture enthusiasts. The fort opens up to breathtaking views of the gushing Ken River and is surrounded by the picturesque Vindhya Ranges.

Beni Sagar Dam

The almost 8 square kilometre Beni Sagar Dam, which is situated on the river Khuddar, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Khajuraho. Nature lovers from all across the country are drawn to the dam’s beautiful, lush surroundings. In addition to the serene surroundings provided by the dam, there are many exhilarating water activities to get your heart pumping.

Jain Museum

The magnificent Jain Museum is a component of Khajuraho’s Eastern Group of Temples. The museum, which is also called Sahu Shanti Prasad Jain Kala Sangrahalaya, is home to several historic Jain artefacts and relics that predate the oldest temples in the compound! The museum is decorated with statues of 24 Tirthankaras and Yakshis.

Kalinjar Fort

One of the eight most well-known forts constructed by the Chandela monarchs, Kalinjar Fort is a remarkable historical fort in Madhya Pradesh. The fort, which was perched 244 metres above a remote peak in the Vindhya Ranges, was primarily under the hands of the Chandela rulers, though many others bravely battled for it. One of the most well-liked tourist destinations in Khajuraho is Kalinjar Fort, which is a genuine treat for fans of history and religion.

Pandav Falls

The Pandav Falls, which are shaded in Madhya Pradesh’s Panna district and reign at a height of about 30 metres, beautify the banks of the Ken River. The region is rich in natural jewels and is named for the Pandava brothers from the Indian epic Mahabharata who are thought to have resided there.

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